Yes, We Have Our Own Facebook Community

Took me long enough.  I wasn't confident at first, but as I was prepping for our next site stats update, I noticed that we pull about 13,000-15,000 views per month...so naturally, Facebook was the next step.

The posting rules are slightly different for Facebook:

1) When you complete a post, you can post the link on Facebook to advertise it to viewers who would otherwise not automatically check Blogspot or can't follow it.

2) When posting vids, pics, concert dates, article links, fiction links, etc., you don't have to tack on a discussion.  Obviously.  However, when you paste a link and that lower box pops up, delete the link.  Just an OCD housekeeping tip.

3) Maintain the integrity of the blog.  Keep up the intelligence level and productive attitude.  Do not "hook up" for all the world to see and do not start any flame wars.

And now...connect and enjoy!

(And oh yes...what shiny new Twitter buttons we have!  The better with which to individually share our favorite posts.)


  1. forgive me... i'm not really computer "savvy"; can you tell me, what exactly is a "flame war"?

  2. It's when people start attacking one another directly, original topic be damned. It falls along the lines of trolling.


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