#ICant with ABCFamily's "Stitchers"

I was going to kick off Summer Asian Men with this show...but it ain't happening.

It took me three separate sittings just to get through the pilot - which I only started because Salli Richardson-Whitfield is in it - and which I have zero desire to continue, despite reading a Facebook post by actor Edward Hong that Ross Le will be a recurring character for most of the first season.


#Sankofa Again

White people didn't own up to it the first time, so I doubt they'll own up to it now. But of course, I don't write for whites. This is to help People of Color better understand the situation.


This is (still) an AMBW blog

After five years, a new website launch, and a bunch of new friends on Facebook, it seems time for a new mission statement.

The Blasian Narrative is now an audio, visual, and literary platform for Asian men and Black women.


If you visited the website, you probably heard music playing.  Our hope is to promote tracks on a weekly basis from artists in the AMBW scene (yes...we know the inaugural track doesn't count, but it was sexy so we went with it).  If you are a musician, vocalist, singer-songwriter who's a part of the AMBW scene, feel free to contact us and let us know which track you'd like us to feature.


We have a YouTube channel now, and so many plans for it.  In addition to vlogging, we hope artists who feature AMBW couples in their videos (whether music, webisode, or short film) will grant us permission to feature their work on our channel.


The blog soldiers on.  Can't abandon our roots, after all!  We intend to continue blogging about our lives, this world, and hopefully interview many more artists to come.

So if you're new, introduce yourself and let us get to know you.  You can comment below with either the LiveFyre App, or with our OpenID comment box.

Just remember: Think Forward!


Crown J? On "Love and Hip Hop"?

(h/t AJ)

How do you guys feel about this?  I've never actually watched the show....
Rapper Crown J has gotten a love call to appear on an American hip-hop reality show, to which his company Flyboy Entertainment says, “He’s looking over it right now.”

The show is called “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” where it follows the lives of celebrities living together as they strive towards success in the entertainment industry. Those celebrities include Soulja Boy, Omarion, Young Burg, Ray J, and more, and if Crown J accepts the offer, he’ll be the first Asian rapper to star on the show.

According to his agency, Crown J was filming his music video for his American single “I’m Good” in Atlanta, with Masika Kalysha as the main female lead. Later, a paparazzi caught them having a meal together, as did TMZ, a Hollywood entertainment news site, of them leaving a club together after Masika’s performance there. A few days later, the staff of VH-1 heard of this news and called Crown J to be on “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” as Masika’s opposite, who is currently appearing on the show.

According to a representative of Crown J’s agency, “If he starts shooting the show in America, we have to empty at least eight months out of his schedule, which is one season’s worth. He thought that promoting his new single ‘LOCO‘ and greeting his Korean fans came first before anything else; that’s why he released his album first. [The staff of the reality show] said that it was okay to join after his promotion ends, so he will look into it afterwards.”

I'm trying to form a verdict and it's just not coming. I know little to nothing about the show and Crown J's music is not my scene. So for those of you who know more, you gotta weigh in and clue the rest of us in.


All That JAZZ

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Seoul Jazz Festival in Seoul's Olympic Park. It was a great day to be outside, enjoy the weather and kick back to some jazz. The three day event brought some big Jazz names to this small, but larger than life country. I attended two day as the tickets were not cheap, but I am so glad that I decided to go. Jazz grew out of the African American community and has become one of of the most popular crossover musical art forms in the world. It was surprising to see such diversity in the performances. There were so many performance including the legnd Herbie Hancock, Tamia, Beenzino (which is jazzy I guess), EPIK High, Jose James, Sergio Mendez, and Mika. However, I'll just highlight a few artists that I particularly enjoyed.

Roy Kim

I had heard of him before, but I was not too familiar with his sound. I also thought, maybe he's more KPop than jazz, but I was pleasantly surprised. After watching him perform, I am now a fan. His style is very unique, its kind of a cross between blue grass, country, jazz, and pop. He is Korean, but he grew up in Canada and the states (North Carolina; you can hear the southerness in his music) and now attends Georgetown University.

Koo Bonam Band

This was a real jazz band...they were really smooth and funky and I really liked them especially the guy on the acoustic guitar. Most of the time when I think of jazz, I don't think of four Korean guys delivering it the way this band did.

Gregory Porter

You wouldn't believe that he is only forty-three years old by his incredibly vintage sound. He is definitely a legend in the makign and I am glad I got to witness his greatness. His songs take you into the realness of jazz. He takes you so deep you don't want to come out. Songs with lyrics like "I will not commit to musical genocide" let you know what kind of music you're going to get from him. I enjoyed him because I felt transported to another world. This is the kind of jazz the old heads speak about, the kind of jazz you play on a record on Saturday with all the windows open while sipping on some lemonade.


TJ Medel Updates "Dippin' in the Chocolate"

TJ Medel in Have a Great Summer

In 2009, a YouTube member uploaded a performance by a Filipino American spoken word artist that would be heard 'round the AMBW world.

In 2014, he redid it.

And in typical TJ Medel fashion, he ain't think to tell me about it!

But in all serious, I want to congratulate TJ; currently based in Chicago, he's been working really hard to achieve his dreams, I have complete faith that he will accomplish whatever he desires...though it'd be nice if he let a pygmy help e'ry now and ag'in.

Y'all, hit up his Facebook page, show himself love, ask him to update it more often and let his fans know when he be doin' shit!!!


Emma Stone's Whitewashing and the Baltimore Uprising

Allow me to preface everything I'm about to say with this important note: I'm not attempting to equate Hollywood whitewashing with police brutality. Police brutality is obviously much worse. What I am attempting is to expose parallels with regards to the mechanisms of racism, specifically white obstructionism. This is just a quick post for a bit of a revelation I had.

By now, you all may have heard of Emma Stone's whitewashed character in the film "Aloha." I didn't watch the movie, nor do I intend to watch it. I just caught some Internet buzz over it thanks to Ankhesen's Facebook post. Basically, the entire film is whitewashed, but the most insidious part is the attempt to pass Emma Stone (the almighty white savior from "The Help" who single-handedly ended racism) off as half-Asian.


The Narrative Bids Huy Le Farewell

As you've noticed, a lot of our writers have been really busy lately and unable to blog like before.  Huy Le in particular extends his regrets because becoming a new father over the past couple of years has been exhausting (he says he's "aged ten years"), and so he's formally bowing out (with the hope to return in the future).

By the way, he's been periodically sending me pictures of his tiny human and I gotta say...Baby Button grows more adorable each day, a testament to why you Blasians need to get out there and breed more!

In the meantime, if you are or know any Asian male writer who would like to nab Huy's spot here at the Narrative, let us know!  Since we can't post NSFW vids anymore (*sniff*) a sex/intimacy writer would be a very welcome addition....


ANOTHER Blasian Relationship in MKX??? (#AMBW)

Ladies and gents of the Narrative, I want to take you into a world where apparently, all the Black girls only go for Asian guys.

And yes, I know...hordes of white MK fans are always jump to say so-and-so is not "Black" or "Asian", but from [insert realm here], but come on...we know where the designers are going with some of these non-human characters.  Rain's facial features in MKX immediately made me think, "Pretty Asian guy...dressed like something out of a trendy historical drama."

Now, I know I'm obsessed with MK, and quite frankly, IDGAF.  This franchise, which has disappointed the ever-living shite out of some of its fans since MK9, really sought redemption this year.  After initially whitewashing the Villainess Chic Tanya in story mode (see below), they actually delayed her release to properly darken her skin (see right) due to fan uproar.


Why "Jinn" (2014) needs a sequel

I finally got to watch Jinn on Netflix this weekend; the film was critically panned during its initial release and while I agree it had a lot of problems, it also showed a lot of potential.  I'm going to break things down piece by piece, but before I do, here's the trailer for the film which, in my humble opinion, was one of the things done correctly.

The premise

Typically, whenever Hollywood does a film about the djinn, their story is told from a Judeo-Christian perspective.  Jinn stands out because its told from the Judeo-Islamic perspective for a change, with a respectful homage to all Abrahamic religions.  This allows viewers to get closer to the original mythos, replete with Arabic terminology, excerpts from the Torah, and the focus on holy water from Mecca instead of water from a cathedral.  So right off the bat, we have a solid premise, which is the first of a few really good choices by the filmmaker.