"...In the meantime, we still have John Cho portraying the sexy, fiery, smack-talking Demetri Noh who looks positively lethal in jeans.  Special Agent Noh, if you all recall, is engaged to one Zoey Andata, portrayed by the stunning Gabrielle Union.

...Now about the aforementioned: their casting, their acting, and even their characterization has been nothing short of stellar when you take into account prior casting and characterization of POC...on American TV.

Ahhh...but therein, of course, lies the problem.

We actually, genuinely like these characters, but apparently, we weren't supposed to.  We're enthralled by Demetri and Zoey's relationship; they've developed a cult following.  They piqued the audience's excitement and curiosity."

Upon their arrival, Demetri Noh and Zoey Andata set the fanfic world, the blogs, and us on fire.

They were passionate, endearing, and funny.  A FBI Agent and a criminal lawyer, they were successful, intelligent, and engaging. They seemed real to us in so many ways.   So even when other characters annoyed the living hell out of the audience, these two kept calling us back for more.

Demetri was a humorous groom-to-be concerned with his fiancee's taste in music.  Zoey was aglow with her approaching marriage, concerned the printer would spell their last names incorrectly on the invitations.  They kissed all the time.  In fact, they could barely keep their hands off each other.  In their very first episode together, Demetri hauls his fiancee off to the nearest hotel after kissing her passionately at the airport.  They brought that extra "something" to the first sixteen episodes of the show, shaming all episodes which followed the hiatus.  And when the show's writers foolishly continued without the creator, we bitterly watched these two fall apart.

The Narrative is not only a great place to write horrific wrong which came in the last several episodes, but rewrite these two from scratch if necessary.  The less faithful jumped ship when the show ended, but then again...this ain't their movement.  These were two were a rare gem during the good days, and we can't ever let people forget about them.


  1. Still bitter about this one. I guess privilege means sacrificing your own livelihood just to hold onto the status quo. Pathetic.

  2. Pathetic indeed.

    They finally got it right, and then deliberately ruined it. How low can you go?

  3. I hope some good upcoming director, bring this show back or redo it. But this time do it right!


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