How to Deal With Trolls

First of all, never engage trolls.  It's what they want.  No matter how tempting, or how easy they make it seem to rip them a new one, do not engage.

Secondly, this is a safe space for unity.  Anyone who comes to deliberately disrupt interracial unity is a racist - plain and simple.  If they're of color - and we all know how unlikely that will be - then they're a delusional, self-loathing house Negro, and the gods' will has been done for their miserable, pathetic excuse for a life.

We'll just keep 'em in our prayers for a quick and painless death.

Most likely, however, the trolls on here are going to be white (see Abagond's How to Tell if a Commenter is White, Part I and Part II).  In that case - duh - their thoughts on how Africans and Asians relate to one another is irrelevant.  This is not "their" conversation, no matter how much their privilege will tell them it is.

If you read a rude comment, stop and think before you get riled up: This is the Blasian Narrative - it's ours.  Africans and Asians outnumber whites vastly worldwide (there are less than a billion white people worldwide, while over 1 billion people on Earth are black African and at least 4 billion are Asian).  Remember, kids, Blasian history goes back centuries and has been - predominantly - independent of Europe and White America.  Our history has mostly been one of cultural exchange and understanding.  We share haan.  Now, if white people want to come on here and be supportive, that's fine...but still ultimately irrelevant (sorry if that seems harsh).  What they think and want of us won't "change" anything in the years to come.

Lastly, we MUST watch each others' backs.  So feel free to PM me whenever some troll posts (or if anyone posts as "Anonymous").  I will simply erase them, and we will continue on in peace.


  1. Lesson definitely learned. What got me was the "I'm Korean-American" thing. First clue that he/she wasn't.

  2. I missed the troll?! Damn!

    It is best to never engage them. Ignoring them is always the best policy. *the delete key is our friend* There's a troll on trekmovie.com that goes through great lengths to get my attention. Poor pathetic thing. It is always tempting to squash him though... yet, I must confess it's far more satisfying to ignore him.

    Sometimes you will meet very nasty and very trite hyphenated Americans. They are an infestation on the internet and are especially slap-worthy in drama discussions. They've nearly chased all the black people from Asian drama forums and in protest I stopped translating J-dramas although partner #2 still does... if and only if I give him the closed-captions. I also stopped doing recaps.

  3. @ Hetaya what are the trolls doing to black people on the Asian drama forums?

  4. @moddest-goddess

    There is a great deal of racism in Asian drama forums, especially where English is used as the language of communication. Black people are rare in the forums, yet sometimes an incident comes to light that might require a black perspective. When that happens, you wouldn't believe the filth that spews out of people's mouths, including liberal use of the N-word. A majority of the hatred is aimed at Japanese though. Thanks to them there are significantly fewer J-dramas translated for anybody.


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