Se7en (singer)

Se7en will be releasing his new single on the 21st. In the meantime we have his awesome collaboration with Lil Kim to tide us over.

Today the teaser for the video was released.

More info/pics available at Pop Seoul.


  1. *squeals like a teenager*

    Se7en has a new album coming out? That's the best news I heard all day! Any interesting collabs on this one?

  2. Yay! I like what I hear so far. (As if I wouldn't). :)

  3. I'm excited and we'll see what happens. His voice is too damn beautiful for auto-tune. Prays to the Korean Pop Gods!

  4. My love for Se7en is rapidly approaching an, ahem, "unhealthy" stage.

    I LOVE the "Girls" vid...though I think he and Kim come dangerously close to kissing several times. You know she tried to tap that, but then he had to remind her - several times, I'm sure - that he already had a woman.

    The good ones almost always do.

    1. lol! I'm late as hell, but Kim probably had to remind Se7en that he has a woman back home in Korea. lol

  5. Naughty Ankh! That "Girls" video is something else isn't it? They clearly enjoyed one another and that makes it fun to watch every time.

    When interviewed he called her a "complete professional" and said it was "an honor." He's quite the gentleman and a great catch for his girlfriend.

    Check out the concept video. He's a total chameleon and combines elements of K-Pop edginess with a clean sophistication @ the same time.


  6. I've heard that T.O.P. (his label mate) will be in the new video/song.


    I really love high tenors and Se7en has the kind of voice that is just heavenly to me. Just something about his tone makes me weak. No wonder his girl has been with him so long, who would leave a guy who could sing like that?

    AMEN on the autotune concerns, I hope that is just the intro or the chorus and the rest is his natural voice.

  7. MG -

    You know I love me some T.O.P. It's gonna be a fun ride.

  8. You know what? Fuck it! Se7en and Kim are TOTALLY hot in this video. Lack of chemistry my ass. I just needed to get that out.

    Se7en ain't scurred y'all. He rolled up on Queen Bee like a total P.I.M.P and more than held his own.

  9. "Lack of chemistry."

    *rolls eyes*

    I put that one right up there with "I'm not a racist, but..." and "My ancestors never owned slaves."

  10. "Lack of chemistry."

    That again? Why can't they just let that phrase die a peaceful and uneventful death? Lack of chemistry my natural black ass... Sheesh...

  11. Se7en rocks! It like the tempo and EVERYTHING here.....fo real!

    Lil Kim is STILL relevant. Good on her for staying fresh so long....no one after the 1990's can still get it!

  12. Anonymous,

    Post with a name, please!

  13. Good job! Why don't you add these ones too:

    S-Word ft Christina Milian - The Answer

    Amerie ft Seven - Take Control

    Amerie ft Willy Denzey
    (Willy Denzey is Asian French)

    Also... I have the (I think) complete list and songs of all Tasha's featurings...if anyone is interested lol

    I don't know if Crystal kay's featurings with Asian people counts too...in this category I mean. Emi Maria and Aoyama Thelma as well.

    Nice playlist ;) I just felt like adding some more. And I think I'm missing a few ones.

  14. Sorry, i'm not trolling, OK?
    My last post for this article anyway:

    DJ Hasebe ft Adriana Evans - After The Party

    Morcheeba ft Cool Calm Pete - One Love Karma

    I really love these 2 songs, my style :)


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