On baby steps towards writing a blasian novel 2

In the last dippy post, a few questions arose that need to be addressed. After awhile, everyone will get used to the disorganization of my brain. Until then, I apologize profusely for not being able to start at the beginning. Jumping 1/4th of the way in is how I function. Strangely enough, having this scattered brain makes me extremely good at my job.

Today, I'd like to explain why I desire a black-black actress to be the model for my book and what I plan to do after the novel is complete as I do not expect it to earn money. ;) Perhaps even I can manage this.

I told Eccentricyoruba this would be a mini-post. Fail! It's as long-winded as the others. :D

When I wrote, "And when I say black actress, I mean one who doesn't have a Caucasian parent or doesn't appear to have one," I gave Avastacia an ouchie and that was not my intention. My sentiment was meant to be viewed as pro-Black woman, not anti "white."

Having been born a safe brown and short (barely 5'1), I'm usually not perceived by anyone as a threat and this has benefited me greatly in this seriously screwed up world of ours. This does not mean I'm oblivious to the blatant discrimination my darker skinned sisters experience at the hands of others both within the community and within society at large.

Colorism affects the very heart of my family. There are people who flat out accuse my significantly darker mother of not being, in fact, my mother. Can you believe that crap? With the exception of my eyes, I look just like her. I'm built exactly like her (When I as 16 and flat at as a pancake, I used to despair of not having the sista-booty - thanks Mom for kicking that DNA over to me).

Therefore, when I told my family I was writing a blasian novel, four of my sisters were adamant that I feature a beautiful dark-skinned young woman. They didn't need explain why. We all know how dark-skinned women are represented on television, in movies and on book/magazine covers. Don't even get me started on the roles they're forced to undertake (no more Precious). This is wrong, wrong and wrong and I won't be a part of it. I won't perpetrate the lie that a dark-skinned black woman is inferior to a lighter-skinned one.

After I complete NaNoWriMo, National November Writing Month, I intend to spend as long as six months to two-years refining it. After I'm satisfied, it will be translated into Japanese and then I will publish them both simultaneously at my own expense (rather The Husband's). He has agreed to be the main translator and fully intends to put his name on the cover as author. ;D He's already published a book and a part of it focused on our early life here and it was well-received. It's odd meeting people for the first time and realizing that they know things about me that they'd read in his book. It still sells although we haven't seen nary a royalty since the first year.

Once the blasian book has been published, good, bad or ugly, I will write a screen play. I intend to see this book on film, somehow, someway with a gorgeous Black woman and her family standing as equals next to the Japanese/Ainu man and his. If this piece tilts towards either side, it'll tilt in her direction, not his. You all know how I feel about the neglect of the Black woman, her family, her culture and her traditions. I'll get this done even if I have to buy a better camera and learn how to be both director and crew.

Before trying to get a movie made, as I am clueless about the process, I will attempt to sell the script to the Japanese as a television drama. This is why it's so important to have friends in Japan. As a foreigner, a Black woman at that, I wouldn't be able to get my foot in the door. Without help, I'd never understand the process either. The Gods have been good to me. They not only gave me a new friend, they gave me one with connections and she's gung ho about getting the story out there.

If either the film or drama comes to fruition, I will demand that the actress and actor that I choose to be the models for the cover be given these roles. I hope Uncle Johnny won't charge me both arms and legs for the use of one of his "junior" guys although said cutie currently has the number one movie in the country because he's kick-ass awesome despite that fact that he's dorky, goofy, random and isn't six feet. In addition to being a cutie, he's from Hokkaido and the Ainu hub (I have pictures - need to write a relevant post).


  1. Thanks so much for elaborating and telling us your reasons! I enjoy your long-winded posts! Your reasons are completely valid, yes there are not enough representations of dark-skinned women in the media and who else to challenge this status quo but black women?

    I'm so thrilled by the prospect of your book being made into a J-drama! I really hope this plan reaches fruition. Lol and I hope Uncle Johnny is cool too and lets you use a 'junior'. He is a cutie though I don't know his name...

  2. i would also like to thank you for explaining why you wanted a "dark-skinned" "black" woman. i'm a so-called "light-skinned" woman myself, which explains the now infamous "ouch" moment(lol). also, i hope you plan on somehow showing people over there that "black" people come in many different shades of brown *^_^*

    ... as for johnny's "juniors", jun matsumoto is my personal favorite 'cause he's such a cutie *^_^* just my two cents (more like five), lol!

    *can anyone show/tell me how i can get a blog account like everyone else?

  3. Claps for Hateya! Yay! I am so very excited for you and I hope all your plans come to fruition. Your posts always make me snicker because sometimes, the quickest route btwn (2) points is NOT a straight line.

    Keep being you Hateya!

  4. Go Hateya!!! I wish you the best of luck and I hope your plans come true, especially the J-Drama. There definitely needs to be more Beautiful Dark Skinned Blasian love here and in Japan :) Good luck :DDD

  5. @EccentricYoruba

    Thank you for being so supportive, although you probably shouldn't encourage me to ramble. ;) I like this: who else to challenge this status quo but black women? Amen to that. All plans begin with a dream and I'm going to work towards that goal. If the book sells, then we'll have options.

    I'll introduce you to Mr. Dorky/Goofy/Intense a bit later after someone else has posted.

    Don't worry. The Japanese already know that black people come in different shades of brown and they don't care one way or another. There are only two kinds of people here: Japanese and gainjin (foreigners/non-Japanese). There's no in-between.

    The use of a dark-skinned actress in a positive and uplifting role is for the benefit of OUR people. I'm thrilled to be in angst over which of the lovely ladies recommended to use as the model. I'll probably cop out and allow the husband to decide, especially since I rejected the male lead he proposed. ;)

    You're not alone. MatsuJun is a favorite among many women.

  6. @Lenoxave
    Keep being you Hateya!

    Thanks! If I could find a straight line, I probably wouldn't be able to walk it. :D I'm going to work very hard to try to make this plan come to fruition. It'll probably be one of the toughest things I've ever done...beyond childbirth.

    There definitely needs to be more Beautiful Dark Skinned Blasian love here and in Japan

    Thank you. I'm not discriminating against light-skinned women. All Black women, regardless of skin color/hue deserve a chance at happiness with the man of her choosing.

    It's curious. I've never seen a Japanese man with a light-skinned black woman either on television or in real life. In this country, being Black isn't the same as being Burakumin/eta/outcasts. That is reserved for their minorities: Ainu, Ryukyuans, and Koreans (which is dumb because if one doesn't belong to the two former groups, one is ethnically Korean).

  7. @hateya

    i've always wondered why the so-called "ethnic" japanese treat the ainu and ryukyuans in such a way. i just don't understand it; japan is just as much their homeland as well, right? and as for the koreans, they've been in japan for so long at this point that you'd think they'd be integrated into japanese society by now... although i don't agree with the fact that "ethnic" koreans shouldn't have to change their names in order to vote, get jobs, or to get respect in general. *shakes head* i guess bigotry really is universal...

    it would be really cool if you made a post about it; its so interesting. could you talk about the japanese-brazilians (or is it brazilian-japanese{?}) as well? *^_^*

  8. "...although i don't agree with the fact that "ethnic" koreans shouldn't have to change their names in order to vote, get jobs, or to get respect in general."

    *i meant to say SHOULD not SHOULDN'T... sorry for the typo *^_^*

  9. @Avastacia
    i guess bigotry really is universal

    Yes, it is and we must never forget this no matter where we live on this planet.

    Typos happen, so don't worry about it.

    The issue with the "ethnic" Koreans is complicated. All Japanese citizens must have Japanese surnames and other legal documentation that the "ethnic" Koreans do not possess because they are not, in fact, citizens of Japan. They remain citizens of North or South Korean by choice. While other foreign nationals beg for citizenship, certain communities of Koreans refuse it on a regular basis. Some parliament/Diet members are pushing to give permanent residents the legal right to vote, as that is the status of the "ethnic" Koreans. This would also give me the right to vote. I can also legally work and so can the Koreans. It's up to employers though to decide who they'll hire. Koreans do not act or think like Japanese do and for Japanese this is troublesome and the gods know these people want to live as uncomplicated as possible. Of course, this also means that things here are NEVER simple. There are always layers upon layers of complications and even some Japanese people can't handle it and that's why the suicide rate is so high.

    In Japanese baseball, players are allowed to put whatever name they wish on their jersey "collars" and one player proudly wears his Korean name on his shirt. No one says anything. His name is Hichori Morimoto. It's 森本 稀哲 in Japanese; 이희철 in Korean and 李稀哲 in Hanja (Korean with Chinese characters). I don't know if he personally chose the citizenship or his parents did, but he's proud of who he is.

    Brazilian-Japanese/Japanese-Brazilians are probably in the same situation. Marcus Túlio Lyuji Murzani Tanaka was born in Brazil to a Japanese father and a Brazilian mother. He has Japanese citizenship and plays for Japan's national soccer team.

    What's important to understand here is that Japanese-ness is not a racial category. There is no such thing as a Japanese race. In fact, most of them (due to the ethnic diversity) cannot distinguish themselves visually from other Asians. Technically, anyone allowed to become Japanese will be granted all the privileges said person's rank entitles them to; however, it also means that said person needs to follow the rules that govern society and that's tricky as hell because this is something ingrained in Japanese people. I plan to address these things in my book because it's best to show rather than tell how life works here. It's too complicated to discuss in general, but I'll try to answer your specific questions if I can.

    Yikes! I need to go to work. **cries** I don't want to go back, but it's October 1st and I have no choice.

  10. I just discovered this blog yesterday completely by accident, and I'm glad I did! I've spent hours reading your post. I just felt like after reading so many of your posts, I really needed to post something. I applaud everyone who takes part in this blog. I really enjoy reading it. And um...I don't really know how to end this post. Just think of something amazing and pretend I said it ^_^

  11. @Hateya

    You're always welcome! I love your determination, I think reading your posts here is beginning to have a positive effect on my own dreams and goals.

    I'll be waiting for that introduction!


    It depends on what kind of blog you want to set up. When you decide whether you want a blogspot or a wordpress or a dreamwidth or a livejournal or a tumblr, setting up your blog is going to be relatively easy.

  12. Welcome The Girl in Question.

    This is Ankhesen's house. She laid the foundation and I'm basically a squatter. You must have been so exhausted reading all of those posts. I'm impressed.

    I think reading your posts here is beginning to have a positive effect on my own dreams and goals.

    This is one of the primary reasons why I post. In reality, I'm not a particularly pretty girl (except to The Husband) or a particularly smart one, yet I see my dreams through to the end. Once I finally decide on something, I never allow anyone or anything to stand in my way. This book and movie, and/or drama isn't just something I want for myself, but something I want for all of you and my blood sisters as well. Though I'll never be the best writer or best dreamer, I do have the resources. This project is me taking a stand... Finally!

    The introduction to the hottie and a decision about the actress will come when someone else gets a word in here. I'd feel weird about having consecutive posts. How The Husband arrived at the actress was intriguing. Now there's a conflict between the best actress overall and the one that would appeal to the Japanese media the most. Wow! What a conflict!!!


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