Anoop Desai R&B singer

I love Anoop Desai and you should love him too. After seeing him audition for American Idol I googled him and found several videos of him singing with his university acapella group. Anoop is all about R&B music and I love his voice. This North Carolina native has a father from India and a mother from South Africa (of Indian descent). He majored in poli sci / American history and wrote his thesis on Barbecue!

Here he is singing lead on "Angel of Mine" originally sung by Monica.
I loved this version so much I downloaded it to my ipod :-)

Just watch the first half where he sings and ignore the rapping at the end.


  1. Ohhhhh...Lord knows I love me some 'Noop Dogg.

    They sound really good. LOL @ all the white boys.

  2. I just fell in LOVE with Anoop's voice! And the Clefhangers are talented! Where can I download their music?!?!?!?!

  3. Damn! He has a gorgeous voice!

  4. @MW

    I ripped it from youtube using Youtube Downloader.

    Also I think all of the songs he did on American Idol are on Itunes.


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