Ferguson. Kinda.

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The title alone catches your eye right?

Unfortunately with all of the stuff that happens to my black brothers and sisters, I am again reminded of a sad reality that exists in our "post-racial" United States of America. The truth is that POC are consistently treated differently from our more "american" counterparts. Interestingly enough, if we look at the disparity that occurs when it comes to anything related to police or prison, though POC are the minority, POC are the majority in these prisons.

Luckily no one profits from this type of system, ignorance speaking aloud and all.

Fortunately Officer Wilson will have the chance to be tried in a court of justice against his peers. Its a shame that Michael Brown will never given the chance. What's interesting however is that his character (Brown) is still being attacked in the land of the living, as if his actions beforehand, or his life, or any of the heinous things that teenagers do (the upside of working with kids myself), justifies the action that's taken place. Murder if that was a bit too subtle.

Now, to be fair, only Wilson, Brown, witnesses, and God really know what went down on that street where his corpse would lay. However, whether he is innocent or not, whether he is found innocent or not, whether any of this changes our lives or is confined to a simple hashtag and some reblogs or shares is on you, the reader.

Looking at the responses, by police, by media, by the vocal and proud that encourage the inhumanity of murder, and those that stand up against it, one thing is certain.

Though I am not in any rush to have any children and though the mother of my future children may not be black, all of this makes me question whether I would raise my children here. This, Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave.

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The Meaning of Racism

The following is an essay I wrote about a year ago for my upper-division writing class at San Jose State University, hence the APA format and restrained nature. The assignment was to focus on a word used by someone else and present an argument on why that person was using the word incorrectly. Naturally, I wrote about how the word "racism" was being used incorrectly by those Avenue Q assholes in that one shitty song. Enjoy!

The Meaning of Racism


San Jose State University

Racism is a system of oppression that continues to privilege White people by torturing People of Color, and the only way to end racism is to vehemently oppose it.  Apparently, not everyone thinks so.  Avenue Q, a musical comedy on Broadway, has created a song that greatly makes light of racism (as cited in Songlyrics, 2013).  Titled “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist,” the song portrays the problem of racism in a very inaccurate manner and, therefore, connotes an incorrect definition for the word racism.  Let us begin by establishing the true definition of racism.  Then, we can examine the historical and academic usage of the term.  Afterwards, we need to address the notion of White privilege.  Finally, all of these revelations will allow us to understand the reality of racism and undo the apathy.

Before we can comprehend the true definition of racism, we need to comprehend the false definition.  With lines such as “Ethnic jokes might be uncouth / But you laugh because they’re based on truth / Don’t take them as personal attacks / Everyone enjoys them, so relax” (lines 49-52) and “Hey guys, what are you laughing about? / Racism / Cool” (94-96), Avenue Q obviously does not see racism as a serious issue.  The author defines racism as innocent, inconsequential prejudice and mockery.  Furthermore, the song implies three additional features: Avenue Q insists that People of Color are equally culpable for racism; White people are equally harmed by racism; and the only way to end racism is for “P.C.” (line 128) People of Color to stop whining.  The author’s definition of racism is more than just an oversimplification; it is, for whatever reason, a complete misrepresentation of life in a White supremacist society.

Shortie Update; Zodiac: Jyotisha

“And to think, you could have had a piece of that before you died.”

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Okay, so...we've had a very long dry spell of NSFW here at the Narrative.  Former Narrator DN shared this little gem with me and Amaya and...um...wow.

Has anyone else been browsing the Muscled Asian Tumblr?


Shortie Update; Zodiac: Solstice (Summer)

"Cayo looked around at the elegant, comfortable room.  While he loved his employers and his job, he couldn't help but feel that there was something slightly odd about their home.  He and Chef were the only two people welcome in the Zhous' Suva residence, and he got that same vibe every time he was in it.

He decided to ask his companion about it.  Chef and Macallan Zhou served together in the Marines.  If anyone knew the answer to that question, he would.  "Chef, have you ever noticed that there aren't any pictures of anyone except Mr. & Mrs. Zhou?""

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DramaFever: What You're Watching

Been a while since we had one of these, but this one comes to us by way of commenter Paige.
Hi Ankhesen,

I'm a complete Dramafever addict and I wanted to share with you the dramas that I've enjoyed. To be fair, I am a sucker for the romantic comedies, but there are a few melodramas as well.

"Dr. Champ" is one of m favorites, as the lead male Jung Gyu Woon is absolutely fabulous to look at, as well as the story line; which is about an orthopedic surgeon that has to change careers to specialize in sports medicine and ends up falling in love with a Korean Judo champ.

Jung Gyu Woon

Shortie Update; Zodiac: Nirayana

Stevie coughed and took a long drink of the claret. “I like men like you.”

Capricorn stared at him, smiling slowly as he passed the blunt back without taking another hit.  “I figured you did.  Relax. Enjoy that.”

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Shortie Update; Zodiac: Ayanamsa (II)

She handed him the wine.  “I didn’t ignore you, Mr. Devinci.  Unfortunately, I won’t be kissing you.  The only lips that touch mine are Macallan’s.”


“Mr. Zhou.  Don’t be obtuse.”

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Shortie Update; Zodiac: Sayana

“How come all of you are so beautiful?” she asked.  “I mean, I’m a lesbian, but the men on the…menu…are fine and I could have easily seen myself picking one of them.”

Taurus seemed to glide.  She handed Trev the wine and stood before her, patting her dark brown locks.  Her voice was husky and sensual.  “Mr. & Mrs. Zhou have an eye for talent and beauty.  It’s part of the mystique of this place.  Unattractive employees don’t make for good business.”

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Open Thread: Men of Color with Power

Food for thought, Narrators:
I have a question. Why is it that every time a black man from America goes to visit another man of color who has power, white people in the media lose their ever-loving mind? I mean these arrogant little snots get their panties in the biggest of bunches.

When Jesse Jackson Sr. went to Israel to see Yassir Arafat and Louis Farrakhan went to Libya to see [Muammar] Khaddafi, white people were on piss-and-moan overdrive. Recently, it’s been former bad boy NBA star Dennis Rodman having the cajones to associate with the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un. Apparently, Dennis didn’t get the memo that if white people don’t approve of a black male celebrity’s actions, then he should get on his knees and grovel for forgiveness until they are completely satisfied. Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Still, that attitude seems to not be that far off.

Notice how I said “another man of color who has power”, especially one who has a shitload of money. Any time that happens, white folks feel the need to protect their neck and complain about it, despite the fact that they don’t have one iota of business telling either one of those men who they can or can’t pal around. If Dennis were over there trying to win back his Korean supermodel girlfriend, they would have zero issue with that. But because he is getting chummy with a man who could level half of the globe with the snap of his fingers, they just can’t deal with it.

~ Lavern Merriweather, "Fear of a Black Hat"
Let the discussion commence.