Kenny Woo

...how the hell did I forget about Kenny Woo for this long (this is a much older vid, by the way)?  I really think he needs to get back to making vids more regularly. I hadn't even noticed he'd since grown his hair out!!!  Talk about someone who belongs on the Narrative; he's quite the Blasian.

Kenny is hilarious, and not in a goofy way.  In fact, he's extremely charming, insightful, and eloquent, particularly in the hip-hop tradition.  And if you check out more of his vids (provided they're still up), you'll get to see his adorable son who raps with him in Chinese.  It is precious.


  1. The best part of this video is when his wife comes home and his face lights up like a kid in front of a Christmas tree! You can't fake that, that is love right there.

  2. They're precious indeed.

    No wonder he gets so much hateration.

  3. Girl!

    A few things:

    1. I wish he could be cloned. I'd put money on the table for my own personal Kenny Woo.

    2. That man is SEXY AS HELL! Gorgeous smile, pretty lips, nice teeth. He's a beautiful man and methinks he's got a body to match. However, you can see that he loves his wife and that is the sexiest aspect of him. 'Nuff said about that.

    3. I really love the fact that his wife is a regular around-the-way sista; she looks like anyone I see in my everyday life. I really really love that.

    4. And yes, I'd date the hell out of an Asian man, when I decide I do want to date.

    More! More! MORE!

  4. That man is SEXY AS HELL!

    In the very first response vid (to this) that I ever saw, and young black woman said exactly this: "First of all...you're sexy has hell."

    *chuckles and shakes head*

  5. Sexy indeed!

    But is he by any chance the same guy who didn't agree with Asian WOMEN dating black MEN? isn't that one he'll of a self contradiction?

  6. Lovely couple. You can see they are in love especially him its like his face lit up when he saw her. Blasian love ftw.

    Oh I almost forgot I wanted to share this. Its JYJs NY showcase and while you notice the awesomeness that is JYJ also notice the background dancers....see anything that sticks out? Now Im gonna assume with all my little fangirl heart that this is their doing. I do know dancers had to audition. After leaving SM they have control over what is and isn't done and I take it choosing dancers is one of them.



  7. @ aj

    I do know dancers had to audition. After leaving SM they have control over what is and isn't done and I take it choosing dancers is one of them.

    LOL - you sound like Moi.

  8. @ Kenji actually he is the one who said he judges AW/BM relationships. I understand what he meant about how hard he had it as a single Asian guy but it seems hypocritical.

  9. @aj...you so beat me to the punch. I was like whoa! And especially since I'm loving me some Micky, I was happy to see this little video of "Ayyy Girl."

    Keep your eyes of Micky.


    Also, they definitely changed the routine for this song for the US tour. Previously, there were no girls. And usually Yoochun would just give "dap" to one of the dances during this song. Very nice indeed.

  10. LOL,ladies...

    Thanks for the vids and thanks for the eye candy (spectacular, btw), but remember...this post is about Kenny Woo and Blasian couples.

    Now it seems some of you have been doing additional research on him and his vids, so I encourage you all to discuss. Have you watched any other vids by similar men (there's several)? What are your thoughts? I think it would be great to dedicate this thread to discussing vids posted on YouTube by Asian men.

    Except TenchiJK...for now anyway. After his most recent blog post, I've gotten a little worried about him...needs to lay off all that reefer...

  11. I love videos like this! He seems truly in love with his wife, it's beautiful. I have to say, when I saw his face lit up I melted a little. It's nice to see a Asian man speak up about this.

    @ Kenji & modest-goddess:
    What I understood about his take on AW/BM relationships is that he felt that a lot of Asian Women date men of other ethnicities because they look down on Asian men. Like they reject them and try to avoid dating them.

    He explained it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdg4Neiup_E It starts around 3:20.

    Are you talking about TenchiJK's video where he says that he fell in love with a girl from Hawaii? I watched it after reading your comment. He was all over the place... What do you think?

  12. tenchijk isn't OBLIGATED to date a black woman, y'all. juat sayin'.

  13. @ Avastacia and Sica

    His latest BLOG post, not vid post. It has nothing to do with women or romance.

  14. I love Kenny Woo, just because of how down to earth he is. He just says the truth,whether people like it or not. And I'm also glad his wife is just another sista, and not the Beyonce type. I get so annoyed when I hear Asian men talk about women like her as if we're all mixed race with long hair or whatever.

    And about TenchiJK, he's just tryin to help out his followers that are Christian. Nothin wrong with that in my opinion. I bet he'll be back to normal soon.

  15. I bet he'll be back to normal soon.

    So...you noticed....

  16. @Ankh
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn't know he had a blog, won't really comment on his last post since I haven't read his previous entries, but yeah... Seems kind of weird to me.

  17. Ah. *nods* So I'm not alone in this. Feels good to know....

  18. @ankhesen

    i wasn't talking about his latest blog... i was talking about how black women(who've heard of him)feel about him, in general.

  19. Um...okay.

    So, any other vids caught anyone's eye? I haven't had a chance to browse.


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