Blasian couple

Notable Blasian Couples

This is a Blasian couple I found out about while on another forum (Cloudusa.lefora.com) courtesy of bialamode. I apparently converted someone from a reply I made about the Raizo/Mika chemistry. They said they did't see it and I told them to look again. They id now they want a sequel where they get it on at some point like it should have in the first.

Anyway they are Arthel Neville and Taku Hirano.

Here is an article on them from another blog because the site where they found it is down or gone. Scroll down to n3bulous post.

His traditional Japanese Grandmother is awesome. I quote:

"You have done well."

"How is she with chopsticks?"

Gotta get ready for work.


  1. I think this happy couple made a brief appearance on the Old Blasian Narrative. This might be a new picture though.

    The Neville Brothers are well-known and respected in the Japanese archipelago.

  2. just curious... do they have any kids? *^_^*


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