They'll kill you and say you enjoyed it (#POCLivesMatter)

Black Like Me

There's a scene in FOX's Empire where Cookie Lyon (Taraji Henson) hops in the back of a taxi and the driver (who is of Central Asian descent) objects, saying something to the effect of "you people" causing trouble. To which Cookie replies:

I was reminded of this scene this weekend while going for my semi-weekly Thai dinner with my East Indian bestie, blogger Miss Kaur, and a new mutual Nigerian friend.  While Miss Kaur often teases me for knowing waaaaay too much about Asia, she also tends to joke that she had to have been Black African in a previous life.

To which I always reply, "What do you mean 'previous life'?  You're African in this life."

And we all have a great laugh, but it really got me thinking this time around.  I've been planning this post for the past few days because I've noticed two things: 1) non-black people of color often want to identify with black people, but are basically programmed not to, and 2) non-black POC often make the error of believing there's so much of a difference between them and black POC in the first place.


Getting ready for Daniel Wu this fall

Do I think Daniel Wu is a fine, sink-your-teeth-intoable specimen of man?  Of course.  Am I eager to see him play the tattooed, bike-riding, sword-swinging "Sunny" this fall in Into the Badlands?  Hecks, yeah.

Do I have some concerns after watching the trailer I'm about to share?  You betcha!


Korean Movie Review: Twenty

The movie Twenty starring Kim WooBin, Lee JunHo (2PM), and Kang HaNeul is not your typical Korean young adult movie. It was released in March and before watching it a few weekends ago, I thought it was just the typical Korean coming of age story. My students, who are in middle school (ages 13-15, more so the 15 year olds) were raving about how they wanted to see it. I wanted to see it too, shamelessly only because of Kim WooBin. However, I never got the chance to watch it in the theatre. While watching online in the privacy of my own home, I kept saying to myself "my students better not have watched this". Although it has an age rating of 15 in Korea, its definitely not for kids. With that said, I loved it. It's about sex, sex, sex, finding yourself, and sex. The main thing this movies tries to teach us is that twenty year old guys in Korea have suppressed their sexual urges for far too long. Ok, ok, there's actually more to the movie so, if you haven't already, check it out on DramaFever or DramaCool and let me know your thoughts.

ChiHo (Woobin) is an unemployed self proclaimed player. I'm biased because I love Woobin, but he is a really good actor and not new to kissing scenes. In this film he uses expressions that just solidified his "bad boy"actor status. In one scene when he's driving and sees a beautiful girl standing at the crosswalk he exclaims "Ohh Shiiittt". There is also a line in the movie that will have your head spinning and asking "Wait, did he just say that? Yes, he did just say what I thought he said". When you hear that line write me a note. HAHA!!

Gyung-Jae (Kang Haneul) is the dork or nerd of the group. This guy is so adorable. He is kind of in Chi-Ho's shadow until he goes to college and meets what he thinks is the girl of his dreams. He has a masturbation scene that is more hilarious and sad than anything else. His character is pretty pathetic, but in a very lovable kind of way. I just wanted to hug him.

Dong-Woo (Lee Joon-Ho) is an aspiring comic artist. He wants to have sex really bad, but he has a lot of other things to worry about. He works several part-time jobs because his family's financial situation drastically changed. His story line is the weakest, I think, but he's still very good in the movie. And Junho is such a cutie so he's definitely an asset to the film.


2PM Concert

This is for you KPop lovers! A couple of weeks ago I went to the 2PM concert "House Party" in Seoul. I'm a fan of KPop and I know some of you are too. However, I like grown up KPop, if that's even a real thing. Anyway, 2PM delivered a great concert. I don't always consider them KPop - sometimes more R&B especially with songs like "I'm Your Man" and "A.D.T.O.Y". Their image has always been branded as tough, masculine, and macho compared to other KPop groups who are marketed as "pretty boys".  My students love the cutie, pretty boy idols and they just look like girls to me.

Back to 2PM...their fifth album No. 5 continues to showcase the adult side of the group. With songs like "Red", "Not the Only One" and "Good Man", the concert had a steamy edge leaving the group's unprepared fans a little taken aback. While performing "Good Man" (written by the youngest member Chansung) they were caressing women on chairs and getting freaky on beds. You could hear the audience get a little uneasy. I was very pleased! Their fan base known as "The Hottest" were the only ones allowed in the standing area, so they had the best view of the performance and they didn't seem too happy with the grown and sexiness on the stage. They seemed to be shocked to the point of silence. Perhaps they were a little disappointed it wasn't them on the bed with Taecyeon. HA!

Anyway, check out their new album No.5 and also check out the YouTube videos showing their houses to go along with the title track "Our House" written by my favorite member and group leader Jun K. Also check out one my 2PM favorites "A.D.T.O.Y" from their 2013 album Grown.



Reunited, or the Blasian Brangelina (#Kavan #Tut)

Like...how much of this was actually part of the script?

Excuse me, but does anyone else feel like the whole purpose of Tut (2015) is to miscast the ancient African king and reunite Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury, thereby correcting all that went wrong in Twisted?  Like, SpikeTV is really trying to keep some stuff under wraps, but from the official trailer and other clips, these two not only get to share kisses, but an actual sex scene as well (that's right y'all; AMBW's movin' up in the world...or at least, trying to...).

Like, I get that these two are supposedly seeing other people in real life, but come on...we've seen a dynamic like this play out before. How many of you think they're getting it on in real life? How many you think it's temporary? How many of you think this is just "how it will end"?

Natural Hair Overseas

September 2012
A couple months after the
big chop, transitioning hair
worn during graduation
(background photo).
After beginning my blog, the top question I've received relates to how I take care of my hair overseas. This may sound vain, but hair care is a very realistic concern for black women who travel and live abroad, especially in countries that lack a black population. Virtually no black people = no beauty products for black people. In fact, this is a phenomenon I have noticed in the States; in predominantly white neighborhoods, there aren't as many hair products for black women in even mainstream stores like Walmart and Target. Not being able to find beauty products suited for you can be frustrating. I mean, what girl doesn't want to look good no matter where she is in the world?

June 2015
A still a sizable afro,
patted down to look even.
Therefore, it's necessary for black women to equip themselves with the products and tools they need to maintain their hair overseas no matter what texture or state it's in. I have thick, coarse, kinky majority type 4c natural hair (aka, the "bad" hair - ha - with no distinct curls or waves that doesn't grow - haha - and only dark-skinned women have - hahaha) mixed in with a few random 4b hairs. It's a little past shoulder length when stretched completely, but it was only about two inches long when I first moved to Taiwan. So, if you have a different hair type or length, the products I mention or advice I give might not help you, but I think some tips I have could be of assistance no matter your hair type or state (relaxed, transitioning, ect). 

Also, I'm no hair guru or stylist; I'm just an everyday girl who had to care for her hair in a country with virtually no products made for her for nearly three years. In other words, I'm no expert! I'm just sharing my experiences in hopes they will help you or someone you know.  

I won't be discussing my "hair journey"; a short summary of that can be found here.


#ICant with ABCFamily's "Stitchers"

I was going to kick off Summer Asian Men with this show...but it ain't happening.

It took me three separate sittings just to get through the pilot - which I only started because Salli Richardson-Whitfield is in it - and which I have zero desire to continue, despite reading a Facebook post by actor Edward Hong that Ross Le will be a recurring character for most of the first season.


#Sankofa Again

White people didn't own up to it the first time, so I doubt they'll own up to it now. But of course, I don't write for whites. This is to help People of Color better understand the situation.


This is (still) an AMBW blog

After five years, a new website launch, and a bunch of new friends on Facebook, it seems time for a new mission statement.

The Blasian Narrative is now an audio, visual, and literary platform for Asian men and Black women.


If you visited the website, you probably heard music playing.  Our hope is to promote tracks on a weekly basis from artists in the AMBW scene (yes...we know the inaugural track doesn't count, but it was sexy so we went with it).  If you are a musician, vocalist, singer-songwriter who's a part of the AMBW scene, feel free to contact us and let us know which track you'd like us to feature.


We have a YouTube channel now, and so many plans for it.  In addition to vlogging, we hope artists who feature AMBW couples in their videos (whether music, webisode, or short film) will grant us permission to feature their work on our channel.


The blog soldiers on.  Can't abandon our roots, after all!  We intend to continue blogging about our lives, this world, and hopefully interview many more artists to come.

So if you're new, introduce yourself and let us get to know you.  You can comment below with either the LiveFyre App, or with our OpenID comment box.

Just remember: Think Forward!