Comments Policy

1)This is not a "hookup" site.  While we obviously support Blasians and wish all Blasian couples well, keep the flirting off the blog, please.  Get each other's email addies and work things out privately.

2) Do not engage trolls - period.  Alert us of their comments and we will simply delete them so we can all get back to our lives.

3) Try to stay on topic as closely as possible.  Don't take things personally and start an unnecessary argument over something which isn't related to the original post.

4) Respect one another.  No one here is "better" than anybody else.  No one has all the answers, and no one is perfect.  If someone annoys you (and eventually someone will), ignore them.  Don't read their posts and don't respond to their comments.  Do not reply to their emails.  Which brings me to another point: if someone is deliberately ignoring you...get a clue and leave them be.

5) Discuss; do not debate (learn the difference between the two).  This is a learning experience; there's really no need to argue here.  Do not appoint yourself the "Devil's Advocate", do not browbeat and try to "convert" people to whatever the hell you believe.  Do not pick a fight where none exists.  Do not start lecturing people out of the blue (and if your comment is getting longer than the post, start trimming and get to the point).  If you disagree with something someone else says and want to let them know, first ask yourself, "What purpose does my telling them serve, exactly?  Am I angry?  Am I feeling obnoxious?"  If so, you may need to sit that one out.

6) Do NOT post as "Anonymous". It gets confusing during conversations when there's multiple "Anonymouses".

7) Do NOT get snarky with anybody.  Communicate like a civilized adult.  You can disagree in a polite manner and move on.

8) And try to keep up.  While we understand (and appreciate) that some posts will become legend and amass thousands and thousands of views, it's pointless to comment on a topic written years or even months ago.  A blog is meant to be an evolving conversation; sometimes a writer's view evolves and they don't perceive or even care about a prior issue the same way (and sometimes the writer no longer writes for the Narrative).  So don't get hung up on a single topic.

Questions?  Comments?  Dirty looks?