South Asian men with Black women?

Does anyone have any Blasian love examples involving South Asians? My best friend used to date a Pakistani American*. I can't think of any examples from the media. The closest I get is Mohinder/Maya from Heroes but the Maya actress is generally read as Latina rather than Afro Latina like Zoe Saldana (both are from Dominican Republic).

* I know Americans are conditioned to think of Pakistan as the Middle East but it used to be part of India before it was divided by the British.


  1. I dated a Sri-Lankan guy once. He was sexy as hell with a gorgeous face. Chocolate brother-like man was also heartbreakingly dull. Whenever we were together, I'd ask him not to speak because I was working on my telepathic skills. Sadly, his dullness made it impossible for me to practice try-sexualilty on him.

  2. The men that I have known of S.E. Asian descent have been from the Caribbean; specifically Jamaica/Trinidad. They are a different kettle of fish altogether than those on the continent.

    My best friend in college was a Trini of Indian/African descent. His cultural references were Caribbean, and he found he had little in common with folks from India.

    Why in the hell would anyone think Pakistan was in the Middle East? Lord have mercy!

  3. Hmmm..that is a very difficult one.

    I don't know anyone from media who is in a media Blasian/Blindian relationship. I only know of a couple of real life ones( I forgot to add that on my list of East Indian?Black women couples) but my mom friend friend dates a Pakistani man.

  4. Why in the hell would anyone think Pakistan was in the Middle East? Lord have mercy!

    Geography is like kryptonite to Americans.

  5. I'm an african descendent settled in the southern part of africa,I met with guy 4rm feni(Bangladesh)we r both between the ages of 20 n 23,he is caring,honest,loving n handsome.we fall inlove the first tym our eyes glanced @ each other n it was in a shopping mall.I believe that asian men can love if u love urself as woman.

  6. Yes it happens now and then although when it comes to marriage these communities r rather insular, desi men seem to be interested in black women I've found, but what it is based on could be negative. anyway I date am Indian guy and have a few south Asian friends, as far as media I can't think of ANY,, crazy huh expect the offsprinfs, people such as Tatiana Ali and Chilli and a few more, hear its mote prevalent in Carribean and UK


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