1:11 of pure bliss

Justin who?

My absolute favorite comment for this video on YouTube:

"Oooh myyyy...this video gives me needs. ^_^ "


  1. Ohhhhh, thank you.....

    And that comment is hilarious.

  2. He's absolutely killing me at 0:16. I can't take it.

    That's it....all life insurance policies should have a "Rainy Day" clause in it that states in part:

    If the insured suffers heart failure and/or a fatal overload of hormones from watching too many sexy Rain/Bi videos, the undersigned's family shall be entitled to the contracted monetary payout amount forthwith.

    Or something like that. All I know is...that man is DANGEROUS!

  3. only Rain looks that sexy during a freaking rehearsal!

  4. The crotch-grabbing is seriously dangerous.

  5. @MG
    only Rain looks that sexy during a freaking rehearsal!

    Amazing, ain't it?

    The crotch-grabbing is seriously dangerous.

    He can do that--and do it well--but gets all shy and bashful when a woman shakes her stuff in his face. *smh in wonder*

  6. @ cinnamon

    He really has me confused now. I gotta wonder why that is.

  7. Btw, I'm liking the "almost booty" glimpse we get. It's very "Ninja Assassin".

  8. @ Ankh & Cinnamon. I admit to confusion as well. I get that performance is theater and acting. I get that who you are on stage may not have anything to do with who you are behind closed doors.

    What puzzles me, is that Bi is an adult male who has had relationships (I assume sexual). There is no way he should have been so taken aback, and mortified by a young lady dancing in a less provocative fashion than any performance he's given.

    Was he embarrassed for her as in "I can't believe she's doing this in front of me?" or is he really that uncomfortable with female provocativeness and flirtation?

    It is very odd and I can't reconcile any of it.

  9. I think he was embarrassed for her. She looks so young and innocent, he probably was thinking like an older brother, you know?

  10. @ Ankh. I agree. She expressed her interest in him and he got that polite mask in place, then put his head down.

    He then left briefly to collect himself (in a continuation of this segment) after she finished performing for him.

  11. awe yes Rain and his fascinating personality
    on Happy Together, initially everyone was shocked when she pulled her pants down, then maybe he was embarrassed for her because cameras were watching?

    I don't mind the crotch grabbing, it is the body rolls (waves) that send my mind straight to the gutter

    LMAO at glimpsing his booty

  12. since we talking body parts, am I the only one obsessed with his thighs? they are so thick and manly

  13. @Lenoxave
    She expressed her interest in him and he got that polite mask in place, then put his head down.

    What was the premise of the show? I didn't realize there was more than one part.

    or is he really that uncomfortable with female provocativeness and flirtation?

    Good question. 'Cause he certainly didn't look uncomfortable when he was openly ogling Bey and Lil Kim. Drooling and open-mouthed gaping? Yes. Uncomfortable? Uh-uh.

    *shrugs* Maybe it's the up close and personal thing.

  14. @MG
    since we talking body parts, am I the only one obsessed with his thighs?

    Nope. Y'all know how I feel about the legs. :)

  15. Lips. Booty. Abs. Arms. Chest...

    ...and that deep voice of his too. Remember in Ninja Assassin when he looks at Naomie and asks, "Do you know me?


  16. what clip are you talking about?

  17. *mouth hanging open*

    Long time lurker here, but am soooooo replying to this. Ack!!! Aaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

    Jesus! It's time to tell the hubby to get into Hip-hop dance; I need to see that crotch grab at home.

    So, I show this video to my Mom-who doesn't particularly care for Asian Men (she's cool with the hubby though; weird...lol)-and, I kid you not, her eyes go wide and she all but screams: "OOOOOOH, HE'S GOT MUSCLES!!!!" o.0

    Needless to say, I think I've converted my Mom to the religion that is Rainism.

    Now...*goes back to watch vid a million more times*

  18. Welcome rebelcouture!

    Watch out now, Rain is a gateway drug. Pretty soon your Mom will spend all her time on youtube watching hot Korean stars.

    Please show your mother this link of Rain dancing as well and her addiction will be official.

  19. @modest-goddess

    Thank you. I have actually seen it now. But I may watch again.

    I am not sure how to post but maybe Ankh can do it.

    My lord 0:13 - 0:24 my mouth dropped open.


  20. @MG
    LOL! That was epic...even funnier the second time around. That guy in the braided wig is my absolute favorite. Joon is a trip and Rain was just going along with the flow. I'm going to have to watch the whole show. Hilarious!

  21. @ cinnamon

    Their variety shows are so funny. I really liked seeing Joon and Rain's interactions. Rain is like the strict older brother but Joon still manages to make fun of Rain even though he is terrified of him.

  22. @ MG - Joon is terrified. It's funny to watch his bravery. He can't help himself. Bi and Lee Hyori are very frank about their personal business.

    There is a part of that is tickled and horrified @ the same time since I tend to be fanatically private about personal matters.

  23. the frankness confuses me, they seem to be all about sexual discretion and very private about who they are dating yet they can be very revealing in interviews talking about other personal matters like suicidal thoughts

  24. @ MG - It's interesting because even over here, public figures have no pblm talking about ceertain things publicly. I am always amazed @ how much folks are willing to reveal.

    I would not make a good public figure. I'd be like DeNiro and never talk to the media unless I had a film out.


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