Kenji Yamamoto & Alice Thibadeau: Virtuality Screencaps

Not surprisingly, there are seventeen gajillion pictures out there of Spock/Uhura, Ten/Martha or any other TV or movie BW/WM pairing you can think of.  But I could only find one picture--again, not surprisingly--of husband and wife astrobiologists Kenji and Alice from the not-quite-a-series, Virtuality.

Needless to say, I had a problem with that, so I took matters into my own hands.  And you know what that means...yup...screencaps!  Of course, I would have loved to see more of this lovely couple during the course of the movie, but at least the writers actually let them lock lips and overtly express their love for one another.  And this was several months before FlashForward came along.
Nothing is what it seems in this daring, futuristic movie event from legendary Director Peter Berg (Hancock) and Executive Producers Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica). Twelve extremely talented men and women have been chosen to be part of the Phaeton mission, a 10-year trek to explore a distant planetary system. In order to endure the stress of being confined to their high-tech vessel, the crew passes the time using advanced virtual reality modules that allow them to take on various identities. But as the ship approaches a critical phase of their journey, a deadly flaw is discovered in the virtual system, forcing them to question if someone onboard might be a killer.  (Amazon
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Kenji/Alice picspam!

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According to Wikipedia, Virtuality was a pilot that aired on Fox that was never picked up as a series.  Instead, it ran as a two-hour movie back in June of 2009.  This one definitely had potential, and it's a shame that Fox didn't give it at least one season to try to prove itself.  I really would have liked to see where they would have taken it. 

Regardless of this show's abrupt ending and the fact that this couple wasn't fully developed, Alice and Kenji are just screaming for some fic.  They were just so damn adorable together.

*Alice is played by Joy Bryant and Kenji is played by Nelson Lee.


  1. Omg yes yes yes.
    I've never even heard of this movie and now I totally have to see it!

  2. @Ankh

    Can you please add a Kenji/Alice tag please? Thanks.

  3. Damn...they are fine. Can I get this through Netflix? They look sizzling. Can I get some X-Rated fanfic for this? *looks at Amaya*

    I'm not surprised by FOX screwing up...at this rate, that network's days are numbered.

  4. @Ankh
    Can I get this through Netflix?

    Yup, that's how I got mine. Maybe the TV folks aren't as afraid to pair BW/AM as I'd originally thought. Two in one year...that's pretty amazing when you consider the fact that there were never any before. Or were there and I just can't remember?

  5. Or were there and I just can't remember?

    Now we gotta go back and dig, 'cause I ain't neva heard of these two.

  6. @ ankh

    Me neither. I don't even remember them mentioning this show. They are quick at canceling shows.

  7. @ citeseein

    Makes you wonder why they even both starting shows. Or why anyone would go back and do shows with them.

  8. ok they are hot together, will be Netflixing this

  9. Just watched it (or rather, fast-forwarded through 90% of it) and I have, like, a thousand pet peeves, the main being Kenji &
    Alice were robbed

    We see white heterosexuals fucking, but there's no lovins for the Blasian couple nor the good-looking gay couple.


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