Okay...Damage Control

There's a new post and comments policy link on the right: READ IT.

We've had a good run for quite sometime now, authors, but I cannot be fixing individual posts.  And after all this time, I think we would know to tag our work.

Some of you seem to be having trouble navigating blogspot.  Here's a tutorial.  Become friendly with it.

Fashion Tip: Mismatched fonts, uneven gaps between paragraphs, and oversized pictures are not kosher here.  The new policy and the tutorial should take care of this, if you're having trouble.  Also, authors, brush up on your HTML.  It's a life saver.  And by the way, using captions with your pictures is simple and classy.  Simply click on your pictures in the Compose Screen and several options will pop up.  Use them!

Remember: quality is of the utmost importance here!  You've the topic choices down, and the overall writing down, so let's make an effort towards presentation.


  1. Lenoxave - I got you, girl. You know how I like to protect email addies though.

  2. I appreciate it! I figured you'd handled business proper like as usual. :-)


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