Blasian Alert - DJ Hero 2 Commercial


"Mix 2gether", all right...the things you notice on on TV, huh?

Granted, while I appreciate the "nod" towards the Blasians, I cannot ignore the fact that it's just that: a nod.  The Blasians don't get the kiss, nor they do the get the belly touching either.  They get the afterthought, and while I know some readers would argue, "Can't you just be grateful??!??" all I have to say is...I'm getting old.  *shrug*  Old people are cranky.  Therefore, I am tired of being "grateful."  I spent a good two decades being grateful, and now I want more - period.  In 2010, progress shouldn't take this long.


  1. that asian guy is cute *^_^*

    ... that had nothing to do with the point you were trying to make, i know.

    ... as for the "afterthought" thingy, its a start. it ain't much (it's not sh*t, really) but people gotta start somewhere. maybe this will lead to more blasian commercials... maybe. we can only hope, right?

  2. You're really generous with the hopefulness today, aren't you?

    It is a start. To be honest I was kinda surprised, and I am - alas - grateful to see it here. It says that TPTB in media are very well of what's going on, and if it's caught their attention, then this ish is even bigger than I thought.

  3. And he is a cutie, isn't he? That piercing works well on him.

  4. without hope, where would we be? lol *^_^*

  5. Dude is a total cutie and they are lovely together, but I will also reveal my crankiness. I am demanding by nature. I want and expect the best. So no, it's not enough that they are present.

    I do not accept that in the 21st century "baby steps" are a big deal anymore. No. I'm greedy and I want more.

  6. *nods to Lenoxave*

    My sentiments exactly.

  7. 0:29 odd much?! *laughs hard* i didn't notice that the first time around!!

  8. It took my fiance to point out the Blasian-fantastic-ness on this video because honestly I was more freaked out by the two guys switching arms. He kinda said, "But baaaaaaaaaaabe, there's a couple like us on there!" (And we're always conscious of that (or, atleast, he is, I kinda just go "hurh?"), but I showed him FlashForward so nyar!).

    Anyway, I'm with you on the *nod* thing. I mean, he's a cutie and it looked like the chick wanted to devour him and instead we get shafted? C'mon, I want some bumpin-and-grindin on the dance floor or at least a liplock or something other than the hungry-stare-of-I'm-going-to-eat-you-alive. Fo'serious.

  9. Welcome, EDGRay! You're hilarious!

  10. So fast I almost missed it but a cute/sexy commercial. How come that couple didn't get any kissing or grinding action like the other couples?


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