"Essential" - a Raizo/Mika fic

While I should have been diligently working this week, my mind was preoccupied with my desktop wallpaper (as seen above).  To that end, this one-shot jumped into my head and wouldn't leave until it got its way.

Like my experience writing Uhura, writing Mika was highly enjoyable.  It's empowering to write a black woman who loves her man, who is loved by her man, and who handles her business.  It also felt good to write an Asian man as a man.  (Note to Joel Silver...it's really not that hard.) 

This particular fic is a quiet, fluffy moment between our favorite couple, told from Mika's point-of-view.  (If the muse doesn't die, I would like the next one to be told from Raizo's point-of-view as he ponders the awesomeness that is Mika.) 

Sorry, there's no sexin' this go round (it just didn't feel right), but maybe next time.  Besides, this is my first Raizo/Mika fic...I have to work my way up to it.  :)

***FF.net version


  1. I commented @ your site. This is a wonderful one shot from you. I enjoyed it.

  2. @Lenoxave

    Thanks. I really enjoyed writing it. I absolutely love this couple.

  3. This ficlet is so sweet and wonderful. Everything you've written points to a sharing, caring and loving relationship. Acknowledge your fluffiness proudly because we sometimes need fluff to set the world back on the correct axis. More! More! More!

  4. Nice. I needed a good read.

  5. I'll get on that as soon as I get my Net sitch fixed at home.

  6. Waaaahhhhh!!! That was awesome!!! Next chappie please!!!!

  7. I have now put this on story on FF.net for those who would rather read it there.

  8. It's also nice to see that (new) people are still writing fic for these two. I still have a problem with Raizo's characterization in some them (and Mika's too in some instances), but at least people are still writing. Things can't improve if people don't write. (At least I hope they improve. *fingers crossed*)


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