Tall Enough (film)

Tall Enough a short film by Barry Jenkins

A really cute Blasian love story.


  1. The actor's voice is so beautiful. It rumbles like thunder. And when he's murmuring/whispering...*shiver*

  2. I saw this on Youtube awhile back. It is interesting.

    Ni Hao. Wo ai ni - 你好。我愛你。

    My Mom's first question was: "Does he know you can't cook?"

  3. @ Hateya

    that is my problem, I'm a single girl who can barely cook

  4. I can't cook either and have no interest in doing so. I'm in BIG trouble. Seriously, Barry Jenkins and the actors did such a wonderful job w/this short.

    It was very moving and I've never seen my hometown look so beautiful. NYC is best at night.

  5. @Ankhesen


    @modest-gooddess and Lenoxave

    There's a long running joke in my family that I stole my sister's potential husband. Since I couldn't cook at the time, I used to feed my future-fiance-future husband (never boyfriend - we never dated) food my sister cooked. I'm an excellent cook now and I'm even better at baking. I doubt any man in Japan is eating as well as he is. ;)

  6. His voice when he spaek Chinese is incredibly deep and sexy...
    I like how despite the shortness of the film I can still feel that there is a long story between them. Thanks for sharing!


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