"Fugitive"...Oh, Hallelujah

So I'm watching Rain's new drama and I'm in serious awe of his acting ability.  We've seen him play a brooding man posing as a bodyguard, and we've seen him play a straight-up gangsta ninja who flirts while pulling blades out of his own stomach...Now we see him play a boyish, grinning, gum-chewing, bullet-dodging, deeply tanned PI in sunglasses with a predictable weakness for the ladies, and a charming tendency to say, "Oh, hallelujah" and "Bingo."

The subbing squad is awesome; they're highly informative and I'm learning.  I didn't think I'd get into Korean dramas; they're really not my genre, but it's Rain we're talking about, and here at the Narrative we have a very special policy regarding Rain: always make an exception, especially when shirtlessness is involved, and since the beginning of Fugitive has a lot of Rain being shirtless, I think I might be developing a taste for a new genre.

There's a lot humor in Fugitive; it doesn't take itself too seriously and you can tell Rain is having a lot of fun playing Ji Woo.  We can also tell the crew had fun filming him, because a man shouldn't have his shirt half hanging off and looking flawless while dodging bullets or blowing up cars.  Not to mention, Ji Woo's always taking his sunglasses on and off for no reason.  And the James Bondsy-music (coupled with the coworkers in tight miniskirts) definitely adds a touch of masculine whimsy.

The fights are decent; obviously, I've been spoiled by his performance as "Raizo".  Whenever he loses a fight or agonizes over a injury which wouldn't even make Raizo blink, I have to remind myself I'm not watching a bloodbath.

I was going to write about about Daniel Henney, but actor Lee Jung Jin is a show-stealer.  Granted, Henney has his hilarious moments, but they're not doing much with his character so far, and the fact he speaks English is annoying.  It's so out of place.

Meanwhile, 32-year-old Mr. Lee, however, is very much in place, with his long legs, well-built form, and no-nonsense character.  I don't even mind the facial hair on his character, which usually is a major pet peeve of mine.

Lee's character, Do Soo, has some humor to him, but it's that dark, gritty, hardened detective humor which just warms your heart (and other places) when he's scowling at someone.  The fact he's been chasing Ji Woo's character all over Asia really puts him at center stage anyway, not Henney.

Not that Henney ain't fine, mind you....


  1. I can't seem to get dramafever to work on my computer....I'm going to keep at it though. Rain is too good to pass up!!! Do you know how it's doing rating wise?

    That pic of Daniel had me speaking in another language. My word.

    Also, try using photobucket.com for your pics. It's easy to upload and post from them :)

  2. So far it seems to be doing quite well, and understandably so. I hope you get it to work on your computer...I'm already hooked.

  3. Ooooh I've been waiting for Fugitive to be subbed!!!! Looks like this is gonna be the one thing that's gonna distract me from my schoolwork...which is pretty hard to do. And Henney? I had no words for that picture...my mouth just hung open for a few seconds.

  4. I watch this every Wednesday and THursday witht hte girls on Cloud USA. THe difference is that I am watching on TV. I also get th reruns. On the night of the concert I went to sleep listening to Rain on that show and woke up to him.

  5. I look forward to watching this one. It looks like it's going to be pretty good.

  6. I'm addicted to Drama Fever. I've finished "Coffee Prince" and am working on SKK Scandal with Yuchun from JYJ in the lead. Great cast on that show.

    Rain is hilarious in Runaway. Lee Jung Jin is a total badass and his team makes me laugh hard as well. They are such a crazy work family.

    Daniel Henney is in there for his looks, not his ability to speak Korean. LOL. I'll cut him some slack for his pretty face and his Konglish.

    Having spent most of my life listening to bi-lingual Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, his Korean/English (Konglish) back an forth was funny to watch.

  7. Got it to work and I agree (so far...I"ve only watched one episode) totally with you. Bi is so adorable, funny, cute, yet masculine. I love love LOVE it.

    His skin is on point too! I love how tan he is. It's nice to see that he doesn't have a problem with it.

    Good stuff.

  8. **must wait for Rain's new drama to appear on my television - cannot afford hot costly distractions which must appear in digital hi-vision**

  9. yeah, i have to agree w/ lenoxave: daniel henney's korean is not that great at all. he's handsome (he's got the "eurasian" look some koreans go gaga for), but i don't think he has any real talent... especially when compared to bi.

  10. Thing, is Rain is finer than Henney, so Henney needs to bring something else to the table, you know?

    And yeah...his character is absolutely fucking hilarious. In the first ep when he promises to go to church more often, I doubled over.

    And when he speaks English, it's sexy. Of course, his English - as Raizo - was sexier 'cause he made his voice deeper and his character was seriously dangerous.

  11. Henney brings Eurasian "Whiteness" and for many in the world of KDrama and Korean culture in general, that is enough. F*cked up, but true.

    I'm not in the least bit impressed by Henney, but then I'm not in the White Is Right Camp either. *Shrug*

    I enjoy Jung Jihoon and all the good actors in the cast. The show is cracktastic.

  12. I thought Henney was fluent (or at least advanced) in Korean. I've heard people complain about the American accent tho (party poopers). I know on his facebook he posted a video with him speaking primarily in Korean. He was working with someone picking out lines to speak in English. I think he said they do it to appeal to a wider audience. *shrugs* http://www.facebook.com/#!/danielhenney

    I'm new at learning Korean though, so I can't judge his skills. That would suck if they just brought him on for the pretty.

    He's got a special place in my heart though. Him as Agent Zero made for some very pleasant dreams lol. But yea, he's needs to work a bit more on the acting. He tries though!!! LOL!

  13. @ Crystal

    In Henney's defense, I don't think the writer gave him much to work with, you know?

  14. wow i love this blog! asian guys are so sexy!!!

    here's mine:

  15. His skin is on point too! I love how tan he is. It's nice to see that he doesn't have a problem with it.

    *nods* Yup...that tan is definitely fifty kinds of awesome.

  16. I'm on Episode 12 of this series. I'm thinking about collecting them and uploading them.

    I became a fan of Daniel 1st before I found Rain. If you having seen the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect with Daniel, check it out. Its a romantic comedy of sorts. He's learned more Korean because I remember hearing that he couldn't speak it at first but he can understand it.

    Here's the blog on the show fugitive: Plan B. I'm like on this badboy everyday.


  17. I got it working again on my computer and hot damn...Daniel is sooooo fine - so long as he doesn't speak (in English, in anyway).

    It's a shame he's one of those types of characters on this show, but his hair and wardrobe just keep getting better and better, while his dialogue and overall role are deteriorating. I'm about to finish Episode 9.

    Looks like it's going to be an all-nighter for Moi.

  18. I finished the series. Rain was awesome and Lee Jung Jin stole the show. Henney did nothing for me. I never connected with his character and just felt annoyance when he was on the screen.


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