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In the spirit of sharing, a friend sent me a link to this page through Twitter saying simply; 'JYJ & Black girls!!!' A video of JYJ performing Ayyy Girl was linked to in the comments section here but this image of fan's favourite Yoochun with a female choreographer just takes the cake:

I found it funny that some people want to keep on voicing how they don't believe Yoochun was attracted to the female dancer as he was just 'giving a performance'. Regardless, how would you caption this image?

Image source: JYJ Debuts In America At The Hammerstein Ballroom In NYC!


  1. "Hey girl, how can I get with you?"

  2. "You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you..."

  3. "You got what I want; I got what you need"

    P.S. Sistah girl is in South Korea now as well (preparing for their Seoul show).


    That all I can say *dead*

  5. I found it funny that some people want to keep on voicing how they don't believe Yoochun was attracted to the female dancer as he was just 'giving a performance'.

    Of course they were... *rolls eyes* These fangirls...I tell you... Pfft!

  6. @ cinnamon

    Co-sign. I believe this behavior qualifies as a *pattern*.

    Whattaya know...just when we thought pix of black chicas and gods of K-Pop were going to forever remain few and far between.

  7. Crystal you are here?! CALL ME!

    - DN

    He was looking at here before she approached him. He likes what he sees.

  8. Oh no. I'm not there DN. She is (the dancer). I'm going to be there in July/August!

    And yes, he definitely likes what he sees. This dude went to high school in VA. With as many sistah's in VA, I know he found some attractive. These fangirls need to mature. Hell in the LA show him and Junsu were peeking hard LOL! Any red-blooded man would be looking, both girls are HOT! These fangirls are ridiculous.

  9. @ Crystal

    What clip is that where they where peeping hard?

  10. I'll quote a few lyrics from Ayy Girl..

    Ayy Girl, tried to make you my baby
    Instead you made me go crazy
    Chills run through me
    What have you done to me?

    "Ayy Girl" is my jam. Smoothed out, laid back R&B groove. They do a great job live as expected. Yuchun is a damn flirt.

  11. Ahh so someone finally posted this, I knew it would come eventually. Micky, Cassanova, Pimpchun, L'homme Fatale amongst the other names he is called this is why I adore this man because he does what he wants to do. First off I spazzed when I saw that they had black backup dancers in the first place because generally their dancers are either Korean or Japanese so this was a pleasant change. I spazzed even more when I saw Micky grinding with the girls he is indeed a ladies man and they dont call him that for no reason.

    As for the comments from fans saying it was just for performance thats a bunch of bull. Fangirls will tell themselves anything to distract from the fact that their favorite idol just may want to sip on some hot chocolate. As a fan of not just JYJ/Micky but DBSK as a whole I can say this was not just a part of the performance. They have had female dancers before but the interaction is nothing like this at all. For one she wasn't all up on the other members (Jae and Junsu) like that in fact I dont think she danced with them at all if this was for performance sake why were they left out? Fangirls can deny all they want but its more than meets the eye. By the way the beauty in the pic is Telisha Shaw you may know her from Step Up 2.

  12. @aj that's the chick from Step Up? NICE!!! She has some sick moves - I just hated how they painted her as this constantly mad chick in the movie. Nice to see her smiling, lol

    oh Yoochun - so cute, and it looks like he puts that baby face to good use too *smh* I don't know about a caption, but I have a comment - GET IT GIRL!! lol

  13. Damn! Fan girls are silly as hell. First it was the fact that JYJ made an R&B instead of a K-Pop album. Now this mess. Get the hell over it already. I feel like such a broken record sometimes.

    Didn't we ask what's goin' on w/Black Folk and Koreans? Didn't we? Well, here's your answer live and on camera. LOL!

  14. I find the negative reactions of these so-called fans interesting because it just shows that they obviously don't know Yoochun. I'm not one who goes off to learn all facts, likes, dislikes and behaviour patterns of celebs that I like but I remember when my friend introduced me to DBSK. She liked Jaejoong then so I said I liked Yoochun and she was like 'oh so you like the player...' All fans of Yoochun should know at least this part of his character...there are signs everywhere!

    It took me a while to hunt this down but here is an example. Whoever's watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal will know the flamboyant playboy Goo Young Ha played by actor Song Joong Ki. I saw this which has Song Joong Ki 'apologising' because apparently he learnt how to act as a playboy by observing/watching Yoochun ^^

  15. Okay, guys this is the first I've heard of them. Rain is my first exposure to K-pop. So I'm kind of behind on the whole k-pop music groups and/or singers.

    The song sounds good though. I'll have to check them out.

    From what I saw on the vid, she was indeed feelin only him and he vice versa.

    BTW- Hello everyone, I'm Drea and I'm totally enjoying this blog.

  16. @eccentricyoruba

    Micky is my bias too, he is indeed known as the playboy of DBSK. That boy loves women period!!! I will say though it hurt my little fangirl heart when he said in a interview his mother only wanted him dating Asian girls. However he is the type that goes against the grain so regardless he'll date who he wants.

    I just found out something interesting though I noticed Junsu and Telisha are following each other (Micky and Jae arent) on Twitter. Whats more interesting is that Junsu is only following this one dancer out of their many. Spazzworthy, perhaps. I'll have too keep an eye on this lol, Yoochun may not be the only one with his hand in the cookie jar.

  17. @ Drea - Welcome. Check out some their work as DBSK/TVXQ as well. They are tremendous live performers.

    @ EY & AJ - Yuchun seems to be a huge fave w/the ladies. I'm amused by his flirtatious ways. I like Jaejoong(and his Gangsta though he's more low key about it)& Junsu (and his voice/love of dancing).

    They are a wonderful trio doin' their thing differently than e'one else in K-Pop. I wish them nothing but the best.

  18. Welcome, Drea. Lovely to hear from you.

  19. I love the fact that the Noona's are no joke in the above videos I posted. Grown Ass Women w/ass, hips and thighs. Loves It!

  20. Yuchun needs to stop

    'Cause baby got back! That last dancer was seventy shades of booty-li-cious.

    Jaejoong needs to do this more often

    Yes he does. That song is gorgeous. I have to have it.

  21. @ Ankh - "Still In Love" is a damn good song off their album. I loved all the screams when the dancers helped him remove his jacket and tie.

  22. YES! Both of those songs are amazing. I was so shocked to see JJ getting down like that. He's always hiding behind his hair. I loved it.

    And Micky. He did me proud LOL. Love him

  23. Thank gods for this Narrative. "Still in Love" is now one of my new favorite songs. Can't wait to pimp it in my car.

  24. Micky kept it pimpin as always...I caught that glance he gave as miss bootylicious walked by. Love that boy. I was suprised by Jae because like Crystal said he normally hides a bit. I love this new dynamic they have with these dancers and hope they continue this way. Its bringing out a whole new side I've never seen before.

  25. Damn song is stuck in my head and gets played 3-4 times in a row in my car. It's just too romantic. I rank it right under "Honey, I Know" by Se7en.

  26. Btw, "Caption This" is a great running gag for this blog. Peeps, find more Blasian pix and challenge the rest of us to caption! New tag: "caption".

  27. This is my fave new jam from them...check out Jaejoong killin' it in the choreography.


  28. If I was that back up dancer, I would be all over Hero Jaejoong. I really love that guy. It is a real shame I am not in the states to be up close and personal with JYJ.

    Yeah, Hero really killed it in Still In Love. I would have taken off a lot more that just his jacket. I am glad he is not hiding behind his hair anymore.

  29. Hey, Lenoxave....

    Whom would you say wrote the best caption for this one?

  30. @ Ankh - Crystal wins with

    You got what I want. I got what you need.

    I've been so swamped and I miss being able to check in with more frequency. After next wk, I can catch up w/the happenings.


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