Blasian is beautiful...

I fully admit that this post is completely shallow, because I have absolutely nothing important to say. The only reason I posted this is because I just had to put it out there…

Wouldn’t these two make a scarily gorgeous, gorgeous couple in real life? I mean…just look at them. Damn.


  1. I can't even take these 2. I just can't.

  2. nothing wrong with admiring the PRETTY, all of my post here have consisted of me squeeing and jumping up and down over Rain or Se7en

  3. Sweet pic.


    I wanna be the belt buckle and my hand can be the pouch.

  4. I can't even take these 2. I just can't.

    I feel you. They're so gorgeous, their awesomeness is burning my corneas. But I still can't help but stare. They would most certainly have some gorgeous babies.

  5. @ Cinnamon. You can't help but stare @ them can you?

    I'm even amused by Bi's "Prince Valiant" hair.

  6. I'm even amused by Bi's "Prince Valiant" hair.

    LOL!!! Yeah, the hair amuses me too. But I stay on it for like 0.0000001 microseconds and then I'm back to the face. I can't help it.

  7. *pushes their heads together*

    Kiss damn it! You know you want to.


    sorry my mind is in the gutter after watching this!


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