Sharon Cullars's Gold Mountain (courtesy of Lenoxave)

Though Lenoxave posted this information and these links in another thread, it seemed appropriate that this have its own entry.

From the publisher:
A Salute to Black History Month

In 1865, the hope for gold has spurred many to seek their fortunes in California, the place the Chinese call Gum San or "Gold Mountain." Amidst this backdrop, Quiang, a new Chinese immigrant, works the dangerous rails hoping to save enough money to send home to his parents. In town, Leah and Clara, two enterprising women from New York, have plans of their own to grow a restaurant and laundry business. However, both plans go awry when Quiang and Leah meet one fateful day. What starts as a budding attraction soon grows into tumultuous desire despite the cultural and language barriers between them.

Initially resistant, Leah succumbs to passion following a tragic loss that leaves her vulnerable and alone. With hopes for a future that now includes Leah, Quiang embarks on a perilous path as he leaves the railroad behind for a more profitable position as a courier for The Tong, henchmen for the dangerous Triad. Quiang soon finds that navigating the secretive life of a courier brings more danger than he has ever faced on the railroad, dangers that not only threaten to tear him and Leah apart, but may cost them their lives as well.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Cover Art
by Natalie Winters

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Thank you, Lenoxave!!!


  1. I'm extremely interested in the historical aspect of this story. The erotic nature of it - not so much. My brain always interprets erotic literature as a fetish. ;) Please do share the goods when they come to you, Lenoxave.

    It weirds me out that people regard black/Chinese or black/Native American relationships as something new and exotic when they represent the first blasian hook-ups. We don't need history books to tell us this. Just look into the faces of our fellow African-Americans. In addition, indigenous Brazilians went to West Africa prior to or during the slave trade (must do more research). Lovin' was the order of the day.

  2. I've read Sharon before and I'd never label her as a writer of erotica. She's a good story teller and so far, fetish is not what I am reading.

  3. @Lenoxave,

    My fetish interpretation came from the site's stated "literary" goals, not Sharon specifically as I have never read any of her books. I've found the e-book version of Gold Mountain at Amazon.com and I'll make it one of the first books I order when my Kindle arrives on the 24th.

    On a humorous note, The Husband doesn't believe the protagonist is a black woman. :D

  4. i enjoyed reading Gold Mountain mostly because it is historical fiction based on facts. it is definitely worth buying.

  5. @ Hateya - I think you'll enjoy it and yes the descriptions of some books is too much for words. That is fo sho.

    I'm LMAO @ your husband. Why doesn't he believe she's Black? Then we have to talk about cover art and that's a whole 'nother issues. LOL

  6. Thanks to both you and Lenoxave for the tip about this book. I bought it this morning and am enjoying it so far.

    Then we have to talk about cover art and that's a whole 'nother issues.

    Oh yeah...

  7. The cover is suspect, but the story intrigues. I'm starting to have flashbacks to that Australian author - Justine Something - who complained about her publisher whitening her covers because, according to them, people don't want to by books with POC on the covers.

    Btw, what do we know about Sharon Cullars (her last name amuses, btw).

  8. The cover made me do a double take 'cause she looked like someone I dated. It was a really gooooood date to. Oooooowweeeeee!

  9. Her site is below and I've read it off and on for the past 3 years. She's thoughtful, intelligent and a solid writer.

    She's had some difficult times on a personal level and discussed them on her blog as well. I respect her.

    I read her book "Again" and it is one of the most stunning covers I've ever scene as well as being a great supernatural/horror/love story.

    Cover Art For Again

    Sharon's Site

  10. I soooooooooo need to interview her.

  11. Ok...just read the excerpt and now I need this book.

  12. @Lenoxave

    I'm LMAO @ your husband. Why doesn't he believe she's Black? Then we have to talk about cover art and that's a whole 'nother issues. LOL

    He was referring to the cover. Since he's not American, he can't grasp the concept of white-wash. I told him the story was set in the 19th century and that intrigued him. He found the cover insincere though. I color his thinking in this area because I make absolutely certain our life is black, yellow and red.


    I am primarily interested in the historical facts; therefore, I will read the book. ;) I'll be writing historical fiction myself this November.

  13. I am so going to buy that book.... *sigh* once I get my cc back anyway.

  14. Bought it, read it...O...M...G.

    Sharon needs to write more Blasian romance.

  15. @ Ankh. It was good wasn't it? I enjoyed watching their story unfold. Those 2 handled their business. The love and support they showed towards one another was fantastic.

  16. They were ride or die for each other. They were not playin' y'all.

  17. wow you guys read fast, I'm all behind in the "book club" gotta get my copy

  18. I like that Quiang isn't a clueless virgin. And I love how Cullars works the language barrier; it deepens the romance.

  19. Is anybody up for writing a full review of this story? It would be great to see this as a post as we need more content. I'm sure it could be done without revealing things readers should "witness" for themselves.

  20. I actually read the story several months ago and really enjoyed it. I think that it showed the lives of the characters quite well. The focus was on the challenges that an Asian man and a Black woman had as individuals as well as a couple in Gold Rush California.

    I think that her portrayal could also be valid today as well. I saw several parallels to the struggle that blasian couples still have today. For example, the struggle to own your own business as a woman of color; dealing with the reaction of your community to blasian love, etc.

    I really enjoyed the novel as a piece of historical fiction, more than as a romance novel.

  21. @caramel-hunter

    I saw several parallels to the struggle that blasian couples still have today.

    Thank you for this. I was interested in non-romance based details. I suspect our struggles haven't changed because human beings haven't changed all that much in the last few centuries.

    I'll be downloading this book right after Ankhesen's novels, which no one would ever send me in print. ;)

  22. Hateya,

    Email me your address & I'll send you a signed copy.

    As for the full review, any takers? When I get my new laptop, I plan to interview thr woman so...review's up for grabs.

  23. My Kindle arrived this morning and I've downloaded Gold Mountain.


    When I said no one would send me your novels, I didn't mean you. I was poking fun at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.jp. I also erroneously thought your books were available via Kindle. I realize now that you were referring to your current works in progress. Now that Folklore and other stories is now available at Amazon.com again, I will buy it and I will wait patiently for Purple Jars of Rice to be available again. It would be my pleasure to purchase your work.

  24. I am thinking I should get a Kindle. I love to read. I want to read this story, but since my CC had to be cancelled because of that incident I have to wait till it gets here. It seems it doesn't do Paypal either.

  25. @DN

    I double-checked Amazon.com and you're right. No PayPal, yet they take checking account numbers. :( I'm sorry this has happened to you, especially while you're abroad. I hope the new card will come soon and everything will finally be settled.

    I haven't yet played with the Kindle (read or type... I can't do both), so I haven't read the story. It only took 11 seconds for it to download though. That's impressive. I also found Blasian Narrative using the experimental web interface. It's a bit slow, but it works.

  26. @Hateya

    I broke and called my father and asked him to buy me a book.

    Me: Hey Dad, would you buy me a book?

    Dad: What kind of book?

    Me: A book because I have nothing to read in English here.

    Dad: Send me the link and information and I will see.

    Me:..... 0.0 ... <.< (sh*t) ... -.-;;; ...k.

    Lol. Oh, I hope he doesn't read the site and just gives me the book like I asked. It's only $6. Heck he bought my little brother (so bad, cute but bad) a PS3 when it had just came out. He can give me a $6 e-book.

    By the way, I am 28. Some of you can understand how fathers are, especially if you are the only girl.

    I'll post his reaction later in the comments. LOL.

  27. @DN

    It's great that you're a "Daddy's Girl." I am, too, and it's really special for me because I have six competing sisters. I have first-born privileges though. Some days he still thinks he's my number one guy. Dads... you've gotta love'em.

    My jury is still out on Gold Mountain in terms of characterization. It'll take awhile for it to sink in. The historical facts were great and I got a good sense of the time period. For that alone, it was worth the price.

    The Kindle rocks and so do free e-books. ;) Great books will continue to be bought in print though.

  28. Got it. Loved it. (Mom let me use her cc to buy it.)Dad is being a dork.


    I am not as much a Daddy's girl. More like Momma's girl, because I will do anything for my mother way before my father. Dad is a bit of a man whore and I know for a fact since I have another brother I have not met yet. I am kinda big on family, especially immediate family, and that sort of pisses me off to no end.

  29. She just agreed to let me interview her!

  30. @DN

    I'm thrilled you have the book!

    I'm a Daddy's girl because he favors me. My father is not a man whore. Rather, he's a serial husband. :D I thank the gods my parents are divorced because they used to make love and make war daily, often simultaneously. When one raging inferno links up with another raging inferno, guess what happens? Everything in between them gets obliterated. As sucky as Dad was as a husband, he was an excellent father... much to the dismay of wives #2-#5 as this man always lugged his spawn with him to each new domicile. :D

    It goes without saying that my mother is a higher priority than my father. She is my mother, after all.


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