China, Zambia...Get Your Ish Together

"It is only in Zambia where a foreigner can shoot so many Zambians and get away with it, and the police are only making slogans that ‘we are going to investigate’."

~ PF Leader Michael Sata

By now, some of you may have read about the Collum Coal Mine Shooting in Sinazongwe District, Zambia.  If not, these links aren't here for decoration.  Long story short, 11 Zambian miners were shot by two Chinese members of management during a dispute about working conditions (or so one variation of the story goes...I've read a few).  They have been arrested as of October 16th.

There's been blame on the language barrier.  There's blame on the protesters for supposedly throwing objects at the managers who came out armed.  There's blame on pretty much everyone at this point, and people are getting annoyed with the tail-chasing.

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China: This ain't the way to encourage Sino-African relations, and chica...you've already got cynics a-plenty on this one.  If you really don't want the scarlet label of neocolonialist stamped across your forehead, then you're going to have to strongly reiterate to your diplomats, investors, and run-of-the-mill nationals to lose the 'tude or stay their asses at home, because this ish is not cool.  I scoured the net and didn't see a whole lot of commentary from you on this development, and needless to say, that tends to raise a red flag...no pun intended.

You know better.  You're no stranger to having foreigners show up in country and mistreat your people.  After publishing your 2001 White Papers, you revealed to know all too well how such behavior can fuck up a society when left unchecked.  There's nothing brave, manly, or empowering about shooting unarmed men.  When the West did/does it, we call them cowards, sadists, and murderers.  Don't think because you're fellow POC you'll be spared the same nicknames if you engage in such behavior.

Zambia: Our ancestors didn't go through what they did just so their progeny could do the same.  There's a reason they fought and survived whatever way they could, so that someday, we would have better...so that we would know better.  This hesitant, helpless act is so 1888, and it will not fly in this century.  That's what's not gonna happen - let me make that clear right now.

As you can see, your citizens are already prepared to take up arms and start handling things themselves, and rightly so.  If you choose foreign investment money over their well-being, you will have a war on your hands, and you don't want that.  Like my parents, uncles, and aunts, some of your citizens have distinct memories of growing up under European colonial rule, and they will cut a bitch before they go back to that.

News flash, ma soeur: you ain't helpless.  Like many of our misguided kinfolk, you're looking for a short-sighted quick fix to all your problems and in your eagerness to do so, you risk letting history repeat itself.  Do you know why those two men were perfectly comfortable shooting your people?  Because all they had to do to get away with beating your people was pay out some dough.  K2 million to each victim, to be exact, or $433 in American-speak.  $433 for being beaten to the point of hospitalization - is you shittin' me?

Don't let foreigners con you into that whole if-you're-poor-and-not-like-us-then-you're-inferior-and-thus-expendable type of thinking.   There is no shame for surviving what you have; if anything, there's great pride in the fact you're still standing.  So if people are showing up on your land and mistreating your people, then you need to deter that bullshit prontito, and by any means necessary.

My point: We cannot be having this, children.  Here we are, doing our research, reaching out to one another, trying to make some motherfucking progress, and you two are fucking it up over a pissing contest.  Do you even realize what is going on in the world?  The West is slowly but surely dying on the vine, children.  Sino-African relations are poised to drastically improve the quality of life on two continents by empowering their economies independently of Western influence, and shit like this can seriously reduce all of that to ash if left unchecked.

Get your acts together.  I will be keeping a stricter eye on Sino-African relations from hereon out, and I won't be as chippery as I was before.  One false move from either side and both will be getting an earful from me.


  1. I was saddened to hear about this but to be honest I am not surprised because this incident was just waiting to happen. I don't know what's up with Chinese miners in Zambia or the Zambian government that lets them act unchecked but there have been problems there for about as long as I know.

    When I became interested in Sino-African relations, the maltreatment of Zambian workers by Chinese migrants was one of the first things I came across in an article online describing the Chinese as neo-colonialists.

    It was initially difficult for me to believe that Chinese managers were treating Zambian workers so badly and nothing was being done to check such madness. The Chinese I saw in Nigeria were constantly working with Nigerians and there seemed to be mutual respect and I thought 'wow that's a change' but now I know more and I know better.

    It's nice to talk about the positives regardless the sh*t Chinese workers are doing elsewhere in Africa has just about hit the fan.

  2. SMH. I dom't know if I'm more disturbed by what has gone down or the fact that I'm not surprised. We have a sh*t load of work to do in our relations with one another.

    Greed, corruption, colonialsm and lack of regard for human life, is unacceptable, no matter what color you put on it.

  3. MORE exploitation of africa? damn, when will this ever end?! this is so sad... centuries of the sh*t has been goin' down and it still continues!! why are people so eager to screw over other people?! call me soft if you want to, but i just don't get it. i really don't.

  4. sad that we are still at the state of human development where we are willing to let others exploit/murder our neighbors for a few dollars

  5. And you know this happened just as Chinese and Kenyan archaelogists are finding out more on early Sino-African relations, a friend sent me this link to a BBC podcast. Now if only the Chinese government wasn't so hell-bent on using history to show how "peaceful" its current relations are with African countries when we all know that is a lie.

  6. Man, if POC could come together instead of fighting each other, we'd be unstoppable.

  7. ¨And you know what really makes me mad?

    If you talk to a Chinese person they act like it's their turn to exploit Africa since Americans and European did it as well to help them build their economies. They act like they are entitle to it.

    I'm not surprised at all at that Zambia shooting. The only thing that's holding back China from going old style colonialism on us is that the world is watching.

    It's not even just in Africa, its in poor Asian countries as well. It wasn't long ago people started to riot against Chinese colonialism in Papua New Guinea.

    You can see that I feel very strongly about this.


    A very good article about Zambia.

    I agree with Mr. Sata when he says:

    "The Chinese are not here as investors, they are here as invaders."

    "They bring Chinese to come and push wheelbarrows, they bring Chinese bricklayers, they bring Chinese carpenters, Chinese plumbers. We have plenty of those in Zambia."

    I mean why would the Chinese care about in their eyes "dirty Africans" when they don't even care about their own minorities. It's not only white people who hold racist and xenophobic views.

    phew that was a lot to vent.

  8. @ nkosazana

    Very sorry - I just checked the spam filter and found you in it so that we have your comment now...a month later to the day.


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