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Reasons! The Reasons That We're Here!

"Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take 
responsibility from there." -Gary Snyder

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I've been in Korea for eight months now and I still love it. A guy almost ruined Korea for me and I started to question why I was even here. But like they saying goes "one monkey don't stop no show". So the good times are still rolling. And my love for this country and what I have been able to do here is still growing. The love I have for all 910 of my students is probably the number one thing keeping me here. Because I am a black female, I find that their experiences as my students are very different than if I were not a black female or if I wasn't me. I sometimes say things with that so-called "black girl attitude" or I just bust out laughing to the point of crying when they say the most outrageous things. And...I wear braids. Simple enough. Of course, the hair discussion by black women living in Asia has been said and done, so I'm not going to rant on Koreans touching my hair or stopping to comment on it. But I am here to ask a question.
These are the kids that I teach on a weekly basis


MajeOfficial: Africa's Next Top Model

This web channel is going to be the end of me.
Synopsis: Based on Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model. Oluchi Onweagba's Africa' Next Top Model brings girls from all across the continent for the ultimate competition.
Just consider it a guilty pleasure.


MajeOfficial: An African City

Synopsis: Five beautiful, successful African ladies return to their home continent and confide about love and life.
View Episode 1 of An African City:

Introducing MajeOfficial

Creator Derek Ofodirinwa was kind enough to reach out to me earlier this month to let me know about his website MajeOfficial. He described it to me as the "Black Independent Netflix", but now that I'm posting it here I realize it's like the Afro/Afro-American counterpart to DramaFever, which makes our humble Narrator a more than fitting home for it.

It's still at a beginning stage, so here's hoping we can help garner enough support for it to gain more momentum.

You know the drill, Narrators. Here's the MajeOfficial thread (link permanently posted above). Indulge and then tell us what you're watching!!!!


Kenyan Drama: Shuga (2009)

Yes, yes, it co-stars Lupita Nyong'o.
Shuga is a Kenyan television soap opera that was...part of a ground-breaking multimedia campaign to spread the message about responsible sexual behaviour and tolerance. It later became a hit and was aired in 40 different African countries before it was aired internationally in over 70 television stations. It was thought to be a very controversial series by the senior generation of Kenyans because it contained some scenes that contained sexually explicit content. It bagged a Gold award in May 2010 at the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany in the Public Relations Health category for its vivid and uncompromising focus on love, emotions and sexual behavior amongst the Kenyan youth.  (Source)
And here's Episode 1!


The Blasian Narrative

Yes, I know things have been slow and quiet for a while now, and we apologize for all the silence.  But sometimes, when we're silent, we notice some things.

Some of you will notice The Mission Statement is back up.  I didn't think we would ever need to see it back up there, but apparently we do.  A fellow blogger recently talked with me about his past attempt our to join our AMBW blog as a Narrator, and his dismay at being rejected because he's neither an AM nor a BW.

Now, I know why some of you are raising your eyebrows as to why we're even having this conversation; after all, this has always been an AMBW-centric blog and as far as we were concerned, everybody here knew that.

Or so we thought.

Because our name is the Blasian Narrative, the reader in question thought this was an all-comer blog.  And we do apologize for that bit of confusion.  Mind you, there will come a day when our requirements for Narrators will expand and encompass more than AMBW.  But for that day to come, it's important for people to first realize that Blasians are not a monolith.


Flow Test for February PART 2!!!!

Hey Reader,

So I've grown to thinking that nobody reads my Flow Tests......and I'm perfectly fine with that. Earlier in the week I've realized that I was looking for readers when in all reality the reason I started this project was to track my life for this year. Big things are happening and I just want to express my thoughts. Vulnerable. That's what I'm growing towards. Let's keep going and see what 26 means....

Feb. 19 8:39pm

I’m on the 16th floor. I’m at work. Now on the 5th not doing shit. Working. making money.

Feb. 20 9:03pm

I’m in the basement watching the heat and thunder game.

Feb. 22 5:10

On the red line heading to rehearsal. I’m tired guys.