Catfish in Black Bean Sauce (1999)

I discovered this movie during my wanderings on the 'Net today. The folks on Amazon seemed to really enjoy it and you know they have no problem putting it out there if something doesn't pass the smell test. 

From All Movie Guide:

In Catfish In Black Bean Sauce, Paul Winfield and Mary Alice play an African-American couple who in the 1970's adopted two Vietnamese children, a brother and sister. 20 years on, the two kids have grown to adulthood; Dwayne (Chi Muoi Lo) has absorbed a great deal of black culture from his adopted parents and is engaged to an attractive African-American woman (Sanaa Lathan). His sister (Lauren Tom), however, feels more comfortable with Asian cultural paths and has married an older Asian man (Tzi Ma). The siblings have recently come in contact with their birth mother (Kieu Chinh), and are awaiting her first visit to the United States, which causes no small amount of personal, cultural and familial clashes. Catfish In Black Bean Sauce is the feature debut from writer/director Chi Muoi Lo, who also plays Dwane; it was a prize winner at the 1999 WorldFest/Houston Film Festival.


Chi Muoi Lo as Dwayne Williams/Sap

Sanaa Lathan as Nina

Paul Winfield as Harold Williams

Mary Alice as Dolores Williams

Lauren Tom as Mai

Kieu Chinh as Thanh


  1. Astounding. I wonder what inspired Chi Muoi Lo.

  2. heard alot about this movie but havent seen it yet.

  3. i've seen this movie before... personally i thought it was kinda lame; the plot and the characters just didn't seem believable. just my two cents. *^_^*

  4. This one of my favorite little films, That I have seen several times over the years. One of my interest is where people of color intersect separate from the white dominant culture. I look for it in various aspect of American life culture ,history, fact or fiction most of our stories no matter your ethnicity is relation to the white dominant culture. I have lot more I could say on the topic. But the film is a little gem.

  5. @Avastacia

    I wasn't particularly impressed when I saw it years ago. I'm older now and have had different experiences, thus, I'm sure if it appeared somewhere I'd watch it again and see what's what.


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