The Wordsmiths

These are just some wordsmiths I've been diggin'.  Their art and humor is phenomenal.  Some of the names will be recognizable.  Others...maybe not.

Comedian Sheng Wang is a Taiwanese Texan currently based in the Bay Area, and he's hilarious.  He's an observational humorist by trade and his laidback, smooth delivery makes his jokes all the more amusing.  I stumbled across him while watching some new KT Tatara vids.  After that I started "pulling a Rain", in which one video turned into a hungry scouring of YouTube, and ultimately, the worldwide web.

From his MySpace: "i use humor and laughter to overcome tribulations of the heart and liver. i don't have many friends, but i got people i tend to eat food with. once i ordered fourteen dollars worth of taco bell and spared one lonely taco. i didn't even have the munchies. unlike the time i ate a "brownie" during a road trip and my friend who was behind the wheel had a non-violent seizure. meaning, he was suddenly unconscious and unable to drive, but somehow managed to keep his big unconscious foot on the gas. pot makes near death experiences feel nearer."  Sheng is 30 years old, and as far as research shows, currently unattached.

There's nothing quite like watching infamous Chinese-Filipino American slam poet Beau Sia go off on one of his clever rants about race, society, artistic pretentiousness, and the emasculation of Asian men.  Born in 1976 in Ohio, Beau was raised in Oklahoma City, so his destiny to become an outside-the-box artist was pretty much established from the get-go.  A satirist at heart, Beau enjoys reducing others people's useless work into ash, and does so exceptionally.  He's been fairly successful at what he does, appearing in films, on TV, in music videos, and in competitions (is a twice-National champion).  One his most famous and loved works, ironically, is entitled "Love".  Here's the beginning:

I think love is the most beautiful thing
in the world,
and I don't give a fuck,
because I have no original ideas.

I'm a pathetic man
whose goal is to read poetry
in order
to get women
to fall in love with him,
and you'd think I was reprimanding myself
and revealing my horrible dark side
by saying that,
but I was really saying
"women who hear this, fall in love with me, or else,"
because that's what it comes down to --
an ultimatum,
life or death,
and sure, maybe I'm being extreme,
but you walk around and tell me
that things aren't extreme,
I've seen a man jack off to a gap window display,
so don't tell me that love isn't important....

As far as I can tell, Beau Sia is also currently unattached (I may be wrong).

Now...I'm a big fan of Danny Cho (you should know him well).  I call him my "Big Daddy"; he just rubs me that way.  I think it's his low, almost husky voice; it's very smooth, very chill.  Be careful watching his vids 'cause dude is funny.  He'll have your sides splitting in every video.  And he's devout; he wants to be a stand-up comedian.  He wouldn't mind being in films and such for promotion, but he wants to be a comedian for a living, and it shows in his style, both speaking and writing.  He's so comfortable on stage, so incredibly cool and so full of swag.  He's so remarkable to watch it's hard to believe he's only been doing this for 10 years (he started after graduating high school).

Danny wanders back and forth across his stage in a leisurely manner, and I think it helps to put his audience at ease.  This is fairly important, because he's one of those "unapologetic comedians" and nothing's off-limits to him, not racism, bad massage parlor stories, nor even the first time he had sex (he was fifteen...hilarious story).  Danny Cho is approximately 27-28 years old, and I really don't know whether or not he's attached (haven't seen where he is).

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