Needing Ideas

I think the Blasians need a good a horror story.

I've been fascinated with the horror genre for quite some time, but never could get it right.  I want to write a good Blasian horror, but I need some help.

Should the horror be supernatural?  Should it be a mind-bender?  Should it be a slasher, the likes of which would make the '80s proud?  Should the characters be stuck at a haunted private high school over winter break?  Or should it be at a rough, gritty public school in the city?  Should they be undergrads in college skipping Thanksgiving with the 'rents to head to the scary woods?  Or maybe some sort of a combo...should the kids be undergrads stuck in the haunted coed dorm of an exclusive college far out in the woods over Christmas break?  (*Note* If they're older, I'd feel more comfortable writing in some sex; if younger, I'd focus on humor.)

See, I want to write an almost "B-Movie" quality story.  One that could be filmed swiftly and inexpensively (in theory, that is).  The kind you'd read/watch on a Sunday afternoon while eating leftover pizza.  I've been listening to our playlist and I feel inspired; there are so many scenes they could go to!  But, alas...I need a direction.

What do you ladies think?  I've got two blank files saved under tentative titles, so speak up!


  1. please tell me you've seen the episode of MBlaq's Idol Army where Cheundong and Joon are sent into a haunted house? They screamed like little girls.

    College age adults, supernatural, haunted asylum our haunted campus

  2. No, I don't watch Idol Army, but....you're down with the haunted theme? You don't think it's tired?

  3. I'm all about the asylum or house (think "The Shining")

    I'd like to see more supernatural/psychological work, it tends to stay with me longer. College co-eds work, though it would be nice to see something with people 25+ over.

    Rare in America, I know.

  4. See, I can write for all three age groups.

    This is good.

    For teens...think, for your own teens. What would you approve of them reading? What issues would you want the author to discuss?

    For coeds...what scared you in college? What would scare any college kid? What would be the setting?

    For 25+...horror movies for adults tend have an either old school feel (Gravedancers), or be more psychological/thriller-oriented. They have to be more serious.

  5. Supernatural stories are scary as hell and I agree with Lenoxave...mid to late-twenties would be good. And what about archaeological ruins far from home? Don't see those enough. Woods are always creepy and you can never go wrong with a house (although something like an abandoned palace, school or hotel works too).

  6. something like an abandoned palace.

    I'm feeling you.

    Locales anyone?

  7. an abandoned building in ruins in the woods, cause woods scare black people!

    psychological thriller, not too gory though,
    around 25 years old would be good

  8. So what are we thinking? Archaeology grad students on a dig? West Coast Korean American, Texas chocolate?

    Abandoned palace...no, no, something simpler. The simpler things are often scarier. College grads who go "ghost-hunting". To an abandoned whorehouse in the south. Possession? Twisted passion? History majors, maybe, driving around a [fictional] college town quizzing each other on random buildings?

    Oooooooooh....my pygmy sense is tingling.

    What's a good working title?

  9. To an abandoned whorehouse in the south.

    What about an abandoned whorehouse in another country? College grads who are soon-to-be graduate students "backpacking" through another country for the summer? (Europe maybe, or is that too cliché?) Or did you want to stay in the US?

  10. somewhere with woods, history majors studying local folklore, interviewing weird locals in isolated towns, good looking friends who develop chemistry, recording interviews of subjects, hear of supernatural rumors, decide to investigate

  11. @Ankhesen

    If I had creativity, I'd share in a heartbeat. I am severely lacking in this area. Good luck with this project. I look forward to reading/seeing the outcome.

  12. @ cinnamon

    I'd like to stay in the US because if it were to be filmed, it would need to be filmed as inexpensively as possible...but without losing any quality.

    Besides, I'm thinking it could be a fictional, historically black town in Texas. Lawd, knows all the fucked up history to mine there.

  13. The guy will be Korean American. He'll look just like Rain.

  14. Glad I am not the only one who thought of doing the story of a Blasian couple. This story has been in my head for years, mine is more along the supernatural type side, bu I don't think it is horror. I love horror btw, and what you have so far is wonderful. I will post a synopsis of the story if anyone is interested.

  15. and his best friend will look like Andrew Chen 0_O

  16. @ MG - you just startin' trouble aren't you? LOL

  17. @ DN

    Post away.

    Okay...so here's what I've got:

    Danielle Brown - a sociology graduate student working on her thesis

    Dr. Philippa Hernandez - Danielle's adviser. She convinces Danielle to travel to Santa Dominga [fictional], a ritzy red light district, and work for a few months as an "undercover" stripper in the infamous Glass Mansion to study how society treats women as disposable.

    Jill Myron-Hall - a quirky history graduate student and Danielle's best friend. Jill agrees to travel with Danielle and ends up working as a "tip runner" in the Glass Mansion

    Raquel Escobar - a Gothic tattoo artist who rents a room to Danielle and Jill in Santa Dominga. She tells Jill a lot about the town's history.

    Adrian Park - a documentarian in need of material; his distribution company's threatening to drop him

    Jason Kuriyama - Adrian's best friend and producer; helps him get set up in Santa Dominga.

    Dr. Diego Belalcazar - Adrian's kickboxing partner; tells him something's killing the strippers of the Glass Mansion, but no one's investigating because the deaths always look like either OD or suicide

    Whattaya think?

  18. and his best friend will look like Andrew Chen 0_O

    *sigh* I've created a monster.

  19. @ Ankh - I like, I like. An interesting cast of characters and I'm digging the whole Sociology/undercover stripper theme.

    A documentarian, Gothic tatoo artist (why am I thinking about Brandon Lee and "The Crow"?), Professors and a Kickboxer is an eclectic and dynamic mix.

    Nice start...

  20. an eclectic and dynamic mix

    Bingo - that's what these movies need!

  21. I agree with Lenoxave. I had the same thought. Very interesting mix...I'd almost say a motley crew. I love motley crews...they're always way more interesting.

    We're going to get to read this, right?

  22. Some, but not all. This is original fiction, not fanfiction, so you'll get a "taste".

  23. Is there any possibility Adrian Park could be the sociology/undercover stripper? My motives are completely pure and innocent.

    This entire project sounds intriguing to me.

  24. Like it so far. I will post the synopsis later as well as my experience in Korea as A black woman so far. Man today was... well I will say later.

  25. My motives are completely pure and innocent.

    Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?

  26. Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be?

    Exactly. Rain would knock it out of the park as an under-dressed sociology major. He's that talented. We've already seen him on the pole. Bonus - it would also shake up the gender stereotype...

  27. Different story for a different day.

    Remember the classic horror structure: the true hero has to be female and in control of her vices.


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