Hugging Asians: End Black/Asian Violence

A quirky young gentleman in Oakland, CA has started "hugging Asians" to promote Blasian Unity and call for an end to violence between the two groups.

From Angry Asian Man:
The premise is simple: Hugging Asians. This website, created in response to recent Black/Asian violence in Oakland, is basically photos of a black guy (the same guy in every photo, I think) hugging Asians. A lot of Asians, and a lot of hugging. And that's it. Kind of odd, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

Odd indeed, but despite the rather unusual tactic, the Blasian Narrative salutes this man nonetheless. One reason for this is the poem "Orient" which he presents on his website:
They jockeyed nappy headed hoes
Next day
pranked called takeout
                               Chicken flied lice
                               spicy eggroll tiny
                               in the pants
They they they

Blame me me me

Not yellow or bug eyed
Just need to orient myself
to you

& know that
Any starting point
will do

                               I like your car
                               I like your hair
                               You can do some nails
                               You can dance

We both got pork
to BBQ
We both got hands
to raise
Beautiful, isn't it? I particularly like the way he points out the obscene hypocrisy presented to people of color in America. POC are racially profiled, dehumanized, harassed, and discriminated against by an institution whose sole intent is to preserve white privilege...but then that same institution has the gall to tell us, "Oh, no, no, no...you POC have problems with other POC, not us!  We would never do anything to harm any of you!"


  1. Hugs are free and they don't hurt anybody.

  2. Hi, I agree with you and would like to share my ideas with you. This post is quite educational..Thanks Forever

    Black Asian


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