As I was Saying...I'm Startin' to Dig Andrew Chen

...and I didn't even see it coming.  Gotta say, though, he sure knows how to kiss.


  1. I created a blog just so I couldpost....This was too funny. Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. You're welcome! And you didn't have to create a whole blog! Anyone can post so long as they don't post as "Anonymous" (it's hard to keep a discussion going if several people post as "Anonymous")

  3. Strong black woman stereotype *side eye*

    "Are you envious of my glorious clitoris?" *dies*

    Just from photos I wouldn't be attracted to Andrew Chen but in live action he is pretty sexy.

  4. @ MG


    I can't wait for his interview to be finished. There's stuff I want to ask him, but don't think I should.

  5. you & me both. I wonder when they'll finally start releasing episodes.


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