Black + Asian = Blasian Anthem

If you aren't cruising Ankhesen's main site, you probably missed her post about T (Tasha)'s Black Happiness in the Underappreciated Musician category. This song is about a journey that resulted in a blasian child completely loving her whole self. It doesn't better than this. Her DAD just rocks!!!

Version with English subtitles here. .


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Do you want to elaborate on the video?

  2. Her flow is out of this world. She could rival any female rapper in America.

  3. I love Tasha's no-holds barred approach to sharing what had to have been astronomical pain and heartache, especially in the earlier part of her young life. That she exposed herself and her inner torment so thoroughly makes her truly amazing.

    Tasha's father gave her the ultimate gift of love with these words, "My sweet little girl Tasha, I guess I can give you a little skit on life. I guess talk about the good times and the bad times. You gotta be able to blend both of those in your life. You have to know and you have to believe with all of your heart that things will always get better. So just keep your head up, keep your faith and be strong and never let nobody tell you that you can't do it because it can't be done."

    All of us can benefit from these words.

    When I hate the world, music soothes me.

  4. This song always hits me in the gut. Her candor is refreshing, especially in a society, where public politeness is valued more than personal truth.

    She let the cat out of the bag about some ugliness, that I'm sure many would have preferred not to hear.

    I'm very particular about the people I respect and support in the public domain. Taska aka Yoon Mirae is one of them. She doesn't play any games and conducts herself as a professional and a adult.

    She and Gummy are my favorite female K-Pop artists. They operate on a completely different frequency than the rest. Ture talent/gifts separate them from everyone else.

    Gummy was also Se7en's vocal coach. She is no joke w/that voice of hers.

  5. Gummy was Se7en's vocal coach? *runs to check her out*

  6. @ Lenoxave

    That Gummy performance was astounding.

    I dig her name, btw.


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