I found this interview with Bi and it's actually one of the more interesting and in-depth ones I've read.  It's also very recent (6/8/2010), which makes it that much more interesting.  It's very...interesting.  I know...I keep using the word interesting to describe it, but I don't want to make anyone biased.  First impressions and honest reactions are always best. 

Snippet of 10Asia interview:

10: But winning “Biggest Badass Star” could increase your fame but could fast consume you as the typical Asian action star.

Rain: Of course I am worried about such possibilities. It is a big stereotype to think action films when you think of an Asian actor. But I don’t think there is anything you can do about that. And you don’t frankly need to hide the weapons that Asian actors have. We do have a talent in making action films and martial arts is an Asian culture so I don’t think you need to work at hiding it. I think that in about ten or twenty years, when the Asian market has grown a bit more, there could be a romantic comedy movie about a Eastern man and a Western woman.

10: Do you think Rain will still be standing in the spotlight when that happens?

Rain: I don’t a miracle is something that happens but something that you create. Nobody makes it happen for you, you just make it happen yourself. Some people say that I am going too fast and others say that I am too lucky. There are even those who tell me that I take on too many things, but if you focus and work hard, you can make everything happen. It is better when you have luck but I think you can make it happen even when you don’t have luck on your side. In fact, this is a story for a romantic comedy that I am thinking about these days. An Asian man and a Caucasian woman fall in love, but the thing is that the man doesn’t speak English very well even though he lives in the U.S. So he starts learning English from the woman, all kinds of things happen in the process and they fall in love. If I continue meeting many people through the human network that I am building, keep throwing ideas and discuss with them, won’t myself and the next generation be able to have access to make that kind of a movie? (laugh) [added emphasis is mine]

Thoughts?  Impressions?

Personally, I'm still pondering...


  1. *deflated heart* well this should appease some of the fan girls, the rest of us will just have to rely on Ninja Assassin for our Rain cookies

  2. Is he being sarcastic/funny or is this a real idea he's been pondering? I can't really infer anything from what is being said.

  3. @ Lenoxave

    oh my, I think you are right, especially this part:
    "the man doesn’t speak English very well even though he lives in the U.S."

    Seems like he is mentioning the perpetual foreigner stereotype, the video I just posted shows he is well aware of the western negative stereotypes against easterners. Now I must read the entire interview and see where they pissed him off.

    *faith is restored*

  4. *Eyeroll* Always a white girl. Not that I expected him to say "hey give me a Black chick", and I'm aware that in other countries western is usually associated with white, but I still have to roll my eyes.

  5. @ MG - Sarcasm was my first thought because the scenario he painted with his so-called "film idea" is(as you stated)based on the "perpetual foreigner" stereotype.

    He's not stupid and well aware of racism/discrimination in the West. He's a pretty snarky dude anyway. Why not take the piss out of all the nonsensical White Supremacist mumbo jumbo in a "film idea."

    Have you read some of the you tube comments? They are laugh out loud racist. There are Korean American artists who work in Korea and speak Korean and English fluently.

    Yet, I have to read how "good their English" is. Well bitch they were born and raised in the States. Their English should be good.

  6. @electricafro
    *Eyeroll* Always a white girl.

    I feel you. That was my immediate reaction too. That's the reason I felt the need to post this. As a black woman, I am so sick of never being the first choice or even being seen as the "Western" ideal.

    Now, Bi has an obvious pattern. We've all seen it. Which is probably why I cringed so hard when I first read it. (I've to give it up for the sistas that left comments though. They didn't shy away from taking on the issue head on.)

    I certainly wasn't trying to blow anyone's buzz, but I couldn't act like I hadn't seen it either. Since people see things differently, I figured that their may be another explanation besides the obviouis one. So far, I haven't been able to get past the obvious one.

    Someone throw me a bone here. Or are there no bones to be had?

  7. @Lenoxave

    I guess I'm confused as to what would have been the point mentioning it in the first place? He's talking to the Asian media (or so I assume). The idea that he threw out there is definitely the perpetual foreigner stereotype, but POC/minorites get caught up in doing the white man's work for them all the time. Asians continually play martial artists in movies, blacks continually play the loud comic relief, women continually strip down to their underwear in front of the camera. Doing this kind of movie would be nothing new.

    I guess it's one of those instances of "If such a film were to even be tried, it would have to be with a white woman." They've done it twice with a black women, and we see how that turned out (Romeo Must Die and Ninja Assassin). An obvious romantic connection between the hero and heroine with no onscreen, concrete confirmation of their requited feelings.

    Obviously, the man can do what he chooses, but... *smh* I'm at a loss.

  8. @ Cinnamon. I saw it as snarky and sarcastic and left it @ that. People talk alot of shite all the time and I take most of it with a grain of salt.

    I feel you on the "always the white woman" syndrome. I would hope that he doesn't fall into the trap, but he's human. He's going to screw up and make mistakes just like anyone else.

    I'll continue to keep my eyes and ears open. We talk about "patterns" alot here. Let's see if this "idea" becomes reality and he actually does something with it.

    Then we can really start discussing patterns and programming aka the White Supremacist Industrial Complex and it's world domination. Until then, I'll let him have this one. He's allowed to screw up.

  9. @Lenoxave

    Good points. Don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water, but I'd be lying if I said what he said didn't give me pause. Since the pot started coming off the lid during the 2008 presidential campaign, I've become very hyper-aware of stuff like this.
    His pattern does run the other way, so I guess I have to give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives me further reason not to. But for sure, I'll be watching with a third eye and listening with a third ear from here on out.

    Regardless, he'll always be sexy as hell. Can't take that away from him.

  10. LOL - you guys are reading too deeply into this. You're not applying the pattern...to the pattern.

    1) Rain is first and foremost a businessman. The money in the West [read: Hollywood] lies in the hands of white people, not POC - at least for now. He knows that if he wants to make his paper, he has to deal with white people.

    2) When he wants to do music and dance, his real passions, his main arts...Rain skips over white people. That's why we see him trying to do albums with the likes Omarion, Ray J, Lil Kim, and 3LW (and let's not forget how he behaved when actually meeting Lil Kim). That's why we see him opposite Naomie Harris in a film where he could've easily chosen his lead. That's why when he's on stage, he's on stage with thick, voluptuous Korean women - not white girls, even though he could very easily have them on his stage and in his videos. Ultimate truth, guys: He can...but he doesn't.

    3) A man as savvy and as fully aware of Western racism as Rain is, is not seeking validation from white folks, ladies. He's not. He became a worldwide phenomenon without folks. Like, Se7en, when he came to the US to work with artists he admired and enjoyed, he didn't go to white folks. Despite the polite things he said about Timberlake did the two ever work together?


    He had the chance to bed the white babe du jour - Megan Fox - and did he take it?


    Conclusion: This is about money, ladies, not meaning.

  11. @ Ankh. And there it is...

    Bows down to the break-down.

  12. *blushes and curties in response*

    Rain deals with white folks professionally because he has to: pure and simple.

  13. What Lenoxave said. All hail the Queen of Breaking-It-Down!

    This is exactly why I posted this. People see things differently and I wanted other opinions.

  14. My thoughts: does it annoy me a tad that he's wanting to make a movie with a white chick love interest? A bit. But I understand what he's trying to do. He's trying to break barriers, and he's trying to tear down stereotypes of Asian men by marketing himself as a sex symbol to white women in particular. Everyone knows that if you've made it mainstream in the U.S., you've MADE IT. He's not worried about being sexy to Asian women--he already is. Its the American/Western women he's after. He made a comment in an interview with Hae Chul Shin that when he was in NYC for a concert, he realized that black and white women alike wanted his autograph and sincerely loved him, he knew he had a chance to make it in the American market. Another point: I'm sure he's seen on the internet how sprung black women are over him. White women on the other hand, aren't throwing up fan websites for him the same way we are. He's a guy :) Just trying to conquer the as of yet unconquered.

  15. He's trying to break barriers, and he's trying to tear down stereotypes of Asian men by marketing himself as a sex symbol to white women in particular. Everyone knows that if you've made it mainstream in the U.S., you've MADE IT.


    Ironically, US mainstream isn't where it's at anymore, in part because of the rise of online media, and in other part because "the markets" are shifting to Asia.

    And, you know, because America really doesn't have money anymore.


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