Ladies, You're Doing an Amazing Job - Updated

I finally looked at our site stats today, and wow...keep in mind, the Narrative is fairly young.  But youth notwithstanding, since our inception in May:

Our Audience (by # of page views)

United States - 14,160
Japan - 1,069
South Korea - 982
Canada - 795
Jamaica - 216
United Kingdom - 151
Germany - 136
Nigeria - 89
India - 86
Cayman Islands - 44

Our Most Viewed Posts of All Time

The Asian man Won't Stay in His Place* - 468
Raizo/Mika - 265
Seoul Searching: Dealing with White Privilege in Korea** - 238
Raizo/Mika Love: Ninja Assassin Screencaps - 220
Seoul Searching: K-Pop time** - 212
Seoul Searching: Korean Men and 'dating'** - 211 Pageviews
Sharon Cullars's Gold Mountain (courtesy of Lenoxave) - 186
Black woman and Native American romance? - 168
"Essential" - a Raizo/Mika fic - 166
Real life blasian love - Who He Is - 162

More Fun Facts

~ The people who found us via Google were either looking for "the Blasian Narrative" specifically, or Blasian fiction, or information on Audrey and Dre, or anything they could find on Raizo and Mika.

~ Some of our visitors came from my site, from Sam Cacas's site, LiveJournal, my page at Fanfiction.net, and Facebook.  So all our links and plugs are working.  Special thanks to Sam and our Facebook cousins.

Top Posts People Are Digging This Week (as of last Tuesday)

Black woman and Native American romance? - 168
Africans in Ancient China and Vice Versa - 150
The Minority to a POC Majority - 138
Interview with Sam Cacas** - 130

Moral of the Story?

Just because people aren't commenting or following doesn't mean they aren't reading.  We should take careful note of what drew people here the most over the past 3-4 months: informative and narrative posts.  Big thanks to all our contributors and lurkers.

*Special props to Cinnamon, author of "The Asian Man Won't Stay in His Place" (I told you your writing is bomb).  As you see, her post has been the most viewed since May.  Her "Screencaps" post didn't do too badly either.

**Mad props to Bcbgrl33, whose "Seoul Searching" Series drew the biggest following.

***Thanks again, Sam, for your interview. The full version on my site has received an additional 115 views since its posting four days ago.

Keep up the great work, ladies!


  1. places like the US, the UK, Canada, and S. Korea don't really suprise me... but Nigeria of all places? Caymen islands... Jamaica, even?! that's SO cool!!

    ... and maybe i'm not as "broad-minded" as i thought i was after all *^_^*

  2. *please excuse the typos

  3. It's cool. And eccentricyoruba is one of the Nigerian viewers/writers.

    Makes you wonder though, about all those other folks....

  4. i must admit i was surprised to see Nigeria on that list. but that's cool, more people need to know about, read and comment on this blog!

  5. I can surmise the reason why Nigeria is on this list is because Seoul has a relatively large Nigerian population located in Itaewon. The hairdresser who did my hair there was a Nigerian woman who has lived in Korea for 6 years. I even saw two small Nigerian children wearing the "Red Devils" Korean Soccer jersey because Korea is their home. All of these numbers are excellent :D

  6. This is great news. We have a wonderful crew on this site.

  7. These numbers are terrific! I'm glad to be a part of it.

  8. @ Cinnamon

    That's 'cause youse a bad ass.

  9. @Ankh

    LOL! Thanks, girl. Fortunately, the muse has been kind (cause you know how fickle he/she can be at times).

    You know what hit me though? The part about people finding The Narrative through a Google search:

    anything they could find on Raizo and Mika.

    It's extremely heartening to know that almost a year after the movie was released, people are still highly interested in this couple. Are you listening Hollywood?!

  10. I hadn't thought of that!

    Speaking of which...I really need to watch that movie again. It's a been a few weeks and I'm starting to feel the withdrawal.

  11. I'm thrilled on so many levels, especially the one that gets me off the hook. Yea!! ;)

    Seriously, it's great that people are following; however, the community would be much stronger if people, especially the Y's, pitched in and helped.

  12. If the Y's ever do pitch in, that would be great...but everyone better behave themselves.

    We wouldn't want to become like other sites which shall remain nameless.

  13. Hello.??? I am in China.. throw my 1 person up there please... (smile)

  14. China didn't show up on the report for some reason. Makes me wonder how many readers we have there that we don't know about.

  15. Ladies...I think we're beginning to "emerge".

    For the most part, we're all "reviewers" - Lawd, knows everyone on here has an opinion.

    But Moi...I'm Interview Gal. Cinnamon is our commentarian; she's got magical skills. Lenoxave and Modest-Goddess are sort of like our "DJs" and "VJs" - they grab the links to the hottest new stuff. EccentricYoruba is our scholar. Hateya, Bcbgrl33, and DN are the diarists, and hopefully lifebehindthewall will join those ranks.

    So to the peeps reading and considering being authors on here, what do you want to be?


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