Natural Black Perception in South Korea pt.3

Hello all!
No pic today, since I am back to my normal fro for now. I was too tired after watching Rain move that round, tight, apple butt of his (LIVE and in person) and getting back to the hotel home after a very late breakfast.

**Update 3 ***

Just found out a friend of mine (Japanese) is f*cking HOT! And we are around the same age. I am older but he has told me repeatedly age doesn't matter to him.***

********Update for Ankh at the bottom of this.*******
********Updated again, found better video.***********


They like it. Especially th older people. I think it also depends on how you carry yourself too.

Only haters I seen were a couple of white girls, who didn't think I could hear them. We are in a subway tunnel, sound carries fools. She isn't allowed to speak about hair since her hairstyle was one I usually see on Butch lesbians even though she was wearing some odd polka dot dress. Nothing against lesbians, but that is the haircut I usually see on... manly women.


I was sorta asked out by this Korean guy, sorta. I was checking out where I had t g pick up my ticket fr the concert the next day and I happened to see him while waiting for the subway. He smiled at me I smiled back and I scratched my head. You know the one here you put your fingertips into your fro and massage a bit. When I did that he started to talk to me more. It came up that I was hungry and he asked if I liked hamburgers. (I was after all that walking with that heavy bag), turns out we got off at the same stop. He was heading home I guess while I was heading the opposite way for the stadium. It ended there but he was sweet and showed me where to go and headed off in his own direction. I will call him Mr. S. Yes, I got his name and he has mine. He was older than me by a couple of years I think. Very nice guy. Cute.

Also on my trip with my coworkers, I got nothing but compliments. And this one guy said:

"I doubt you care what a fat white guy has to say, but I think your natural hair is beautiful and none of you should change it."

This other white guy was pretty much entranced and was doing the hand movement of wanting to touch. I noticed and he asked first. He said he loved you natural hair and he always asks first if he could touch it.

My students, especially the sixth graders, think it is beautiful. The 5th graders realized I like my hair better this way without me saying so and they think my hair is fun.

So these are my findings so far. Maybe eventually I will be able to write about a date.

By the way this guy here had me wondering how much courage the guy built up to talk to me first.

I was watching this in person.


  1. Lmfao that guy... There are no words xD
    I really like hearing their positive responsea. Funny though because I wouldn't feel nearly as confident wearing my natural hair here in the US. We have waaay too many haters here -_-

  2. Ohh exciting. So did you all set something up? Your stories and this blog makes me want to take a little trip.

    The video gay is hilarious. I especially loved his imitation of women LOL!

  3. It's great that you're having positive reactions your 'fro. I think Mr. S is only just the beginning so I guess you'll be writing about a post soon ^^

  4. I was too tired after watching Rain move that round, tight, apple butt of his (LIVE and in person)

    Whoa, whoa, whoa...you got to do WHAT?

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa...you got to do WHAT?

    Just what I said.

  6. Oh my word. I need Rain in my life! Great video!

  7. @ DN

    So...you saw "Raizo"...in person?

    *falls sick with envy*

  8. So...you saw "Raizo"...in person?

    *falls sick with envy*

    Yeah. Even stood right next to his van while he was leaving. Windows were tinted but my body knew he was near and I think he was looking at me. I say this because, I was fine then my heart started beating fast and hard to the point I noticed it.

    This has got to be the best view of him so far. At least one of them.. Maybe it is a good thing I wasn't too close to the stage.

    BTW, I did a Halloween lesson with the 5th graders using Micheal Jackson's Thriller full music video. One of the boys had me giggling.

    Student: Teacher.

    Me : Huh?

    Student: That's my girlfriend. (complete with eyebrow raise and head tilt.)

    Me (smile): Really?

    Student: Yeah. (goes back to watching music video)

    He was referring to the girl Micheal Jackson was with in the video. He said it as soon as watched her for a few seconds. Heck the video barely started.

  9. BTW, no I didn't get the digits.

  10. awe your student has crush on the girl in the Thriller video

    and LMAO @ my body knew he was near, Rain could probably make me ovulate

  11. Rain could probably make me ovulate


  12. @ Crystal

    Welcome, btw. I'm usually quicker with the welcoming.

    @ DN

    *deathly ill with envy*

  13. *sniff* "Hip Song"...live...the hips....

  14. Another note... it was FREE!!

  15. @DN: WHOA I'm surprised you didn't pass out at that concert! LUCKY YOU! And that guy in the video had me laughing my ass off...but I appreciate how honest he was as well haha.

  16. Ok I finally watched the guy in the video, he gives good dating advice plus he is funny

  17. that rain vid is 100% proof of awesomeness! *^_^* bi fighting!

  18. LOL this fool cracks me up.n_n personally, i think if Rain walk by a whole bunch of blk women (about 50) we all will not only have a mini orgasm, but have his baby in a instant.;)

  19. wait who is this Japanese guy, does he live in Korea?

  20. @MG

    My friend I talk to ever so often via facebook chat. He is in Hawaii now getting his degree in international relations.

  21. @ DN

    So when do we get a post about "the friend"?

  22. Jealousy boils at the fact you got to see Rain in person.LOL. God he is amazing.


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