Our New Haunt

Sorry, but...we had to move.  Our old haunt just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

The rules are pretty much the same as before, and all you nostalgic folks and can still go back to the old haunt if need be (especially if you're writing fiction).

You can still post vids here; you can even write blog posts here.  This blog can have up to 100 authors, so if you foresee research and article-writing in your future, send me your email address and I will add you as an author.

Watch each others' backs.  In order to make this blog more accessible, I'm not doing regular comment moderation.  Which means I may not always get to delete bullshit in time.  So bear with me and do your best to help keep this a safe space.

And now that's all out the way...let's have a house-warming cookie, shall we?


  1. Is there anyway we can get a "most recent comments" widget in the right column? I don't know how those things work but they are handy for when someone replies to an older post.

  2. Can we get a link to the Collab and Blasian Love Challenges on LJ? That way, they won't be "forgotten." I'm going to add one to the Collab Challenge today. Thanks.

  3. I just added your link to my website on wordpress...


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