Rain and Black Female Dancers, "Best Cookie of the Year"

Remember way back when -- probably not that far back -- when their was a bit of a discussion about Blasian couples and Rain.

Watch this video of his concert.

I will quote Stephe loosely "He wouldn't mind some coffee in his cream."


  1. Lawd...have...mercy!!! Why aren't there more comments on here? Rain "makes out" with a black woman on stage and ain't nobody holla?

    And he chose the chocolatey one for that y'all...that was some dark bootylicious chocolate he picked for himself right there. Did y'all hear the crowd go off?????!!!!????

    Why isn't Hateya's head exploding all over this post? Weren't we robbed of this in Ninja Assassin? Where are Cinnamon, Bcbgrl33, Cinnamon, EccentricYoruba, Cinnamon, and my girl LENOXAVE to drop their jaws all over this ish?

    *raises eyebrows*

    Or are you ladies just sitting at your desk gawkin' and blinkin' and disbelievin' your eyeballs?

    Better holla!

    PS - DN...you get my Best Cookie Ever Award.

  2. @Anhk

    Thank you :D. I was wondering what you would think of it. I'm surprised nobody said anything either. Lets give them a bit of time for it to sink in...

  3. De-lurking just to say, HOLLA! I really wish I had something even vaguely more profound to say in my first comment. But honestly, I'm going to need a moment (or three).


  4. Daaaaaaamn. This was in 2007?! It really wasn't no coincidence that he starred opposite a black woman in his first lead role in a Western flick. And I notice no women of the Caucasian variety. ;]

    -sigh- Oh Rain....I love the sly little 'Watch me work my magic' eyebrow jiggle before they make out. And he goes from dripping wet sex God to uber adorable guy next door like *that*.

  5. What up Ankh! Hey Ladies! I saw this about a month or so back and just savored it selfishly. LMAO!

    That crew he had for his int'l tour (2 sistas and 2 asian sista girls) were fly as hell. Loved them all.

  6. Amen, Alicia - HOLLA!

    The rest of y'all - where's yo' Holla???

    DN - you did good. You will never understand just how good you did. You did a wonderful, wonderful thing for us today. Mark this ish on your calendars, y'all.

    If ye harken back to our crazy days in the Addicts' Circle, you will recall the #1 question: why did Rain pick a black love interest when he could have had an-y-one - remember that? I mean, we had "theories" and ish...we'd seen "signs"....

    This makes me all the more pissed that we got robbed, 'cause we was robbed y'all. Imagine what he would have been willing to do in Ninja Assassin if those selfish shitheads had simply written it in.

  7. @Ankh

    "Imagine what he would have been willing to do in Ninja Assassin if those selfish shitheads had simply written it in."

    What he would have been willing to do? I'm sure he would have sacrificed his precious body and done what would have made us all very happy. He's kind like that.

    Lol. He woulda come in to the set beaming that day! Just ready to work.


  8. @Ankh

    My first blog award! Sweet! Thanks!

    Should we add this to cookies too?

  9. OMG OMG He sure was happily following that black girl around the stage wasn't he AND he kissed her? Oh hell yes. You rock DN :DDDDD

  10. holla! it took a whole day for this to sink in...now i can finally pick my jaw from the floor. that was amazing. i liked Rain chasing the cute black girl across the stage and then 'making out' with her n.n

  11. @Ankhesen

    Did you say something? I can't hear nuthin'. His Unbearable Sexiness is unbearable! I can't chat. ;)

    All hail to DN - bonsai, bonasai, bonsai!!!

    Seriously, I was offline until now. I want my Ninja Assassin gratuitous sex scene right here... this damned second!!! Who in the hell ever heard of a blood and gore fest without bumping and grinding? I'll say it again - that. shit.does.not.compute!

    I've shown our movie (when we've managed to get past "Training Rain") to nearly a dozen local women and they've all wondered the same. They were expecting Mika and Raizo to get it on. Even if it doesn't often happen in home grown productions, it was expected in a Hollywood flick. **jump off a bridge, J.S.**

    Kudos to the bootylicious sister...for her self-restraint because if Rain had been that close to me, he'd wouldn't have been seen again in 2007.

  12. @ DN

    Added it.

    @ Lenoxave

    You did whaaaaaaaat?????

  13. 0_o Wait what? Rain makes out with a black woman? You should have put that in the post title! Now I'm at work and I can't watch till later.


  14. A little off topic, but I would be interested in seeing Rain work w/a Black Female director.

    I'm thinking of what Kasi Lemons
    could do with him. Truth be told, I find his acting more interesting that his music.

    I want to watch him and the rest of the cast in the "Fugitive" aka "Plan B" (K Drama)@ the end of the month.

  15. @ankhesen mie

    my computer won't play the vid *sighs in frustration*... so tell me: did the crowd go off in a good way or in a bad way?

  16. @ Ankh - Hangs head in shame. What had happened was...I'd seen it and then got distracted by life and stuff. LOL

    I don't know what to say about Ole Joel Silver. He seems to like the pairing (theoretically), but doesn't know what to do with actual humans.

    There are times when I wish I ran a studio. I'd be blowing people's minds w/the stuff I'd try and make happen.

    Twirls Mustache...

  17. My, my, my. There goes the theory that there was no romance in NA because he didn't want to upset his fans. Good to know that he doesn't subscribe to that dumb BS.

    I liked the fact that there was no equivocation there...we didn't have to try to "guess" what she was (cause you know the minute you can start playing the guessing game, some white folks start trying to "better" a black person's ethnicity with a quickness). And him choosing her in particular was so in your face as her beautiful, dark-brown skin isn't what the status quo deems an "acceptable" hue in the Western standard of beauty. I commend the fact that he obviously doesn't give two damns about what people think. Of course, he might have done it for a much simpler reason, but either way, it was a bold choice and I applaud it.

    I also think it's a trip--and very telling--that there are absolutely zero, zip, zilch, NO comments on YouTube for this video. None. Not. A. One. YouTube people always comment on videos. Esp. Rain's videos. What's up with that?

  18. This makes me all the more pissed that we got robbed, 'cause we was robbed y'all. Imagine what he would have been willing to do in Ninja Assassin if those selfish shitheads had simply written it in.

    *nods vigorously* Yup.

  19. "He woulda come in to the set beaming that day! Just ready to work. "

    bright and early

  20. @DN
    Definitely wouldn't mind.

    Never know...he may already have.

  21. 20 comments and counting...now that's more like it.

    Btw - stats show this post's had 109 views today. Go, DN!!!

  22. Ah...feel the love. It seems Rain was voted one of the "Worst Idols" of the past 10 years by South Korean Music critics.

    Specific emphasis was placed on "overexposure" (ironic coming from an industry that plasters its "idols" all over every damn show known to man)and his "world star" status.

    I guess being a Grown Man who thinks independently, is ambitious and has a global perspective, brings out the hate. Small minds exist everywhere.

    Check out the article here...

    Best and Worst Idols

  23. @cinnamon, there were 2 comments on youtube the last time i checked (which was a few minutes ago). i get the feeling that the world is not ready for Blasian action. i mean if the woman Rain had chosen to make out with was of another race then you could imagine the reaction; the video would have been pasted all over the internets. this video is from 2007 and i'm still amazed that i'm just seeing it now.

    @Lenoxave, how on earth could anyone put Rain on the worst list and SNSD on the best list. granted i'm no fan of SNSD (why isn't 2NE1 on the best list) but how on earth could they claim that Rain is overexposing himself? haters! i like that Rain does what he wants to do, this blog has given me a totally new perspective on Rain.

    i'm spreading this video across the web, it is never too late to raise awareness. i know several Black female fans of Rain who will be extremely pleased to see this.

  24. @EY - I thought "The Worst" was harsh as well. He is one of the best performers in the KPop Game. Hands down. That alone is an incredible gift to the genre. He's raised the bar very high.

    The resentment seems to come from those in his own backyard who are mad, ironically enough, that he won't "stay in his lane". He dreams too big for some people's comfort level. It becomes "arrogance" and it's "all about his body."

    If KPop was about sheer talent, 99.9% of those who are successful would be out of business. It's about looks and catchy music. Period. That he could be faulted for selling sex in an industry that promotes it 24/7 is absolute bullshite.

    He is not above reproach or critique because looks fade over time and it becomes not so cute once you hit your 30's.

    The reasoning is just hypocritical as hell. It will be interesting to see what he does musically when he returns from the army and hits the big 3-0.

  25. @eccentricyoruba
    i mean if the woman Rain had chosen to make out with was of another race then you could imagine the reaction; the video would have been pasted all over the internets.

    Totally agree. I've seen pages and pages of YouTube comments on plenty of Rain's other videos where people go back and forth about whether or not he's attracted to black women. They go on and on about how Koreans don't care for blacks, yadda, yadda, yadda, negating and/or ignoring every comment that doesn't fit into their preconceived opinion.

    Then along comes this particular video, and there are only two comments (which only appeared with the past couple of days at that)? Very telling indeed.

  26. @eccentricyoruba

    Just popped over to YouTube to read the comments and at least they acknowledged what they saw. I'm still tripping that there aren't more comments. It's like some people felt like their worst fears were confirmed and they don't quite know how to react.

  27. Ha ha.

    I don't really have much more to say. Rain is destined for great things; I foresee more films and less music in his future. May he soldier on.

    And the world may not "be ready" for Blasian love, but it's happening regardless, and it's not going anywhere. With more and more black women realizing they're not stuck in the USA, there's no stopping it.

  28. @Cinnamon
    plenty of Rain's other videos where people go back and forth about whether or not he's attracted to black women.

    I think these twits are missing the real point when it comes to the relationship between men and women. Rain is a red-blooded heterosexual male; therefore, it's only logical that he is attracted to women and he has a type and race is irrelevant. Rain is also a privileged man in his society and he is not required to care about what people think of his choice of mate, regardless of her skin color. This is common sense.


    Those lists are so bogus for all the reasons you've written. I sincerely hope Rain will have a successful comeback when he returns in two years. As we've clearly seen, he's already out-grown Korea. The man belongs to the world.

    Give me a heads up when his drama airs and I'll nap it from the net. It will probably air here at some point because I've heard that an iconic, if whacky, Japanese actor will also be a member of the cast.

  29. @ Hateya - I will def let you know about the drama when it airs. Yeah, dude has outgrown S. Korea and some appear to be threatened by it. Oh well. And the beat goes on...

  30. @Lenoxave

    Jealousy is an ugly emotion, isn't it? They should let him be. If he's overexposed, let us, the paying fans make that decision.

  31. @Lenoxave, we also can't ignore the fact that several international fans of K-pop were actually introduced to the genre by Rain. if i had never watched that Rain vs Stephen Colbert video years ago i may not have found K-pop.

    @cinnamon, i love the way people on the internets like to attempt bringing black women down and then clam up when their argument gets refuted. i recall this video i saw a few months ago in which this white girl was going crazy because this Japanese baseballer had touched her accidently during the game. people were calling her reaction 'cute' and what not because it was obvious the girl had a crush or something on the dude. while i admit her reaction brought a smile to my face, i couldn't help but wonder what would have been the reaction if the girl was black.

    @Ankh, the Blasian movement will move on and keep moving on despite what the rest of the world thinks ^^

  32. @Lenoxave
    Yeah, dude has outgrown S. Korea and some appear to be threatened by it.

    Hmmm...this "Worst" thing sounds suspiciously like Crabs-In-a-Barrel Syndrome to me. You'd think they'd be proud that he's broken out. Whenever I've seen him having a serious conversation about his accomplishments (not that clap-trap I had to suffer through to write my piece), it's always about how they're just as good for Korea as they are for himself. *smh* Some people will never be pleased no matter what you do.

    It becomes "arrogance"

    We even throw the racially-charged A-word at our own. Sad.

    and it's "all about his body."

    And to that I say, "Why shouldn't it be?" It's his body...his "product" so to speak. Why shouldn't he market it to the best of his ability? Taeyang does it, and I'm sure plenty of others do to.

    I'm sorry, this still gets me no matter who writes this stuff. When white men do the exact same thing, it's all about how hard working they are, how talented they are, and how great they are at marketing themselves. When a POC does it (Beyonce, Rain, etc.), they're overexposed, arrogant and won't stay in their place. It sickens me that other POC aid and abet this racially-tinged meme.

    To me, it's another form of the Asian man not staying in his place. The sad thing about this is that it's coming from his own.

  33. @eccentricyoruba
    we also can't ignore the fact that several international fans of K-pop were actually introduced to the genre by Rain.

    I know I was. And through my introduction, I've happily introduced a whole lot of other people who'd never heard of it either and are better for it.

    i love the way people on the internets like to attempt bringing black women down and then clam up when their argument gets refuted.

    Yup...they've suddenly got nothing to say. They love writing dissertations on why someone couldn't possibly want a black woman, and they when they get proven wrong, they disappear like smoke.

    I think what particularly got these people is that Rain obviously chose this woman. It's his show, he's the star and its hard to believe that he didn't have the final say on every aspect of the final outcome. The fact that he chose a black woman over anyone else rankles them to no end. Like Ankh's "Shattered Pedestal" piece on her blog, WW can't stand when we're a man's first choice (especially over them). It's so antithetical to everything they've been taught, that they either don't say anything at all or their inner bigot gets exposed when they say something stupid and racist.

    (If you haven't read "Shattered Pedestal", I suggest that you hop on over to Ankh's blog and prepare to throw up in your mouth a little bit - http://www.ankhesen-mie.net/2010/06/draptoresponsia-case-study-12-shattered.html)

  34. WHOA! I went to find J.Tune today and the comment count jumped.

  35. @lenoxave

    he's goning into the army?! OMG i so didn't know that! -_-"

  36. One of those youtube comments is from me. :-)

    RE: most hated by critics list

    like I side on Omona: haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potato

    They are complaining that he is over hyped but he has never once referred to himself as a "world star" Korean's who interview him say he is a world star. If they think he is overexposed they need to stop buying his music and watching his dramas. That simple. He works really hard and has one of the best stage presences that I have ever seen. Given the lack of talent and bad performances rampant in Kpop you'd think they'd give him some credit for putting on a good show. /stan

  37. I've seen documentaries that show Rain preparing for concerts. He is very much in control of every single thing that happens on that stage. A total perfectionist. So yes he had a role in casting the dancers for his tour and I'm sure he chose which girls he wanted to dance with or interact with him for each song. Reminds me of the '11 days' performance where the thicker Korean women were the ones dancing with him. The man knows what he likes and goes for it.

  38. @eccentricyoruba
    i couldn't help but wonder what would have been the reaction if the girl was black.

    If she'd been black, I can't imagine that everyone would've thought it was "cute." They would've probably said that she'd overreacted and that she was being pushy and loud. And of course that she was wasting her time because the Japanese guy would never be attracted to her for various and sundry reasons, the #1 reason being her blackness. *smh*

  39. Pre-warning for long-winded comment. :)

    I just saw this little snippit from an article on the allkpop website from 2008:

    Rain is currently filming his role for Ninja Assassin in Berlin, Germany. There have been reports from people who were on set that he recently had a kissing scene with actress Naomie Harris.

    Hmmm...anyone else hear about a kissing scene? If this is true and it was taken out...@#$%!@!!!!

    And the I'm-trying-my-hardest-not-to-look-racist-but-I-really-am comment award goes to:

    I agree about the interracial romance being edited out I’m sure if there are any kissing scenes with Naomie, they’ll edit it out because they don’t want to offend Asian audiences, with whom this movie will make the most money and having him suck face with a Black woman or show romantic feelings toward a Black woman of all people will be a HUGE offense to most Asians. Can you imagine folk seeing that in China, Korea, Japan? They’ll freak to the max! (hell some might even think that black still rubs off on your skin if you touch them, lol)

    To other races, it won’t matter, cause it’ll be two minorities in their eyes, no big deal, but I can easily see Asians having a fit and e-bonfires, e-strokes on forums, trying to find Naomie’s email/phone number to harrass her (heck that’s done to their own stars over lil piddly stuff they don’t like, driving some to suicide.) over seeing their idol with someone they consider beneath them because of dark skin. (I can hear the whining fonts of WHYYYYYY?????!! SHE’S SO DARRRKKKK!’ DARK=UGLY, EEWWW!!! now, lol) For her own safety and piece of mind from some rabid ‘netizens’ (hate that word) the romance/interest needs to be edited out. Or just change her to a white girl and leave the romance part in, that way it won’t be so offensive (or offensive at all) because of the white skin and a lot of Asians buy into that as the epitome of beauty.

    See how she did that? Everyone else is racist, so there should be no "interracial" kissing scene. And wouldn't it make more sense for Mika to be changed to an Asian woman to beat back the supposed Asian racists? But nope...it had to be a white woman for it to work properly.

    *smh* These people are so damn transparent.

  40. Considering the play we get here. I know they don't consider black = ewww. Stupid cow.

  41. @Anhkesen

    And the world may not "be ready" for Blasian love, but it's happening regardless,

    And it's been going on for GENERATIONS.

    and it's not going anywhere. With more and more black women realizing they're not stuck in the USA, there's no stopping it.

    This is a terribly bad conundrum. There is another side to this problem. While some of us are open to relationships with Asian men, a majority of well-educated black American women still jump on the "white" man bandwagon as soon as she can, especially here in Asian. Sadly, most blasian kids running around here were donated by our soldiers; however, if the mother is Black, especially African, there is a MARRIAGE involved.

    The hell with the naysayers.


    I've been touched by baseball and basketball players and it didn't take long for them to realize just how lucky they were to get my attention. ;) Seriously, people need to step the fuck off. Yes, there are fools here in Asia who need to be killed, but these societies as a whole are not anti-black women. That's bullshit. Whereas individual families might sprout shit when a relative of theirs is involved, others won't. Why should they? It isn't their business.

    Hyphenated Asian Americans suffer from a lack of numbers; therefore, they are pressured to marry within their own groups for the sole purpose of retaining their identities. This is normal when a population is low. It isn't the same in Asia and somehow I suspect that an Asian-American man would tell his family to take a flying leap, too, if he loved a black woman and they had issues with it.

    Even in Flashforward, Dmetri didn't actually care that his parents had problems with Zoey because he'd already made his decision and this is how a grown man lives his life. It was Zoey who wanted to be close to her in-laws.

    I'm looking forward to feeding Rain more in the future. If he can't get back into the Korean fold, he can skip across the sea. We'll take him and his Hot Body!

  42. ...we also can't ignore the fact that several international fans of K-pop were actually introduced to the genre by Rain.

    Like Moi. I don't think I would've gotten into the K-Pop scene without him.

    *shivers* Just think about it. A life with no Big Bang, no Gummy, no MBLAQ, no 2PM, no Yoon Mi Rae, no TigerJK...and no Rain!!!

    *shivers again*

  43. @ Lenoxave

    Thanks for the teaser. Really digging the femme fatale with the knife.

    Never get tired of chicks like that.

  44. @cinnamon

    thanks for the link to Ankh's 'Shattered Pedestal' post! goodness, there are some really sick people in this world. and i went to see Ninja Assassin expecting a kiss scene! i'd read about it beforehand. and really why is someone who is most likely not Asian telling us that Asians are racists and the kissing scene would put them off? i believe that movie was made for Hollywood, i have no idea how well it did elsewhere but really...and the worst thing is that someone would read comments like that and actually believe that nonsense. glad we have people like DN who spread the truth ^.^


    a life without K-pop is really no life at all...


    can't wait for The Fugitive!

  45. I was introduced to K-pop through Rain and his role in Ninja Assassin. I don't listen to the radio (mostly country stations in my small town) so I find all my new music online.

  46. This has got to be the BEST thread I have read anywhere ALL YEAR LONG.

    *applause, applause*

    Freakin' epic!

  47. Love it! Great to see he's showing love to sistas, because, seriously, sistas LOVE this guy! I wonder if he has any idea??

  48. Oh...he knows.

    Welcome. Your name is too cute.

  49. I've been stalking this blog for so long without posting but *drool*. I'm glad that (when he is with a black woman) it isn't one that can "pass" as being a tanned white woman all of the time - there's nothing wrong with it but sometimes you just get tired of it.

  50. @ AikoVenus

    Welcome! Keep commenting!

    I'm glad that (when he is with a black woman) it isn't one that can "pass" as being a tanned white woman all of the time - there's nothing wrong with it but sometimes you just get tired of it.

    Ooooh, girl...who you tellin'? *nods* Co-sign all the way.

  51. Um,um.um. Bi looks mighty fine in those clips. I wish that it would have been me instead of that dancer.

    The one quality that I love about him is his diverse mind. So what if he kissed one of his Black dancers? What is wrong with that? Ok, Korea is a homogeneous country. I understand culture,but I will never understand racial prejudice. I have no room for room for it.
    We may not truly know Bi preferences in women, but I just find it ironic that the first woman he kissed on stage was the Black dancer. Just like one poster said, he could have gotten one of his Asian dancers,but he chose HER! It was like he was giving us subtle clues into the type of women he likes.

    The poster from the ALLPOP site surely is behind time.I don't know about Korea,but in the USA, England and/or Canada, the people are more inclined to liking darker skin. I love a big range of colors Just being focused on one thing all of the time is enough to bore me into a deep coma.I love variety and love men from all racial backgrounds.

    Robert DeNiro is an example of an actor who has loved Black women since we can remember. Hew liked them all: Pretty/not so pretty, light skinned dark skin, famous/not so famous..he still loved them. He once tried Uma Thurman,but it didn't work out. (As a matter of fact, there was a rumor that he was upset at the person who set him up on a date with her because he said that he wasn't into White women). Notice how his career hasn't been affected by it.Nobody bothers him about his IR involvements of Black women.There are many like him and they are doing just fine.

    Bi is a brilliant entertainer and if he keeps it up, he will be the king of the world. If I could give him some words of advice, I would tell him stay true to his heart. If you like Black women and/ or if want to include them in your work, do it. Critics like those who gave him that scathing reviews about him or that racist woman in the post are career killers.Listening to people like them will hurt him like John Mayer.

  52. Damn, Anonymous; well said.

    Leave a name so we can give credit where it's due.

  53. O_O aww I can't see the clip anymore. It seems as if it's been taken down from Youtube. Help...anyone?

  54. I can't believe the videos for these are gone.

    *tears out hair*

  55. Is there another way to see the video's since they were taken down?

  56. @ class of 13

    $64,000 question. If we find them, we will upload them directly to this site and avoid YouTube politics altogether.

  57. After an hour of diligently searching i found it!!!! ^_^ and the rest of the tour too!


  58. Oh and he has twisties on both sides of his head if you look closey. :D

  59. YAAAAY!
    @ class of 13, you certainly deserve a statue in your honor!
    i'm sooo late w/ "the blasian narrative" that i'm playing catch-up so i'm just now coming across this post. and when i came the videos were no longer viewable.

  60. @Qu33n lol thanks! i was late too! that was what drove me to find the video

  61. Wow, I'm just happy.... about it lol I wonder how this got lost in the wed file when AMBW exploded/

  62. Hiya, 'Rainsters (sista's 4 Rain)!'

    I truly appreciate the effort in showing him kissing one of us circa 2007, but as always, the actual LIVE 'evidence' has gone missing! I even checked the digibox.ws, and that footage has also mysteriously VANISHED! Now, via YT, I have found some of that concert in Tokyo, and I counted TWO sista's! There's loads of 'random' video, so if anyone remembers the actual song that he and that bloody GORGEOUS chocolate beauty were groovin' to, I will love ya for life!!! I'll be a part of this blog from now on, so please place the answer in this section. I'll be back to check periodically.
    Thank you, ladies!


    I have just relocated THE 'RAINY' GRAIL! It's still on yt.com under 'eyeOrain' channel. Look for the song, 'Familiar Face.' I found it by typing in: BI RAIN TOKYO 2007 and saw this persons url and sorted through her vid. file. Lo and behold, there it still is! PRAISE 'EM!!!

    Okay, I (before sleeping/been up ALL night searching for this,,, had to see for myself)had a minute to jog back here (to [this] site) and tell y'all about it, so you can at least notify the 'others' where/how to find it. BUT I wouldn't re-load the video on this site, for fear of it being removed,,, AGAIN! For now, it remains OUR very hidden TREASURE, and let's keep it that way, shall we? ;)


  64. Thanks SO MUCH for finding this video, omg it made my DAY for real! Rain was throwing so much heat her way!

    What a shock (eye roll) that people tried to destroy the evidence. I have seen this happen to other stars I've liked when they showed a modicum of attention to a black woman- the haters go to extremes to bury it.

    Really, it's laughable how hard people try to convince black women that NOBODY wants us... why are they just that threatened? If we really were ugly and gross etc then they wouldn't need to go all out to try and c-block!

    Watching this vid made me want to go and work out, lol! I will go and do just that.

    Thanks again for this vid, tardy though I may be, and I LOVE the Blasian Narrative!!!!

  65. Wow, I have never seen this video,was just internet browsing and came across it. I am a new fan of Rain's, having not known him until the Ninja Assassin movie came out and there's just something about him. Before that film I had never known much about Korea but since I started to learn about the culture and who he is I have since become interested in Asian men, Koreans in particular. In fact, I've been dating a Korean man for about 4 months now. If it weren't for Rain I would have never known that it was okay for a black woman or any non Asian woman to be attracted to Asian men in the first place.

    I'm sure plenty of people would have loved to see Naomi and Rain's characters be a little more personal but that's just Hollywood. Some say it was because of his main fan base, some say it was too risky but everyone agreed that they could've at least shared some on screen lip action, lol.

    I surely wish more black women who like Rain could see this video...they will surely be happy, thanks for posting and sharing! :)

    Sorry just saw that do not post anonymous note at the bottom!

  66. Loving the "watch me now" eyebrow part~!

  67. well i cant see any video but if its as good as everybody has said pleaseeee help a rain fan out and let me see that video.

    1. watch?v=-DNsg3qn-0E enter this on yt!! enjoy

  68. He is not really kissing her. In fact, I don`t think that I have ever seen a clip of him in a live concert where he is actually kissing one of the dancers black, asian, caucasian, latin etc... It is only ever made to LOOK LIKE! Sorry everyone and I am a black female. Just keepin` it real.

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQrgIU4n3NY


    1. Wow I'm late in the conversation (lots of good stuff was said) but I'll comment anyway, first I should say thank you Lana22 for finding this video :) the scene was cute. Makes me want to see the whole tour, I've only listened to 2 albums. I remember back in 2006 how surprised I was to read my Time magazine (I was a subscriber) and finding an article about a Korean singer. At that time I only was into J-music but I definetly checked him out after that. And. His. MV. I'm Coming. Oh my. I'll never forget that day.