Alex Chu of "Audrey & Dre" - an Excerpt

This interview is still in progress (gettin' some follow-up questions from him).  But here are the parts which will intrigue the Narrative the most:
Moi: How did you get involved with Audrey & Dre? What made you decide this was the project for you?

Alex: Pretty simple - I auditioned for it because it sounded like an interesting project, and they offered me a role. Plus, they seemed like good-hearted people, and I like working with good-hearted people. Good people, good karma.

We haven’t gotten to see your character in the previews yet. What can you tell me about “Denison”?

He'll talk about race and relationships in the abstract as a way to cope with what he's experienced personally. In other words, he'll talk about how "Asian men" are perceived as unattractive, as opposed to talking about how he himself was perceived as unattractive in his own life.

Ms. Kelley and Ms. Hunt were both surprised by the size of the market for Blasian media. Were you surprised by the overwhelming interest as well?

I never really heard about it before either, so I'm surprised myself. It's all good though!

Why do you think there’s such an interest in the Blasian genre?

Love is love I guess, and like any color combo it's probably been happening for a while. It's just that while every other color combo has been exposed to the media, Blasian hasn't until recently, so it seems "novel" at least for now. In most major cities in the US, there's tons of people from many backgrounds, so it's bound to happen.
I'm having a quite a bit of fun interviewing the cast members of this show. Their emails show they had a lot of fun meeting and working with one another. I still have a few more to go, and I believe Audrey Kelley will have a couple more people for me to interview after that. Stay tuned, ladies!


  1. I really need to watch this series. I get so distracted on Youtube by Rain/MBlaq/Se7en/Taeyang that it is heard for me to focus on watching shows. Took me forever to watch K-town cowboys but once I started I couldn't stop.

  2. I know what you mean!

    A & D hasn't started yet (they're in post-production).

  3. I can't wait for this series to start! How are you scoring all these interviews btw? lol

  4. *nods* I'm a pimptress.

    See previous excerpt. Btw - the Alex Chu interview is now complete.

  5. Just found out I have Blasian in the family. My cousin married a blasian guy and they have an adorable little boy whom I have yet to meet.

  6. @DN
    Blasian kids are so freaking adorable Lucky lucky What is they guy's Asian ethnicity

  7. Strangely enough all the Blasians I've met in person have been Black/Korean. Maybe things are different on the coasts?

  8. @ MG

    Possibly. However, according to Sam Cacas, Korean Americans marry black Americans far more often than any other Asian ethnic group.

    I wonder why that is though. When I do his interview, I'll ask.

  9. @AM
    My friend Jaeyong was like "Ooh I hope you find cute Korean man here." And I was like, "I feel I have a good shot, you know Koreans marry black Americans far more often than any other Asian ethnic group. You're welcome for that fun fact"

    and he just went...o.O He's so cute sometimes

  10. Wait, wait...is he the guy you went on a date with?

  11. @AM
    No...I wish :( He's just my brother from another mother. I went on a date with a UOS student I met at the club named Milo...He's a magician studying Computer Science :)

  12. @Moddest-Goddest

    Even in Japan, most of the most high-profiled blasians are Black/Korean. Many Black/Japanese kids look like tanned Japanese, meaning that they are mostly indistinguishable from other local children, especially if the father is Japanese. In others, the only tell-tale signs are overall body shapes. Skin color doesn't play that big of a factor. There are also non-Ainu aboriginals here who are much darker than I am. When their children mix with Japanese (i.e. Koreans descendants), they often appear to be blasians when they aren't.


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