Hollie Hunt of "Audrey & Dre" - an Excerpt

I got to interview actress Hollie Hunt of the upcoming Blasian show Audrey & Dre.  Here are the parts which pertain to our dear Narrative:
Moi: How did you get involved with Audrey & Dre?

Miss Hunt: Audrey and I were classmates together at Rutgers University/Mason Gross School of the Arts. I had just moved to LA in September of 2010. Audrey had created the first episode of the webisode and the subject matter really resonated with me: Interracial relationships even though, interracial relationships was not the intent of the story. But the fact these two individuals happen to be of different races, made the story even more unique to me.

I have always dated interracially along with many of my black and white girlfriends, so I was fascinated by Audrey and Dre’s story. Their story was not unusual or different from any other struggling relationship. But I was drawn in simply because it was an interracial couple. Audrey marveled as well at the audience her webisode was attracting. It was an interracial dating audience, like myself. I instantly wanted to explore the subject further. So Audrey brought me aboard. I absolutely can’t thank her enough for the opportunity to be a part of the project. It has truly inspired me as an artist and as a woman of color.

Ms. Kelley reported she was surprised to learn about the large market for the Blasian genre. Were you? How do you think audiences (here and abroad) are going to react to the show?

I was amazed to know that there was a huge Blasian community. I had no idea! And yet, completely fascinated. This project has shown me that Black women and Asian American men have a lot in common in how they are viewed and how they move in American society. How will Americans receive Audrey & Dre? I’m not sure. If you notice, black women and Asian men are underrepresented in film and tv because they are not received well in this country; especially as leading ladies or leading men. I believe that their absence from film and TV helps perpetuate societal stereotype and a sense of mystery thereby making them invisible. I hope this project will initiate and inspire that to change.

I think audiences here will be fascinated to watch this relationship and the unique issues a Blasian couple faces and perhaps will see common ground. Abroad, I think Audrey & Dre will really resonate. Generally, abroad, minorities and their stories are embraced and want to be heard because people of other countries really understand what it’s like to not be the majority, to not have the voice of the masses or to be seen as other.
I don't know about you guys, but the more I talk to the cast, the more excited I get about this show.  By the way, does that line sound familiar?


  1. people of other countries are the majority in their own country so they expect brown people to be depicted as human beings

  2. Bwahahahahahah! So you're saying it's just "normal" for them - LMAO. Like they see us on a screen and just nod like it business as usual.

  3. I'm very interested in this story because I'd like to compare a relationship between two Americans living their lives as a blasian couple with a blasian couple in which the two come from two different countries, especially if the Asian male came from a country where he wasn't indoctrinated with "white is right." Other considerations (on track #2) include language, cultural nuances and the big one: LEGALITIES!!! I suspect everything will be completely different.

  4. Oh, honey...you have nooooooo idea. They went all on writing this one.


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