Quick Announcement

I recently sent invitations to two male writers to join the Narrative, and they accepted.  One is blogger MaSir Jones, and the other is writer Kai Chang, whom some of you may have read on Abagond.

Both were invited because they fit the three main criteria: Asian, male, and good writers.  MaSir has razor wit, stays up to date to current events, and pays keen attention to race issues in America.  Kai's writing is sheer brilliance; he is filled with historical knowledge and understanding, possesses a pan-POC worldview, and has the written voice of a true storyteller.

Kai accepted his invitation only very recently, but MaSir accepted sometime ago.  Be friendly; read their work wherever and whenever you can and then encourage them to scribble.  MaSir can be reached on his blog, of course; and Kai can be reached here.  Pertinent contact only, please!

In either case, extend a warm welcome to these gents, and help them not be shy.


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