The Narrative Bids Huys Le Farewell

As you've noticed, a lot of our writers have been really busy lately and unable to blog like before.  Huy Le in particular extends his regrets because becoming a new father over the past couple of years has been exhausting (he says he's "aged ten years"), and so he's formally bowing out (with the hope to return in the future).

By the way, he's been periodically sending me pictures of his tiny human and I gotta say...Baby Button grows more adorable each day, a testament to why you Blasians need to get out there and breed more!

In the meantime, if you are or know any Asian male writer who would like to nab Huy's spot here at the Narrative, let us know!  Since we can't post NSFW vids anymore (*sniff*) a sex/intimacy writer would be a very welcome addition....


ANOTHER Blasian Relationship in MKX??? (#AMBW)

Ladies and gents of the Narrative, I want to take you into a world where apparently, all the Black girls only go for Asian guys.

And yes, I know...hordes of white MK fans are always jump to say so-and-so is not "Black" or "Asian", but from [insert realm here], but come on...we know where the designers are going with some of these non-human characters.  Rain's facial features in MKX immediately made me think, "Pretty Asian guy...dressed like something out of a trendy historical drama."

Now, I know I'm obsessed with MK, and quite frankly, IDGAF.  This franchise, which has disappointed the ever-living shite out of some of its fans since MK9, really sought redemption this year.  After initially whitewashing the Villainess Chic Tanya in story mode (see below), they actually delayed her release to properly darken her skin (see right) due to fan uproar.


Why "Jinn" (2014) needs a sequel

I finally got to watch Jinn on Netflix this weekend; the film was critically panned during its initial release and while I agree it had a lot of problems, it also showed a lot of potential.  I'm going to break things down piece by piece, but before I do, here's the trailer for the film which, in my humble opinion, was one of the things done correctly.

The premise

Typically, whenever Hollywood does a film about the djinn, their story is told from a Judeo-Christian perspective.  Jinn stands out because its told from the Judeo-Islamic perspective for a change, with a respectful homage to all Abrahamic religions.  This allows viewers to get closer to the original mythos, replete with Arabic terminology, excerpts from the Torah, and the focus on holy water from Mecca instead of water from a cathedral.  So right off the bat, we have a solid premise, which is the first of a few really good choices by the filmmaker.


#Haka, or the Maori Dance of War

See Also

Meet the Chiefs

So I've introduced to the Uncle to powerful world of Maori film; last week we watched The Dead Lands (2014) on Google Play (and I'll try to do a video review once I get my hair done), and this weekend we watched Whale Rider (2003).  And since the Uncle is already a fan of rugby, we found soon ourselves on YouTube enjoying Haka videos a.k.a. my newest addiction:
The haka is a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history.

haka are still used during Māori ceremonies and celebrations to honour guests and show the importance of the occasion. They are also used to challenge opponents on the sports field. You may have seen a haka performed by New Zealand’s All Blacks before a rugby match? You’ll probably agree that it’s a terrifying sight to behold! (Source)

It should be noted that the New Zealand All Blacks team is nothing short of legend; there's no team they've never defeated, and they are consistently touted as the most successful national rugby team in the world.


UPDATE: Blasian Solidarity in the Aftermath of #Baltimore

As we welcome the beginning of Asian History Month to the Narrative, I want to take a moment to share an email from a reader:

I'm seeking help to boost a positive message to the Baltimore Blasian community.

After a number of Korean American owned businesses were destroyed during two days of rioting, there are increased tensions between Korean and African Americans in Baltimore.

A few media outlets have even speculated that African American rioters deliberately targeted Korean American owned businesses.

To combat this negativity, my friend, Angela, a native of Baltimore, plans to distribute boxed Korean lunches to business owners along Pennsylvania Ave and North Ave. Yet she needs help determining how many businesses are still operating and calling Korean restaurants to place orders. Angela needs people who speak Korean to help her place orders and communicate with shop owners.

This is such a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I don't speak Korean, so I'm not much help to my friend. But I can spread Angela's message and hopefully help her find more people who speak Korean.
First of all, I understand rioting; I understand why people would respond this way in the face of such appalling miscarriages of justice.  I also understand peaceful protesting, marching, chanting, boycotting.  I understand it all.

That being said, I am not here for the torching of businesses owned by our Asian siblings.  If you're going to have the balls to riot, do so with the explicit understanding you will bring no harm to our fellow civilians of color.  Their pain is our pain, their struggle is our struggle, their fight is our fight, and through these recent dark times, so many of them have shown unflinching solidarity with us.



My two year anniversary of living and I mean LIVING in Korea is fast approaching. Being here has been a roller coaster of experiences and emotions. Of course, as a black female in Asia, life comes with its own challenges. Some of these challenges are known to us before we arrive: people fascinated with your hair, people touching your skin, some staring at you as if you were less than, some rejecting you because of your appearance; while at the same time you're treated like a rock star.

One of the challenges that has become all too real, but is rarely spoken about is being stalked. Since I've been living here in Korea, many of my black female friends and associates have been stalked, sometimes to the point of them having to leave their apartments and relocate, seek police protection, and in some cases arm themselves.


Can I ask y'all somethin'?

As y'all know, Johnny Kemp has died at the tender age of 55...may he rest in power; dying at 55 is some bullshit.  He didn't even look 55 when he died.

But like many folks I'm watching his 1988 hit "Just Got Paid" right now, and unlike most folks I'm wondering...who is this dude who shows around the 59th second???  He is fly, y'all!!!

It's like they knew they needed to give him his own scene...just 'cause.

Check out his dancing:


Blasian Romance in Mortal Kombat X (#AMBW)

...I shit you not.

No need waiting for October (Blasian Assassins' Month); Mortal Kombat X - despite its various problems - surprises with an AMBW romance subplot that I did not see coming.  The 10th game in the franchise introduces a host of new characters, and among the newbs are Jacqueline "Jacqui" Briggs and Takeda Takahashi.

From the Mortal Kombat Wiki:
Jacqueline Sonya "Jacqui" Briggs is a character in the Mortal Kombat Universe, who made her debut in the Mortal Kombat X comic series.

Jacqui is a slender woman with brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair which she keeps in cornrows and small ponytail. Her civilian attire as depicted in the comic consist of a white t-shirt with black pants or purple shorts.

In the game proper, Jacqui wears full military camouflage under standard body armor with the Special Forces insignia on it, and a utility belt around her waist. Knee pads line her knees and she wears mechanical powered gauntlets on both her arms, reminiscent of her father's mechanical arms.