Blasian Love Gone Horribly Wrong

I hate to report this, but sometimes with the sweet comes the horrifically bitter. Twenty-year-old Chie Alexandra Coggins (along with her current boyfriend Scott Joe Barker) is being charged with the murder of her ex, Katsutoshi Tony Takazato, son of filmmaker Fuminori Hayashida.

From Angry Asian Man:
Prosecutors contend that Barker stabbed Takazato, 21, on Tuesday outside the producer's home in an exclusive neighborhood overlooking the city.

Johnson had been dating Takazato but recently began seeing Barker, who became enraged because he heard Takazato may have abused the woman, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

The defendants could face life in prison if convicted.

The couple remained jailed on $1 million bail each. It was not immediately known whether they had obtained lawyers.
Coggins is jailed (as of yesterday) on $3 million in bail.  Translation: her ass ain't goin' nowhere.

What the fuck?  What the fuck was she thinking?  Let me ask this right quick: was it worth it?  If she's found guilty, will it be worth it?  If you've got a new man, what's the point of murdering the last man?  Why?  Even if Takazato was guilty of abuse, none of that will really matter to the jury since - as far as we know - there are no police reports, no photographic evidence, no psychiatric records - nothing but the word of a living woman woman over a dead man.  And in a murder trial, the silence of the dead often rings much louder than the words of the living.

This woman is 20, and if found guilty, her life is over.  Over at twenty.  For what?  For what?

And don't even get me started on Takazato.  As far as we know, the man didn't do anything to deserve getting stabbed to death.  So, as far as we know, an innocent man lies dead, and when the backstory finally comes out, I bet you there won't be a damn thing to convince us he had it coming.


  1. somebody is dead over some petty drama, what is wrong with people

  2. Obviously, love played no part in this Blasian triangle. Good gods, wtf were Chie and Scott thinking? It's a damned shamed they aren't in my home state. Our chair doesn't exactly function according to specs.

  3. @ Hateya

    $64,000, girl. This just doesn't make any sense to me. Murdering an ex is officially one of the dumbest reasons - in my book - to end up in prison for life.

    I just don't get it. She had a new man. WTF she need to go and let him fuck up the old man for? Exactly what great purpose did that serve?

    Some young people really need bitch-slapped...and then sent to jail.


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