EBM™ Strikes Again! – Blasian Collaborations

I will begin this post by stating that I am passionate about the music I listen to. If I am not moved emotionally, then I am indifferent and there's nothing worse. I've been silent about K-Pop for some time, because I wanted to process what I've been learning over the past several months about the genre. I am by no means an expert, but there are things I feel strongly about. Collaboration is one of them, as Ankh mentioned at her personal site.

"Evil Black Menace"™ is in reference to this post, in which I snarked about fan reaction to Se7en and his "Swaggadoccio"™ in the video. Beneath my sarcasm was a personal truth. There is a real fear of American Culture aka Negroes and our alleged “influence” on the musical stylings of K – Pop "idols". A strange notion exists about the so-called "purity" of K – Pop and its performers.

Some fans seem to blur the lines between the public and the private, to the extent that many believe the performances they see on stage, represent who their "idols" are in private. Now for those who pay attention, there are no surprises. I cannot count the number of young men and women in the genre, who site Western music as an influence; R&B and Hip-Hop in particular.

When fans fall asleep @ the wheel, you get the attitudes shown here ("Empty") and here ("I Love You"). Check out the first 2 comments for "I Love You". I wonder if these “fan” girls know that Yoochun wrote the song featuring Flowsik and that JYJ is responsible for writing/producing all but 3 songs on the album. See Track List. Don't you find it interesting that there is more love for the spoonfed record label fodder than the actual work of the artists themselves?

There are fans pissed because they are singing in English! I don’t know any artist in the world who doesn’t want their creation to reach as many people as possible. They act as if previous albums in Japanese don’t count. English and its association with the States and the dreaded EBM™ is the problem. Seriously?! We have 3 grown men, reduced to impressionable children, who are incapable of making informed decisions. It’s all Kanyee-zee and Darkchild’s fault!

Many "idols" have zero control over their careers. They are recruited early (as teens) and decade long contracts are the norm. ROI (Return On Investment) anyone? No input is necessary on the part of the "idol". Decisions are made for them from wardrobe, to music, to choreography and the people they date (or in this case, cannot date).

So, when someone like Junsu of 2PM reveals his “Neo-Soul” leanings, there are actual "fans" who are shocked! Why yes...because what about the music of 2 PM? My response – "What about it?" Therein lies the disconnect! Check out this comment in the thread about not liking “Black Music” aka Junsu-How-Dare-You?  But Robin Thicke was apparently okay. Huh?

All this yammering leads to one thing: Collaborations. The story goes a little something like this: Omarion's people spotted Beast performing the choreography to his song "Ice Box". He dug what they did, his people talked to their people and boom! Omarion is in South Korea performing a "special stage" with them. The reaction from most fans was pretty positive.

Now let's flip the script and talk about JYJ formerly DBSK. There's a ton of drama associated with the groups’ disbandment. I will not go into that hot mess. I will say this. JYJ is gonna catch a case if SM keeps f*ckin' with them. That.is.all. JYJ is relevant to my interests because they can flat out sing. I mean all 3 of them. They are about to release an International album in English and yes, there is drama, but objects in motion tend to stay in motion.

I dig their album from top to bottom, but alas Kanyee-zee, Darkchild and other “Evil Americans” are at work defiling the "purity" of these K-Pop "boys." Exhibit A. Darkchild is in the middle back row with various other Negroes from the EBM™ Cast. If Kanyee-zee shows up to sing the hook for “Ayy Girl” at any of their U.S dates, he and JYJ will Shut-It-Down. Y’all here me?

I will end my lesson for today by stating: Whether you like it or not, these partnerships will not stop. Nor should they. Music is universal and the idea that your favorite "idol" group is "acting" American aka Negro, because they choose to express themselves musically in ways you do not like, is nonsense. The EBM™ is coming to a town near you, so lock your doors!

I'll leave you with a few songs/performances that I’m diggin’ right now. Some are collabs and others aren’t. Enjoy! Don’t you just feel the “soiling” influence of Hip-Hop/R & B on the artists below except the (2) Negroes who are "dirty" by default.

Park Hyo Shin covers Taeyang
Look Only At Me

Park Hyo Shin covers Eric Benet

Floecist feat. Musiq Soulchild - Personal Fave

Far East Movement Feat. Keri Hilson
Don't Look Now

The Quiett Feat. Tasha
Love People, Love Music

The Quiett
Be My Love

The Quiett - Reminds of me of NY hip-hop from back in the day.
Shine 'Em


  1. Thanks for this post and the links. It's always amazing and telling when K-pop fans inadvertently expose their racism online.

    I enjoyed going through Junsu's playlist (how can someone claim to hate 'black music' but like Robin Thicke?!) And anyone having problems with JYJ singing in English should have the same problems with DBSK's Japanese albums.

  2. how can someone claim to hate 'black music' but like Robin Thicke?!

    White worship.

    They don't like black people, and they don't like when fellow Asians perform so-called "black music", but if a white guy does it - does anything - it's suddenly, magically okay to these fangirls.

    It's sad, really.

  3. First Omarion records with Rain, and now Beast.


    Anywho, I'm not surprised the reaction was positive. Those chest pops from the floor were sexy...tight jeans notwithstanding.

    PS to my last comment - Ole Mr. Blue-Eyed Soul married himself a black woman. How do the fangirls like them apples?

  4. Wow this Is an incredibly interesting article. As a kpop fan myself, I've also seen the connection between many soulful kpop artists and the influence our americanmusic has on them. And you're right, despite thu
    Is there Is still general feel and dislik of AA's. Kinda like with white people and jazz. They want our music and maybe even for us to perform it, but they still want to disassociate. That's the part that really saddens ne about kpop (and the rest of this world) but I still really like kpop. Anyway wow Omarion and beast?! He'll yeah. And I absoulutley love Park Hyo Shin. Obaasan says he sounds like the Asian berry white xD as for someone similar to him, check out Lim Chang Kyu.

    Other underrated artists with soulful sound would include:

    Ji Eun
    Brown eyed soul
    Kang kyun sung
    Tae wan aka c-luv
    Khalil Fong (Chinese. He will blow you away)
    Daichi Miura (Japanese)
    4MEN (shares stage with boys 2 men when they went to Korea)

    As far as I know, they have VERY soulful influences.
    I've Been a silent reader for a while now but there's been many things I've wanted to comment on. But everyone where just sounds so intelligent so I was intimidates :D but I'd like to start commenting more often becAuse this is one of my favorite blogs.


    You may know these artists already

  5. Sorry for the typos, my iPod seems to act like in know better than me -_-

  6. Great piece. And I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. Especially the EBM™™ irrationality among way too many KPop fans.

  7. but surely only a small portion of kpop fans feel this way... right? *feeling hopeful*

  8. Welcome to the Narrative, Kenji. Never be afraid to comment.

    @ Avastacia

    It's Sunday, so I'll take a leap of faith and be hopeful with you.

    ...for now, anyway.

  9. LMAO @ I don't like black music but <3 Robin Thicke! So transparent.
    JUNSU, well apparently he sides with D'Angelo in the D vs Maxwell debate but that list of is is awesome so he is forgiven. Did anyone else catch the part where JYP recommended Lala Hathaway to him! Everyday JYP's legend grows in my mind.
    Beast was adorable when they met Omarion, one of the guys had a total fangirl moment over Omarion and called him his hyung.
    JYJ, must look into them, so many delicious links, I'll be back later

  10. @ Eccentric Yoruba - People's minds can be so twisted and warped from their hate. Junsu is an absolute badass and my fave member of 2PM.

    @ Ankh - These patterns keep repeating themselves don't they? It was a pleasure reading how proactive Omarion & his crew were in reaching out to Beast. White worship indeed. I don't know if those fangirls even know about Robin's beautiful wife. lol

    @ Kenji - Thanks for the recommendations and comments. I've been a big observer of the K-Pop scene for the past 5 months & wanted to share some of the things I've learned. Welcome!

    @ Cinnamon - Hey girl! EBM brings out the "cray cray" doesn't it? I know that there are K-Pop fans w/some sense. Thank God. However, I just can't overlook the bigots because the message is loud, consistent and their numbers are many.

    @ Avastacia - I'm positive about K-Pop fans in general, having encountered some very bright & insightful people. However, the venom and hatred did not escape my notice, so I had to comment.

    @ MG - Loved that comment right? I dig the fact that there were fans who "got it". They understood that the fellas of JYJ were making music they loved. Check DBSK performing (2) of my personal faves. Dudes can blow. JYJ sued to get away from SM Entertainment, but the other (2) members stayed w/the label.

    Mirotic & Wrong Number

  11. Interesting comments from Black Women in K-Pop fandom. They are all going through some things, prompted by some of the comments from fellow fans based on the video.

    Goin' Thru Changes

  12. I read what the Black women had to say but I'm not sure I want to read the rest of the comments on the video.

  13. @ modest-goddess : do your self a favor and don't. It's only negativity that will hurt your head.

    I find this hilarious!!!!!! Its the same thing over and over again. Tons of Kpop sounds like black artists. I saw after school performing the choreography to "Diva" by Beyonce and didn't read all the "grr"ness of fans as it seems to pop up with male artists. Well suck it, we're taking them!!!

  14. @ MG - I was only interested in their comments anyway. I wanted to "hear" their voices & thoughts, on their love for the genre, even with its blatant racism.

    It was sad to see the conflict they were experiencing.

  15. @ Goddess Maverick - you've mentioned something I haven't thought about. All the examples cited are men. Hmmmmm...what on Earth is going on? It would be interesting to hear thoughts from all of you.

  16. The fangirls don't want their male idols exposed to "other" women.

  17. @ Ankh - You nailed it. I wanted to hear what others had to say. You know Black Folk got a reputation for "paranoia." LOL

  18. @Lenoxave
    Nope...you're not paranoid. I thought the same thing. Bey can be as fierce and gorgeous as she wants and they'll idolize her until the cows come home, but she better not try to date one of "their men" or all hell would break loose (white, Asian, whatever).

    Hmmm...this almost makes me rethink Ninja Assassin and the no kissing/no love scene angle. Makes me wonder how the fangirls truly would have reacted if Raizo would have put his lips (or other body parts) on Mika.

  19. Makes me wonder how the fangirls truly would have reacted if Raizo would have put his lips (or other body parts) on Mika.

    That bullshit like this deters my opportunity see something like Raizo smooching Mika annoys me to no end. It's like watching American politics, or watching The Tudors and seeing Protestants bicker back and forth with Anglicans over seriously dumb shit.

    My GOD already...let the man bone whomever the hell he wants. Let 'em bone whoever the hell they want. We should all roll around in the hay with whomever the hell we want.

    This is why I am such a fabulous woman. Because if the man in question is not my man - my personal, living, breathing man - than the womenfolk he fucks do not fucking matter to me.

    Fangirls...mature already.

    Because this isn't going anywhere. There's a very strong *pattern* here and it won't be stopped. If you tell the likes of Beast, Junsu, Rain, TOP, and others whom they can't dance with or what kind of music they're "not allowed" to make, then they will either emigrate, or pull their shirts back on and fucking retire.

    So yes, Rain idolizes Usher, recorded with Ray J & Omarion. Yes, he had black dancers killin' it in his show. Yes, Seven and Lil Kim set that video on fire. And yes, Robin "apparently can't do no wrong" Thicke is married to a black women - people need to deal with this ish. We have...and we're still here.

    There's no reason to be throwing wrenches in these people's careers and fucking with our entertainment over seriously dumb ish like this.

    *steps down from soapbox*

  20. *THEN the womenfolk
    *married to a black WOMAN

    Gawd...can't type when I'm ticked.

  21. These collabs are here to stay. Period. I just want to enjoy the music and performers w/out all the got-damn hysteria.

  22. @Lenoxave

    Sadly, in many cases, the term "fan" still stands for "a fucked up crazy bitch/bastard who is incapable of living in reality."

    I feel sorry for these artist because when they first start out, these twits are their only sources of income. By the time they're freed from indentured service and are ready to expand and find themselves, they're still stuck with the same "fans." The problem with someone like Rain being globally popular is that the GLOBE isn't supporting him by making purchases with cold hard cash. The idiot fan girls around him are; therefore, despite the fact that some of those bitches are sociopaths, they pay and if they stop, Rain and the others risk not eating and this is one of the crappiest catch-22s there is.

    Kudos to the artists who are willing to step out on that thin limb and express themselves honestly. Without this freedom, they're just posters on the wall. If one is a true artist, one risks everything including starvation.

  23. @ hateya

    But Rain is making global dough now, so fangirls can get over him. The others are still cause for concern because they haven't hit Rain's level.

  24. @ Hateya - Rain is different, like Ankh stated. He is "of it", but not "in it", so to speak. He has moved beyond K-Pop IMO. I believe Ankh mentioned in another thread, that film, not music will be his future. I've always believed this to be the case.

    One of the many reasons I respect JYJ so much, is that these young guys have decided to be their own bosses. As JYJ, SM Entertainment has no "legal" rights over them anymore.

    Now that hasn't stopped SM from cock blockin' every chance they get, but there isn't much they can do to stop these dudes "legally". JYJ is reaching out, have recorded an album in English (love the album) & realize the world is larger then their backyard.

    This is a Global Perspective. Rain has it and so does Se7en. What is not understood by some of these record labels in S. Korea, is that it is possible for artists to have folks work for them.

    In the West, you can have personal managers, PR, music distributors, lawyers and accountants who are on your dime. In K-Pop, the label runs e'thing kind of like the old Hollywood studio system.

    This is what SM doesn't get when it claims JYJ has signed "contracts" with other companies. Rain has made his share of mistakes running his label, but he is his own damn boss win or lose. No one is going to tell him or JYJ what to do with their careers.

    This attitude is something I respect.

  25. Guess who made Billboard Magazine?

    JYJ Rocks With Kanye On Debut Album

    We talked in the past about not hearing of these collabs. The first shot has been fired.

  26. One of the many reasons I respect JYJ so much, is that these young guys have decided to be their own bosses. As JYJ, SM Entertainment has no "legal" rights over them anymore...JYJ is reaching out, have recorded an album in English (love the album) & realize the world is larger then their backyard.

    This is a Global Perspective. Rain has it and so does Se7en...Rain has made his share of mistakes running his label, but he is his own damn boss win or lose. No one is going to tell him or JYJ what to do with their careers.

    This attitude is something I respect.


    These guys aren't trying to "pure", goody-goody idols. They want to sweat and strip on stage, write naughty lyrics, and make women - grown women - scream. They want to do films. They want to see the world and make an impact on it.

    With the glaring invisibility of Asians in Western media, fangirls should be saying, "Thank you" not "Don't let those black women 'corrupt' you" or "Why can't you just stick to music?" or "Why do you have to act so black?" or "You don't have chemistry with black women".

    'Cause if Mika were white, Ninja Assassin wouldn't have been such an issue to "some" folks...and it wouldn't been the hit that it was either...just FYI.

  27. @ Ankh - Co-sign on the invisibility argument big time. I mean damn, these dudes are doing it on their terms.

    They are going worldwide because THEY choose to do so. No one is twisting their arms. You'd think these knucklehead fans would be happy? Nope.

    WTF is this "act Black" shite that's always being tossed around? So let me get this straight. A Korean Pop Star decides to sing R&B and he stops being Korean? For real?


  28. @Ankh
    "Why do you have to act so black?"

    They actually say this? Really? I mean, I'm not at all surprised, but...really?

    'Cause if Mika were white, Ninja Assassin wouldn't have been such an issue to "some" folks...and it wouldn't been the hit that it was either...just FYI.

    That never even occured to me. I know I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much, but it didn't dawn on me that it wouldn't have done as well.

  29. @ Cinnamon

    It really wouldn't have. Black women are seen as a genuine threat. You want people talking about your film and having a heart attack over it, make the female love interest black.

  30. So I finally watched performances of Mirotic (pretty good song) and Wrong Number (I really like this one). These men know how to put on a show! I'd sort of avoided getting into JYJ cause I was aware of all the drama and the cray cray in their fandom.

  31. @ MG - I don't touch fandom except from a distance. JYJ have my attention, not the kucklehead fan girls.

    My fave is Jaejoong in his white gangsta suit, complete with white fur stole. He is a TOTAL Badass. lol

    It's too bad that DBSK is no more for now. I'm just enjoying the music.

  32. @Lenoxave

    I don't touch fandom except from a distance. JYJ have my attention, not the kucklehead fan girls.

    This is the smartest move ever. My fangirl obsessions are precious and I'm perfectly capable of enjoying him/them without assistance. :D

    Do you have any idea when Rain's new drama is coming out? I tried three episodes of "Full House" but I'm not feeling it, mostly because of the season. I could probably enjoy it during summer though. Is his new role in a serious drama?

  33. Rain's drama is out now and available with English subtitles:

  34. I checked out some of JYJ's music, it was good! I do hope they keep moving forward and beyond the haters. As for EBM well that will never cease, you know us Negroes are trying to take over the world!!! Great article, chica!

  35. It wasn't so difficult to notice the racist double standards some fangirls have. It's always so easy to see "cute" pictures white fangirls have taken with Korean celebs they've bumped into but I never see cute pictures with black fangirls and Korean celebs pasted across the internet. I'm tired of it and have kept fandom at a distance as well.


    I'm a Yoochun fan!

  36. @ EY - Yoochun has a great falsetto. Love his voice.

  37. but I never see cute pictures with black fangirls and Korean celebs pasted across the internet

    Google Se7en

    @ Noelani


  38. @Modest-Goddest

    Thanks for the link!

  39. @Ankh

    Thanks for the link to that post. See that was something I didn't know about Se7en >.<

  40. @ eccentricyoruba


    Indeed...it's part of what we refer to as the *pattern*

  41. @ Lenoxave

    My, my, my...why hello. I really should've been paying more attention to these dudes.

    Now that we've got a Facebook community, I'm expecting you to share great things with us and NOT keep the good ish to yourself a la Rain with the black female dancers.

    *feigns a scowl*

  42. Hi there, I am a big fan of Kpop and I really enjoyed the post about blasian collaborations. My bias in Kpop is TVXQ. I was happy when I found out they would be doing a English language album and working with African American producers. I hope that these collaborations will continue.


    I am in the TVXQ/JYJ fandom and yes you are correct the fandom is cray cray lol. I clash often with people which is why I understand you wanting to stay away. But on another note I love their music and they are very talented. It's a shame this whole lawsuit thing is going on, it would have been epic if all five were able to do an English album. But JYJ will be doing it up.

    Oh and Jaejoong is the sex!!!! That boy is too fine for words dont know if you've seen the new photobook for the JYJ album but he has the chest out and the tats showing its an eyegasm lol. My favorite though is Yoochun. I actually found out recently he is the favorite amongst African American women, they say he has swagger and indeed he does. Since this post is about blasian collabs I thought it appropriate to share this link of JYJ in LA.

  43. @ Ankh - I promise to be good and share all the goodies I can. :-)

    @ AJ - Welcome and I'm glad you liked my post. So Yoochun is the favorite among Black Women, eh? They all possess their own unique charm. I am enjoying JYJ a lot. Yes, the DBSK/TVXQ situation is foul indeed. We'll see what happens when the dust settles.

    Thanks for the video.

  44. @ Ankh- Thanks for the welcome. :-)

    @Lenoxave- Yep he is and supposedly Yunho is the second favorite.

    Your welcome.

  45. @ AJ - Yunho is the 2nd fave? So there is a "ranking" system going on w/Black Women for TVXQ/DBSK? That is friggin' hilarious.

    I've just begun to watch SSK Scandal on Drama Fever. I guess I'll see what all the Mickey Yuchun hype is about.

    They seemed to have fun in L.A. of course, the (2) ladies in the video were mentioned @ OMONA. Surprisingly, very little hate.

  46. @Lenoxave

    I am watching the same drama now its pretty good too.

    Yeah it does look like they had fun in LA. I didnt see much hate either (if any) about the girls in the video, however I did have to correct someone who made a ignorant comment. Basically the girl made a reference to pimps and black women like the two go hand in hand. And some other girl pretty much ripped her a new one for it, I took a different approach. In the end she apologized and all but yeah that was the only time I saw something negative about that video.

  47. @ Ankh - Link is below.

    Decent comments and no hate going on towards the Sistas in the studio.

    JYJ in LA

  48. Not into K-pop....a bit too old...but I do think that Rain cat would do a wonderful neo-soul record....He has a pretty nice voice....

  49. New here,but so glad I found this spot. ahem......it never fails to amaze me that "everybody wants to sing my blues, nobody wants to live my blues". What SO many of these 'fans' fail to realize is that all that stuff they are drooling over is the artist covering, appropriating Black culture. I even read where a popular YT personality said it's not Black culture..why? because Koreans are doing it? Give me a break. I KNOW my culture and it's influence around the world. I have to say that the current crop of Kpop does nothing for me and I just can't with the girl groups.
    I am so late to the party, but I do so enjoy the articles and mature,thinking approach.


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