Seoul Searching: DN side

First I will tell you the awesome things that have happened so far since being in Korea, then I will tell what BCBGRL33 left out and after we went our separate ways.

  1. I was dropped off at the wrong place for my appt. (braids) and had no idea where I was and neither did the person who I made the appt. went. I went inside the Kia motors and wrote down the address the lady gave me. The guy left for a little bit than came back and drove me personally to her apt. He left his job to take me where I needed to be and wanted nothing in return. He even made sure I was with the right person, because he slowed down as he was leaving to see if I was ok.
  2. Got lost beyond all reason again trying to go to Korean class (got there fine on a test run). Stop in eye glasses place. Hand gestures and limited Korean helped them figure out where I wanted to go and I was WAY off. Their customer who spoke no English, heard what they were saying to each other and she offered to drive me herself after they gave her her glasses. This women drove me to the middle school and wanted nothing in return
Now to the part where I am wandering with BCBGRL33
  1. We had another dish called Chang Nam or something like that. It was delicious. Everything was under $10.
  2. The only reason we were able to find the bathroom was because we walked into one place to ask if thy had one. The guy said they didn't and then he left his job and walked both of us to the available bathroom (5 minute walk uphill). He pointed to the building and since I am able to read some Korean I knew where he was pointing.
  3. Outside that building, there was another guy who saw our look of confusion of just where in that building was there a bathroom. He asked us in Enlgish what we were looking for and then showed us and walked us to it. (That bathroom was creepy beyond all reason). Afterward, after we switched shoes back we met the older man. (BTW, I work and live in Osan (Gyeonggi-do) which is way way south from Seoul. Not the military base part but the actual city).
This is what happened after we split up on my end; I got hit on left and right.
  1. First by this older Korean guy (50's or 60's maybe. Korean don't age) and he was very drunk. I should have realized by the way he was walking, but he didn't smell like alcohol at all. He even spoke, damn near fluent English to me too. We were talking on the subway home, and he was saying how he was happy I am in Korea and he appreciates the help in the war. I told him I was a teacher and I wasn't a soldier anymore and he said that was good. Then he started talking about how I was pretty and if he was 21 (years younger the 2nd time after he found out my age) he would try to love me. That made me laugh and then he said so pretty again and did that "Aigooo" thing with the little shake and he was smiling. <--What does that mean anyway?More Korean people started talking to me on the train and he was encouraging them. The everyone in the vicinity, older women especially, on the train were amused at his antics. After he got off at his stop and the train started moving again, they asked me where I was going and made sure I got of at the right stop. (I think I looked tired after all the heat and walking).
  2. Got off the train and was looking for food and this guy from Bangladesh started talking to me and asking where I was from, etc. He didn't get far because a coworker I hadn't seen in awhile spotted me.
  3. I was walking home from the station and at the crosswalk this guy next to me did a double take and started chatting with me. He is from Singapore and he was a cutie, but I find I am not attracted to him.
What confounds me about this is that I was all sweaty, no make up (I don't wear it), wearing jeans and my black tshirt.

It was a fun day though and I am glad I met BCBGRL33. She has all the pictures though and she had just told me to go back to Seoul and find his company and take pictures.

From my experiences and my travel around Korea so far, Koreans don't really have a problem with Blasian dating. I could have swore I saw a couple myself -- Blasian people.


  1. Girl I'm glad you were attracting the sexy because you are gorgeous. I love Drunk Korean men on the subway, they are amazing :D I was very glad to meet you as well :D

  2. Sounds like you had a blast!

    From my experiences and my travel around Korea so far, Koreans don't really have a problem with Blasian dating.

    You know what...I'm really not surprised at this poing. Audrey Kelley (Audrey & Dre) and the rest of her cast wasn't kidding when they said they felt their show would do well in Asia.

  3. What an adventure! Laughing @ your time on the train. Too funny.

  4. What amazes me is all the times strangers not only gave you directions but walked or drove you where you needed to be. Living in crime ridden America if someone tried to do that I'd probably get kidnapped and wind up dead in a ditch.

  5. All of this just boggles my mind (in a good way). All my life, I've been made to believe that Asians (in general) don't like black people, but it sure doesn't seem that way from where I'm sitting. It's gratifying to know that we're not as despised by the world populace as white folks would have us think.

  6. @ cinnamon
    It also depends on how you come off to people. I know of one person ( a friend of mine told me this) she went out with a friend (who is black) and they went to . Well when her friend was ordering she was pretty much yelling at the poor girl when she was yelling her her order -- neck rolling and hand gestures to. So my friend helped out by telling the (scared out her wits)cashier girl in Korean (after she looked it up to be sure she was correct, what the other girl wanted and everything was fine. The girl then turned to my friend and said "Just because you are Asian (Korean-American) she understood you." My friend replied "No, it is because I said it in her language she understood me."
    My friend knows not every black woman is like this. She actually wasn't going to tell us the story because she didn't want me to take offense. I told her I was okay with it because I pretty much had an idea of the behavior of that person.

    What I wanted to say:

    Don't come off like that girl did and you will be fine. Be nice and friendly and they have no problem with you.

  7. @DN
    Don't come off like that girl did and you will be fine. Be nice and friendly and they have no problem with you.

    That makes sense. It's the same way that I'd treat anyone (or expect to be treated), no matter where they come from or what their race or nationality is.

    It sounds as if they treat people on an individual basis. If you act like an idiot, you will be treated accordingly, which is fair. But we're always given the impression that no matter what we say, what we do or how we act, Asians generally just plain don't like us. And everything that I'm learning points to the very opposite conclusion. It's quite fascinating.


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