Who made this?

*Ankh wanted POC leads so here you go*

Is this out yet?

I remember reading one of the older posts -- on this blog or the other – about movies that had POC and how they were portrayed in it. I think that was what is about anyway. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, after I got home from work and turned on the TV, I randomly chose a channel and this movie was showing. I have only caught the tail end of this movie twice and didn’t really know what was happening. This time, I guess, I landed in the middle of it, I am not really sure. I have seen more of the key characters and realized something that made me giggle.

Here they are:
1. All the people a major role (besides the main character) are POC.
a. The angel Michael is black.
b. The mains interest is um… I don’t know I can’t find much about her. She is a POC though, I think Spanish.
c. One of the Angel leaders is Asian – Will Yun Lee (didn’t know how gorgeous he is), and so on…
2. All the ones with a minor roll or downright evil are white.

The movie is called Fallen, by the way.

I will post later on the synopsis of the Blasian story I have been writing.

Here you can see pictures I drew a long time ago to go with it. I would do updated ones, but I am missing the cord to my WACOM tablet. I can't draw until I get a new one. Both accounts are me. Look for Callisto the main and you would usually find her interest.

Digital Nogitsune
Callisto Youko


  1. I looked up Fallen on IMDB and I want to check it out, but if the lead ain't POC, it ain't for me.


  2. Lord, he's fine! I don't know the lead actor's name, but...good gracious!

  3. His name is Lance Gross.

    Thanks. I'm going to have to look him up. He's absolutely delicious.


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