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I've been a fan of Harry Shum, Jr. since he was a dancer on BET's Comic View.  He went by the stage name "Jyve" back then, and would pretend not to speak English right before he'd break it down on stage, dropping jaws - and panties - like it ain't no thang.  As the only male dancer on the show, we got to see him tear up the dance floor with curvy black women and Latinas.  This pic is from that era; he often "rowed up" back then.

Born in 1982 in Costa Rica, Spanish was his first language.  In addition to it he speaks Chinese and English.  Can't do much better than that.

He's one of my main reasons for watching Glee, especially since the show finally gave him his due.  This week, the new season started off right by featuring him dancing shirtless and getting pounced by actress Jenna Ushkowitz (a highly realistic female reaction, might I add, which doesn't surprise me because the showrunner's out and proud.  But anyways...).

Harry's got the womenfolk talking, which I expected.  It's long overdue.  Bro here has worked hard to get where he is now and it's way past time ladies started slobbering all over him.


  1. Yes, I saw him on Glee. I was so happy he finally got some lines. Him being shirtless was a nice bonus 0_O. Last season they referred to him as "other Asian" so I was happy his name was being used.

  2. I think people raised enough hell last season for us to see some progress this season.

    Lawd. He is simply too fine.

  3. oh my... he's a cutie!

  4. i just went and watch Glee, they sound better this season. I really noticed the Asians on this week's episode, i hope they keep doing that. I'm wondering when they will start doing the same for black folks. They defiantly need more black characters, say maybe a young beautiful black cheerio or something.

  5. say maybe a young beautiful black cheerio or something.

    They had one last season. It appears they've gotten rid of her.

  6. Yes, he is a cutie -- abs, abs and more abs. ;)

  7. and what exactly is a "black cheerio"?

  8. The "Cheerios" are the school's cheerleading team.

  9. I had been waiting since the first episode of season one for Charise to join Glee, in my mind I was screaming 'She should totally be on here!' But I was convinced they wouldn't be giving her or any other Asian (Jenna excluded) any play. Then season two came along and it was like BAM New favorite show alert lol

  10. Right on point, as always! I was watching the show long distance with a friend who's currently in Taiwan and Harry is now officially in our Top 5. I was frustrated they only casted him as the "other Asian" during the 1st season (believe or not, during all these 20-something episodes e only had ONE freaking line). My eyes hurt from trying to follow him around during the shows... Now I see they're doing him justice. He is way too talented to only be a backdancer in Glee.

    I have to confess I can't wait for a longer make-out session...

  11. @ankhesen mie

    i don't watch "glee"... that's why i asked *^_^*

  12. @ankhesen

    lol! *^_^*

  13. Harry teaches you how to dance

    Did anyone catch yesterdays episode, he had more lines and a duet.

  14. Just finished watching the first season and loved it. What I can't figure out is why Rachel and Finn are the end all and be all of the club. Am I missing something?

    While Rachel is more or less interesting in an annoying Tracy Flick from Election kind of way...Finn...not so much. He's okay, but not extrodinary IMO. I find Mercedes, Kurt, Artie and Tina much more intriguing as characters. Not to mention, Santana and Mike (if he got any damn lines!). Hell, even Puck, is more interesting than Finn, but that's just me.

    As for the singing, Rachel has a lovely voice for certain types of songs, but Mercedes? Wow. She blew "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)" out of the water! But the club is always fearful of losing Rachel because they can't win without her? What!?!? So...am I missing something?

    And I'm glad to hear that Mike Chang is going to get more screen time and lines in Season 2. I'm looking forward to watching.

  15. @ Cinnamon

    They want to have the diversity without the equality. The gay boy is isolated and told in one not-so-subtle way after the other to hide it, repress it, or tone it down...even though Chris Colfer (Kurt) is one of the show's strongest pillars.

    Mercedes is still the only black girl in Glee Club and while I whole-heartedly dig Amber Riley, she ain't no bombshell. I get that they didn't want to pass up on a voice like that (as it clearly surpasses Rachel's...no disrespect to Lea Michele), but I don't get why they aren't working with her to turn her into a bombshell. They got plenty to work with. She's bootylicious. She's got clear, dark skin, and very African features. Shave off about 20-30 lbs (she's got just enough to spare), give her some copper-tinted cornrows, maybe a few cute golden piercings, and blouses that'll show off some cleavage, and she would be on fire.

    Santana is great; I think Naya Rivera is a beautiful, gifted actress. They need to quit tampering with her characterization, though. I don't like the bitchy/skanky edge the writers try to give her.

    Tina is fabulous; I LOVE Jenna Ushkowitz. I like how she's Gothic, I love that she's with Mike, I like how she pounced him, and I don't want her going back to Artie...even though I think he's adorable.

    Y'all already know what I think about Mike.

    *fans self*

  16. I like Finn as a character but I hate his singing voice. I rather hear Artie or Puck sing, actually any guy is better than Finn. Rachel I didn't mind her at first but must every sing story line revolve around her? Santana has a great voice, she needs more songs, so does Tina. I love Kurt and Mercedes.


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