Guess Who's Back?

Sample tracks below. I really wish auto-tune would die! "Money Can't Buy Me Love" is one of the cuts from what was supposed to be his US Debut Album (don't get me started on that). I wondered if he would include any tracks and he included one of my favorites.


  1. Girl, I do adore

    No, he didn't!

    Yup...auto-tune needs to die. So does techno and excessive air-brushing.

  2. Girl, I do adore

    Oh yes he did!

    I have a feeling that Mr. Se7en is far from done with the U.S.

    I loathe techno and airbrushing has gotten completely out of control.

  3. Die autotune die!

    I miss hearing his sweet sweet voice

  4. FYI: Se7en's new mini album is available on Itunes. He should be doing live performances soon, in the meantime enjoy the choreography.

  5. I bought it on the day it was released. I'm still processing because I don't know whether I like it yet. Diggin' "Digital Bounce" and "Money Can't Buy Me Love."

    I might be moved to write a review soon.

  6. @ MG & Lenoxave

    Oh, cool. Must-read review!!!

  7. I bought 3 of the songs: Better Together, Money Can't Buy Me Love, and I'm Going Crazy.

    BT: it has grown on me, very catchy dance beat, do wish there was less autotune
    MCBML: pretty good R&B song, in English
    IGC: so so, kinda regret buying this one

  8. new live Se7en performances!
    Digital Bounce with TOP:

    Better Together:

    winning #1 on the countdown and encore

  9. @ MG. Spotted them @ PopSeoul. He's such a smooth performer. He's grown up quite a bit and has a very sleek/sophisticated aura about him.

    Still don't care for "Better Together", but the choreography was nice and it was good to see T.O.P show up for "Digital Bounce."

  10. I was watching the video below and read a few of the comments. Se7en was getting the "talks Black" argument while he was Stateside for 3 years.

    At Hiro Ballroom

    I have to wonder if his fans have been paying attention all these years. The B-Boy and The Crooner CO-EXIST. Like most humans, he knows his audience and adapts accordingly.

    He can't be tossin' a whole bunch of American slang to screaming teen aged Korean girls. They are not going to get his frame of reference.

    He came stateside to indulge that side of himself (B-Boy)in an environment where ppl would "get it." None of this is an "act",it is as much a part of who he is as being Korean.

    Folks act like he's never encountered/worked with Black folk in Korea. You mean all them Black American Dancers never spoke a word of English to him?

    He wasn't picking up the vernacular and learning context from these Brothas?

    Lord have mercy.

  11. Amen! What is that shit about?

    I'm starting to have flashbacks to TenchiJK telling people to back up off his jock and stop asking to not "talk Black"!

    People need to cut that shit out - there's no such thing. I say this all the time - the state where I live is 96% white and these folks are ghetto as hell. It's called living downtown, people. It's growing up a street kid and having to struggle for a minute. Fuck that!

  12. @ Ankh - when I read that mess, TenchiJK was the first person that came to mind. It's not a "front", but an "influence" and ppl need to get that into their thick ass skulls.

  13. whatever happened to his US debut anyway...?

  14. the album was never released, he just had a video and a digital single

  15. A fact which never ceases to break my heart.


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