Blasian Love in a Music Video

Please check out this video for 'Rocketeer' by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder. Not only is the song amazing, the video features Blasian love. And they even kiss! Enjoy.

Source: A-Tunes


  1. Aw, I like that song!!! And the Blasian Love at the beginning? It makes up for the semi-fail of the DJ Hero commercial not showing the Blasian-loviness..just saying. It was so cute, but when the girl said she had to go to Tokyo, I was all like, "Uhp, Bruh, you better build that rocket quick....she goin' to a land filled with some Asian menz."

    But either way, excellent! I'm gonna tell the fiance about this one. It'll tickle him pink.

  2. Nice!!!! I've never heard of them. Definitely going to check them out :)

  3. Nice video and song. That little couple is adorable.

  4. Love it!! I'm gonna have to find that video of brown eyed soul with the Blasian couple in it :3

  5. The video isn't showing and I can't find it on YouTube :(

  6. @EDGray

    I was all like, "Uhp, Bruh, you better build that rocket quick....she goin' to a land filled with some Asian menz."

    Lolz, I thought that too!


    I think so too! Wish they had gotten more screen time together.


    A good friend sent this to me via twitter. This is just the second song by Far East Movement I've listened to. I think I'll be buying their album.


    What?! Brown Eyed Soul had a video with a Blasian couple in it? What's the name of the song so I can help you search across the interwebz. We'll unearth that video, don't worry :D

  7. Got it to work and I agree (so far...I"ve only watched one episode) totally with you. Bi is so adorable, funny, cute, yet masculine. I love love LOVE it.

    His skin is on point too! I love how tan he is. It's nice to see that he doesn't have a problem with it.

    Good stuff.

  8. That kiss was hot.

    This video just got right to point!

  9. This video was wayyyy better than the DJ Hero commercial. *sigh* The kiss was hott! lol

  10. This song is really catchy, and the couple is adorable.
    I think at the end of the video, the girl realizes the guy is about to put his life at risk for her, so cute!
    I didn't know this band but I'll definitely check more of their music out. Thanks!

  11. What a gorgeous couple. And I really enjoyed the song.

  12. You ladies fans of Wong Fu Productions? Here's Far East Movement featuring Quest Crew (whom I shamelessly adore) in:

    Dance Like Michael Jackson

  13. My first thought was - Do not take the job in Tokyo! Seriously, thank you for finding and sharing this with us. SkateboardBoy looks like someone I know except my buddy has darker eyes and would have been far more aggressive with his tongue. ;)

  14. Ooh this was a nice little cookie bite haha! I'm not a huge fan of rap music, but I think Far East Movement is growing on me lol.

  15. i love far east movement's music! i've never seen any of their music vids, so this for me is a real treat!

    ... and that blasian couple is certainly a plus *^_^*

  16. @ Hateya - You are hilarious! Love your anecdotes.

  17. Seriously, though...gotta commend this vid. There's none of that ambiguous ish. She's darkilicious, they begin the vid with a kiss, and it's not some chaste-on-the-cheek bull ish.


    Mad respect.

  18. Once again I am tardy to the party lol but that's ok. I adore this song, because it's about a man uplifting and cherishing a woman he loves. Seems most mainstream US rap/hip hop music is no longer following that theme. The fact that it's a blasian couple is the icing on the cake!

    I love how he did NOT tell her to stay, or try to persuade her to remain with him... she went on to Tokyo to advance her career and HE had to hustle to try and get to her. Love love love that.

    The skateboarder in the video is Samual Tan, and he looks hapa to me, but has an Asian name. Perhaps he is the result of an AM/WF marriage, or perhaps he was born out of wedlock to an AW and WM? I don't know. He is super cute though!

    Reading about the video on the interwebs... it seems only we ladies here at the Blasian Narrative have noticed that this is a blasian couple. How very odd. Everyone in creation talks about how cute HE is, but it seems collective amnesia has hit about the female lead, the one about whom the loving lyrics are supposedly sung? Curious. And as I googled our cute hapa skateboarder... I kept seeing pics of him placed next to pics of a white girl, yet not a one of him with the black female lead in the video. Curiouser and curiouser. LOL

    Music videos are one of the key ways that pre-teens and teens think about and come to understand the world (which is why letting your kid watch too many is a bad idea) so I think there are lots of gears grinding out there in the young viewing audience about the blasian possibilities out there.


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