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Authors, you continue to awe me.

Our Audience

This past month, our site had 13,743 views (10,920 views right here in the US).  While we lost our Cayman Islands viewer(s), our number of views from Japan (438), Canada (424), South Korea (277), Germany, and France have gone up, especially with the first three listed.  Remember...this is just for the past monthThe last time I posted numbers, it was for four months total.  So it's safe to say we have a lot of lurkers, far more than I imagined.

Seek and You Shall Find

People searching for us via Google specifically sought us out by name.  People who found us by accident were searching for info on Raizo and Mika (still...yes, I know), Audrey & Dre, Shiree McCarver (congrats!) and get this - "bi rain ninja assassin shower scene".  Is that LOL-worthy or what?  In case you're wondering why that movie is the Narrative's Baby....

And the Oscar Goes to....

Our most read post this past month was, unsurprisingly, DN's post featuring Rain with black female dancers (480 views).  The second most-read post was...DN's "Korean men don’t like black women = BULLSH*T" (426 views) Wow, Miss Thang - 'twas really your month!

And the third most-read post this past month has got me shakin' my head.  I'm convinced this post ain't going nowhere...like, ever.  Props to Cinnamon's seemingly immortal post, "Raizo/Mika Love: Ninja Assassin screencaps" (267 views)...readers just can't seem to get enough of that one!

The fourth most-viewed post was Eccentric Yoruba's latest Blasian Lit Thread, in which she focused on author Shiree McCarver - congrats again!

Authors, thank you.  Readers, thank you.  I think we all need to chillax now, pat ourselves on the back, and enjoy a cookie from the vault.  We've more than earned it.


  1. Thank you!! Now if I can only meet the Hotness AND see him in concert before the military thing....

  2. i was wondering why your blog doesn't have ads on the sides like other blogs do? do you block that stuff?

  3. Woot! Woot! And the beat just goes on and on...love it.

  4. Rain's Full House will begin broadcasting on my television Thursday! OMFG! It's raining RAIN!!! Though this drama is online, I've never seen it. When I wake up on Thursdays, it'll be to the sweetness of all that is Rain.

    If you can't read Japanese, it won't do you a much good, but you can take a peek:


    cast info page:

    The CHART is always fun. Click on it. Who loves whom?

  5. @ Avastacia

    Yeah, I block the ads. To quote Field Negro, "Google already has enough money."

  6. @ Hateya. I've seen "Full House" on youtube. It was entertaining. Repetitive in its scenarios, but still amusing.

    I wound up watching it just to look at "Yoo Min-Hyuk" aka actor Kim Sung Soo. My, My, My..

    Kim Sung Soo

  7. Thanks and congratulations! I'm loving these stats, I wonder what next month will bring?

  8. Hopefully evev more readers from round the world.

  9. @Lenoxave

    I tried to watch it live this morning, but ended up turning back to baseball... I'll watch it recorded because that kind of drama doesn't appeal to me. Regardless, I will be "examining" the men. ;) I'm not interested in the plot. hehehehe I have set a weekly program...


    I hope next month will bring more participants with more stories.


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