Tiger JK vs. Cyber Racism

Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger had a few choice words to say when racist comments surfaced on the 'Net after he brought his 21-month-old son Jordan (whose mother, rapper Yoon Mi Rae, is half black) on stage with him during a performance on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook on 1/2/2010.

As any father would in this situation, he absolutely went off.

Tiger JK's Twitter page:

“can’t be liked by everybody i know, there’s an article about Jordan, and some of them relpys make me sick,,,,talkin about race,”

“talki bout his hair being nappy and he looks black, they prolly like 12, prolly yong kidz but hopefully they learn”

“Comments are always like that but there are actually kids who say things like half black half black. Racism won’t disappear forever.”

“racism, im sure they dont know no better,it’s ma fault for xposing ma son like that tho when they call ma son up to the stage i had a feelin”

“cant believe the are going as far as using the N word, they need to get the ass whooped by they pops, ignorant ass younginz”

“I know that half of the comments are written by kids who want attention but people still use the expression black.”

“ha im used to bein hated / called all kinds of name it comes wit territory / but in the states i was called a chink ,N now the N word here”

“they could hate all they could, im here for that im used to bein hated, chewed on, jk wack this and that, but can dey just C wat dey C,Love”

“callin ma wife and me kid, nappy headed N***R , i wish they would see me in the street”

“^^ I’m a father so I went crazy over hate comments. I’m sorry.”

“peops are so lonely like me da would say anytihing behind the walls of matrix to say things that would get em attention,i pray for they soul”

This may have happened over six months ago, but it's still startling.  Like I said before, there are some sick, sick folks out there.  It's bad enough to say racist crap about an adult, but a baby? A baby? Really? 

This family is downright beautiful.  Screw those racist jackholes.

*As an aside, I'm loving his Twitter page pic.  Very diverse.


  1. Oh my, that is so sad. How can they say these things to a child! People are sick and should get they asses kicked.

  2. Wow...sink so low as to get on the net and talk smack about a baby.

    It's beyond sad. It's also a clear symptom of haterism.

  3. Their son is so beautiful.

    It's interesting to note that many babies resemble his son in terms of coloring. If the asses hadn't known his wife was half-black, they never would have thought to attack the baby.

    The haters have shit for brains! Rock on Tiger JK! Stand up for your family. If you want someone to help you kick some ass on the streets, call me up.

  4. Reminds me of something I read on youtube, this Black woman showed her Blasian baby and some commenter said that can't be her baby, he don't look black. I voted thumbs down for they comment. Just ignorant, stuff. Like they some expect on what biracial babies look like.

  5. @Hateya
    That was my favorite comment. You don't mess with a man's wife and kids. Especially a man who ain't afraid to cut a fool. They better recognize.

  6. I remember reading about this incident. Funny what ppl will say behind the "safety" of a keyboard.

  7. This is disturbing to say the least. To attack a child is as low as you can go.

  8. @Cinnamon,

    If anyone is going to ever cut a fool, it needs to be over his/her family.


    There are still ways to breach the "safety" of the keyboard. ;)

  9. Tiger JK, wii got your back, G. Imma kick all these little kids butts and let them know who's house this is.

  10. They are a beautiful family

  11. @ Anonymous

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