MBlaq to know them is to love them

I know I spend a lot of time fangirling over Joon's body but now I'd like to make a post dedicated to the sweet, funny, talented guys of MBlaq (Rain's proteges).

1.) *NEW* MBLAQ dancing to Smooth Criminal and Hip Song February 2011

2) Live performance of their single "Y", they've really grown since their debut last fall

3) Seungho, Joon and G.O. showing off their vocal abilities (I was this close to throwing my panties at the screen) singing Go Baek

4) Another great vocal performance from SeungHo, Joon and G.O.

5) Showing off their great personalities on Idol Army (variety show)
a) Mir's obvious crush shown here (skip to 2:50) and watch this too
b) Seungho doesn't take any BS

6) *New* single "Cry" January 2011

7) *New* Rain dance pwnage.

So now its should be obvious why Rain chose them out of the out of the 300-400 that auditioned. I may do another post on Rain pwning MBlaq if anyone is interested.


  1. You're trying to make me fall off the wagon, aren't you? :)

  2. They really are funny, sweet and talented young men. I enjoy their different personalities and Papa Bi seems very proud of them.

    Their performances have gotten better. They seem to really gel as a group and have distinguished themselves from quite a large pack.

    Seems like JYP got a damn new group/person out every month. LOL

  3. GO has an incredible gift. His voice is truly beautiful.

  4. @ Cinnamon. LMAO! You can resist grasshopper.

  5. Seems like JYP got a damn new group/person out every month. LOL

    I thought they were signed to Rain. He's independent of JYP.

  6. I'm going to hell. I'm into Mir all the way.

    Seungho doesn't take any bs

    I liked the thick chick with the pink and the husky voice. She looks like an eater and sounds like a smoker. *nods* My kind of clubbin' partner.

  7. Lenoxave is talking about all the boy bands and girl bands that JYP has now: Wondergirls, 2pm, billions of other artists ...

  8. MIR was funny as hell and totally into the little Goth Like Girl.

  9. I've developed a thing for Seungho, I'm cheating on Joon. 0_o
    After watching Idol Army I'd summarize their personalities this way:
    Seungho - serious, funny older brother type
    GO - super smooth with the ladies, can't decide if he's a player or if he is sincere, voice of velvet!
    Joon - super comfortable around women but in a sweet/sincere way (he went to school with mostly girls), playful, sensitive*, SEXY all the time
    Cheundong (Thunder) - silly, sweet, sincere, sensitive
    Mir - hyperactive unless he is around a girl he likes then he gets super shy and sensitive

    *means I've seen them cry

  10. Mir is a cutie, I just want to cuddle him. They are totally adopting Rain's stage persona cause in person they are all silly and sweet. On stage they turn super sexy.

  11. They're all so adorable! And yes, them taking after Bi is one of the best things they can do in terms of being appreciated and loved by their fans! America needs another cute boy band like MBLAQ, not the stupid little obnoxious Justin >.< Meaning MBLAQ needs to come here!

  12. Those interviews were hilarious.

  13. Cheundong is adorable and GO is a tattle tale. His stories about Seungho and Mir are hilarious.

  14. Check out Joonies crush on Kim NaYoung in the "Noona" (older woman) special of Idol Army.

    His expression at the 4:01 mark is priceless
    Smitten Joon

    Mir is hilarious and so out of control. Never seen Seungho laugh so much in an episode.

    Go can't even believe that someone could not be familiar with them. He gets salty after Kim NaYoung's admission.

  15. they are all very open with their feelings, they are almost too honest, they are always telling personal stuff in interviews

  16. video of Mir on a variety show, must see for the Mir lovers o_0

  17. One Better Day live

    seriously when did our boys get so good looking? 0_O
    they really taking after Rain, off stage = goofy, on stage = sex

  18. @ DN I also edited the original post to include a newer/improved version of 'Y' and a very recent very hot performance of 'One better day'

    They've really grown as performers and I love how they show their silly personalities, Papa Rain must be so proud of them.

  19. @ MG - It's uncanny how much Joon was channeling Bi in his whole look while shakin' his hips for the ladies. The hair, shades, t-shirt and attitude were spot on.

  20. Check out G.O. all sexy and grown in this video.



  21. I must have missed this performance, because Joon finally got his wish (and mine) to take his top off on stage - and I know I'd remember something like that.


  22. @ Lenoxave

    That's a beautiful video. And who is this clever and suave Nassun I'm seeing? Do you want to do an introductory post on him?

  23. @ Ankh. I'm doing some "research" on him. I think a post about him would be fun. I haven't forgotten about my review of Se7en's album either. :-)

  24. Do Taeyang while you're at it...in every sense of the word.

  25. Do Taeyang while you're at it...in every sense of the word.


  26. @ Ank
    I think Joon had a wardrobe malfunction. You can see him try to close it up when he turns around. Someone else, I think Mir also had a wardrobe problem, it looks like the back of his jacket split. Rain's babies are professionals though, they just kept right on performing.

    I found a legal affordable way to download Kpop songs. It took me a couple of tries to figure it out but was totally worth it. I got 150 mp3s for 12,000 won which is approximately $10!
    I downloaded both MBlaq records, every Rain record and most of Seven's records. Only downside is that the artist's names are in Korean but it includes the album picture in my mp3 player so that makes it easy to figure out.
    (use Internet Explorer and a Visa)

  27. Thanks for this! Glad to see you back in action!

  28. O-IWI-O

    I wonder if they are going to get censored for that video. I miss G.O.'s facial hair, he looked so grown and sexy with it.

  29. I love him without it. Now that he's all smooth again...with that voice...unstoppable.

  30. @MG - It will probably be banned. Cream, plant stamens (sexual organs), milk, water. All subtle sexual hints. LOL!

    G.O. looked too porno w/the stache. I dig his look without it.

  31. @modest-goddess I agree he looked sexy with the stach

    I love me some Taeyang!

  32. another Beast vs MBlaq dance battle the Seungho fan girl in me was very happy with his performance, poor Joon had another wardrobe malfunction.

  33. Yes I want to see the video where Rain pwns them.

  34. @ MG

    Oh...Joon BROUGHT it. And then he tried to be "shy." Mm-hm.

    I think Joon had a wardrobe malfunction.

    $20 says Rain sat down with a sewing kit 2 hrs before they were supposed to go on stage and did some sabotage.

  35. @ DN: So many of the best examples of pwnage have been deleted off of youtube. "Happy Together" with Joon/Rain/Hyori was a good example. I also saw one from when they first debutted at Rain's concert and they are told Rain is unhappy and he is going to come speak to you. So then they are in the dance studio practicing when he walks in. They bow then line up and he sits in front of them. He scolds them saying he was diappointed that they did not perform with ease (were technically correct but lacked in comfort on stage). He says it nicely but they look like they want to cry.
    Rain choreographing Mblaq

    @Ank, now I have a mental image of Rain mischievously sabotaging Joon's clothes.

  36. ...now I have a mental image of Rain mischievously sabotaging Joon's clothes.

    And mumbling to himself while he does it. Only...what would he be saying? I'm trying to think of something really funny.

  37. Ok I found the biggest example of pwnage:
    you can skip to about 8:30
    this is a documentary about MBlaq's debut

  38. Joon's a trip...gotta love him! If I were 10 years younger, I'd be totally into MBLAQ and Thunder would be my favourite...

  39. It's so good to see that they're baaaaack. I was gettin' worried for a minute.

    And I am SOOOOOOOO glad Thunder's gone back to spittin'. Rain must've sat him down and was like, "Dude, I humored you once, but we had to auto-tune the hell outta you and I ain't dealing with that bull-ish again. So just do what I signed you up to do, aight? Aight."

  40. @ blackwomenlovebi

    I'd go after Mir.

  41. the most adorable performance of 'Oh Yeah' by G.O.'s nephews

  42. I found a link to watch the show "Happy Together" with English subtitles featuring Rain pwning Joon from MBLAQ and Joon telling embarrassing stories about Rain.

  43. super funny show they were on:

  44. @ MG

    You still keep tabs on them too? I thought it was only Moi.

  45. Jo Kwon and Lee Joon get their dance on!

    Too Cute

  46. Yes for all the MBLAQ love. They are great. But I can't get with the fan name :/ Blaqies?! Yea I think that needs to be changed but YAY I love my boos especially Joon ( oh why so smexy).

    1. The fan name is A+ not blaqies! lol


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