Shima Uta by The Boom/ Nada Sou Sou by Natsukawa Rimi

I hope this is permitted. There are many Korean artists featured here singing R & B and Hip Hop. Perhaps it would be a nice change to listen to original ethnic music from our Asian friends as well. Though both songs are best heard live, these versions come with English subtitles and romaji (alphabetized Japanese). I hope one day black artists will cover their songs, too. The others are definitely doing so and capitalizing worldwide.

I added Gackt's version of Shima Uta.

1) Shima Uta (Island Song) by The Boom

2) Nada Sou Sou performed by Natsukawa Rimi

3) Shima Uta by Gackt

If you try to watch the Nada Sou Sou movie, please bring six boxes of tissues. The ending itself will break your heart into thousands of pieces. This song was written by Moriyama Ryoko (a folk and jazz singer) about the death of her beloved brother.

The Boom, Rimi , Gackt, and Ryoko are all from Okinawa.


  1. Great music is great music. Doesn't have to be R&B or Hip Hop. :-)

    Shima Uta was pretty good. It was an aural treat.

    Nada Sou Sou was too depressing for me right now. Maybe when I'm in the mood to cry, I'll listen to all of it. :-)

  2. i've always liked shima uta (even though until now i didn't know thw words); the lyrics are beautiful. *^_^*

  3. @Lenoxave,

    I like how you said Shima Uta was an aural treat. This is the perfect way to express it. The Boom is amazing and I love how determined they are to maintain their cultural and musical heritage. I also understand about Nada Sou Sou. It always guts me.


    Shima Uta is excellent, isn't it? Although I've understood this song for years, I've only listened to it with my non-proficient Japanese brain. I also love the traditional Okinawan version sang by Rimi. It's tougher to sing though.

  4. The first time I heard Shima Uta is when Gackt sung it with a group of older people. It was beautiful and so is the version you posted.

  5. @DN

    I added Gackt's traditional version. Thank you for reminding me that it was out there. I've seen him in concert. Wow!!! I love Jesus although it is extremely noisy. I've heard that some "Christians" were offended.

  6. @Hateya

    You saw him in concert? I am so hating on you right now (not really). I wanna see him and Rain in concert. I will be happy..(happier). I don't listen to "Christians", especially the supposed religious ones I met and I was raised Christian by my Grandmother but I don't particularly follow it or any religion at the moment.

  7. @Hateya

    you saw gackt in concert?! *turns green w/ envy* lucky you! i LOVE his music and he's so handsome! what's your favorite gackt song? *^_^*

  8. Thanks so much for sharing; all three were aesthetically pleasing to see in vid form. I had only seen them as aud before and did not know the lyrics the way the vid presented them but I had heard them and they were translated to me by a friend. Basically a lot of cultural metaphoric words. Sad but realistic about life.

  9. Yes, I've seen Gackt in concert!!! He has electrifying stage presence. I don't think I have a favorite song because I usually get lost inside his newest single.Jesus came out after a long drought, thus, I probably favor it. I also suspect I only bothered with TSCC (Sarah Conner) because Ghost was the theme song. His voice is amazing. I wish he would do more pseudo-acting in dramas, too.

    I have no use for the "Christians." I was raised Methodist in a hub of Baptists. For me, religion is nothing more than a philosophy.


    I'm pleased you liked this music.


    Hi! I agree with you wholeheartedly. It's always interesting to read comments when people debate about the meaning and/or inspiration for Shima Uta. It's such thought-provoking song.


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