"Oh, Mika, Mika" - Final Chapter & Epilogue Posted

This is going to be the last fanfic I write for a looooooooong while (going to be majorly busy in the months to come).  So go ahead and enjoy "The Condemned" on FF.net.

Merci for everyone's support!


  1. Mika = BAMF. *sigh* Nothing lasts forever, but it's sure been one hell of a ride...

  2. Mika saves the day! Thanks the journey Ankh. It's been a pleasure.

  3. Mika saves the day!

    I really didn't see that one coming.

  4. I really enjoyed this story. Especially chapter 2 T_T

  5. @MG

    LOL!!! You nasty! But it's all good. (How many times did I read Chapter 2 again...? And three... And there were those other ones...)

  6. Sad to see the story end. :(.......It was smexy as hell though, excellent fic. Thank you very much for writing and sharing with us.

  7. Congratulations on completing this story!!! It was wonderfully done. I hope this piece will inspire others to write in this genre. It is ours for the taking.

    Oh... let me tell you -- Rain/Raizo in Blu Ray... there are no words. If I'd been on that set, I would have found a way to lick him several times a day. ;) Last night The Husband said I had a slutty brain although he admitted that Rain/Raizo was a hot piece of ass (my description, not his).

  8. there are no words

    What's the diff?


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