Natural Black Perception in South Korea pt. 2

Hello everyone!

This is an update on my findings on my previous post.

That was my hair in its natural state, unaltered or styled. It has been a week and I have changed my hair. I have decided to test the different reactions to different natural hairstyles. That I can do, mind you.


More smiles. People like it. The kids think it is beautiful and I have been told it suits me.

Now on to part 2 of this experiment with a twist out fro. I am not sure if you can see the difference in this photo or not.

twist out fro

Twist out Fro (more defined curls) with long silk scarf headband
I forgot to add that I was also referred to as a "Fashionista" by a Korean Lady on the train back home. She liked it very much.


  1. I can see the difference. I'm currently rocking a wash n go fro cause I was too busy watching 'Boys over Flowers' to twist my hair last night.
    As far as hair compliments go, remarks from strangers make me feel self conscious. Of course I've always been one of those people that dressed to blend in and not stick out. But now that I no longer straighten my hair it is impossible not to stick out in that way.

  2. I'm sure they'll like the twist-out too!
    Thanks for keeping us posted =]

  3. I can see the difference. I like it!


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