On baby steps towards writing a blasian novel

Warning: Long-winded post about nothing much.

I wanted to share some thoughts about the blasian novel I intend to write in November. Don't worry. I won't be boring you with this prattle much longer. ;)

Ahem. When I do write, I type what I know or what I've learned through exhaustive study and now I find myself in a strange position. It's been said that Black women and Asian men have a lot in common. In my personal experiences with 6-9 Asian men (I said six last time because I hadn't included the triangles and the swimmer), this commonality rarely extended beyond hormones, pheromones and chemistry. Perhaps due to age (at the time) or a desire for more experience, nothing deep or meaningful came of any of them. Affairs were just that -- affairs. Fun, short, sweet, and sometimes satisfying. Race never came up. Culture seldom did.

This past presents two potential problems and one CHOICE for the novel.

Since I never viewed my various entanglements as strange or unusual, I was pretty much oblivious to public opinion. Most of the relationships ended just because I was nomadic. This is problematic because I perceived the relationships as NORMAL; thus, it's unlikely I can write a Black woman/Asian man's struggle in the context in which we've been discussing here. Diversity is good though, right?

Another problem stems from perception. Due to the nature of my lifestyle, I'm incapable of looking at this society through the eyes of a gaijin (foreigner). No matter what, I'm an insider now. While this will make it easier to avoid stereotypes, it also means I probably can't judge what needs to be explained in the cultural sense or to what extent and still avoid stereotypes.

I've already decided on male role model for this tale. The problem is the actress and I need some help with her. I need a black actress born between 1984 and 1988. And when I say black actress, I mean one who doesn't have a Caucasian parent or doesn't appear to have one. Four of my sisters are adamant that I give a dark-skinned young sister a fighting chance (regardless of her ethnic make-up) even if it's just on a cover of a fake book.

Earlier, I was over at the Mahogany Cafe and noticed that there are very few black actresses in this age range. So far, only Dana Davis comes to mind and she isn't any listed at MC. I don't watch enough television to know anyone else.

Any ideas?

There's nothing wrong with Dana at all. She was also my first choice. The guy's about 5'11. She's in the 5'1 range. That's quite a height difference. In this way though the Japanese guy wouldn't appear short, would he? ;)


  1. I have an actess for you but shes English. Her name is Clair-Hope Ashitey and she co-starred in Children of Men. She played Kee, the first woman to be pregnant in 20-30 years. Or how about Vanessa Lee Chester. She played Jeff Goldblum daughter in Jurasic Park Lost World. Shes all grown up.

  2. This is not boring at all! I second the Claire-Hope Ashitey nomination and was about to bring the Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) spin to things by suggesting Genevieve Nnaji but she was born 1979! I then thought of Aissa Maiga but she's a 70s baby too. Fatou N'diaye also falls out of the years you've given.

    Are you only searching for black actresses, how about black models? For models, I suggest Miriam Chemmoss and Nina Keita.

  3. "And when I say black actress, I mean one who doesn't have a Caucasian parent or doesn't appear to have one." ouch! (just kidding) *^_^*

    but seriously though, how about megan good or keke palmer?

  4. KeKe Palmer is a gorgeous young woman.

  5. It's been said that Black women and Asian men have a lot in common.

    They're talking about the ones living in the U.S.

  6. @everyone

    Ladies, thank you so much for these recommendations. All of these women are absolutely gorgeous and if I can, I'll include everyone. We have a photo of my husband surrounded by my six sisters, a grandmother, a great-aunt and other women in my family. It's adorable.


    Both Clair-Hope Ashitey and Vanessa Lee Chester are perfect!!! I now remember Clair-Hope from "Children of Men." Only the characters need to be American, not the actresses.


    Genevieve Nnaji, Aissa Maiga and Fatou Ndiaye are all absolutely gorgeous. Although they are out of the age range, I intend to have many black characters, especially women in this tale. My husband saw a black model in an Asahi Shinbun (newspaper) a few months ago and he was quite captivated. I'll check to determine if she was possibly Miriam Chemmoss or Nina Keita. Whoever she was must have been in a photoshoot with Watanabe Ken's daughter, An.


    I didn't intend to create such an "ouch" moment and it serves me right for posting at either 2 or 3 a.m. I will explain why having a black-black actress is so fundamentally important in another post.

    @Avastacia and modest-goddess

    Though I adore Keke Palmer, she's too young for the role. I'll just have to create a character for her, too.

  7. @Ankhesen

    They're talking about the ones living in the U.S.

    Yes, I know and this is why I explained the potential problems with the story above. It probably won't appeal to people who are expecting a more "traditional" blasian struggle in the American context.

  8. @Hateya

    Thanks for attempting to include all the recommendations! The photoshoot sounds lovely. I also have to ask, what do you think of Yaya da Costa and Wakeema Hollis? I think they fall within the age range.

    And it will be great to read something that deviates from the norm. I mean it doesn't always have to be about the struggle does it?

  9. It probably won't appeal to people who are expecting a more "traditional" blasian struggle in the American context.

    *contemplative* Why does there have to be a struggle?

  10. @EccentricYoruba

    Though I need to verify this with The Husband, I'm almost positive Yaya da Costa is the woman he saw in the Asahi.

    With so many gorgeous women to choose from, I don't know what to do. In another post (soon), I'll explain what else I plan to do with the completed story.

    I mean it doesn't always have to be about the struggle does it?

    Absolutely not, especially since I have no experience struggling and I'm thankful to my mothers and grandmothers for making this possible.

    *contemplative* Why does there have to be a struggle?

    There doesn't have to be a struggle, but it is the norm. People gravitate towards the negative because that's what they know and understand. I tend to have these moments of uncertainty simply because, as I've said repeatedly, I am not a fiction writer. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I lack imagination... I tend to think on a different plane. No worries. The story will be what it will be and by the time November first rolls around, I would have forgotten this incident anyway. ;D

  11. The Wiki says Yaya da Costa is American, not directly from the Mother continent, yet I'm pretty sure she's my husband's fantasy woman.

    Hmm... I'm changing the actor to represent my guy and I think they're the same height. hahahaha! Friction... friction...

  12. @Hateya

    I adore Yaya so I hope you can work something out! I also can't wait for that other post!

  13. @EccentricYoruba

    I'll try to work on a post today. My little brain isn't working well at all. Perhaps a mini-post will be good enough.


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